These days i’m in the position of a donkey (the game where two players throw a ball/frisbee with one person in the center trying to catch it..the donkey!) Two of my good friends have been arguing like crazy over the past few days…and it so happens that i’m the one stuck in the has a BIG ego and the other is Very stubborn…so i end up playin the role of the reconciliator…a few days back i was actually standing right in the middle of the road..both of them standing at opposite ends..a la hindi film situation..where do i go..! its so funny when they fight..they both will turn their faces away from each other…wonder when they’ll stop these crazy arguments! If only others were compromising..this world would be SO much simpler n peaceful..

5 thoughts on “Stuck!

  1. Maybe they are just getting to break free. They will end up as much more stronger friends in the end. Just be diplomatic or you would end up their worst enemy……

  2. that\’s wat i remain..totally diplomatic! oh yea did manage to make things normal and make them talk,like twice! I just go up to one of dem n say..dont worry am talking to her…n then i go to d other one & talk it out..n make sure they interact.So not really the "ghar ka na ghaat ka!"

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