Fun fiasco

I don’t party! ( I am Not allowed to..sad story i know! and i don’t really count those one or two instances when i am allowed out till like 10-10.30 pm max! as parying out!) this time we threw a party for the freshers…turned out to be well..a fun fiasco! Fun coz i was allowed little bit of partying and boozing:D as for the fiasco…it started when on reaching we found that the guys responsible for the food,booze and music had not arrived ( there is this one thing bout guys..firstly they act all smart..take all the responsibilities and den they juss end up messing everything!) they reached after 15 mins…and realised that they forgot an adapter and some cords…amazing! another trip back…we sat without music for like an hour…ok we had booze  and some food..thank god…next they needed another player (we got all dj’s in the making) more frantic calls..more trips in d car hunting for another player…finally we had music..had a ball..danced and freaked out..but not for long…one of the junior all high..called her ex and wat not..he landed up after some time wid another bunch of guys…making the place a somewat battlefield with half of our class guys trying to talk and fight at the same time. meanwhile another couple of freshers started puking..hell! Then started the " go home..get out of here…" part..grouped them off..sent them finally..only the girl who called her ex…her cell was dead and no one knew her proper address..finally they somehow managed to contact her dad ( acc to the last phone call i made) hope she reaches home safely..tho am sure she’s gonna get a good scolding from her folks…to top it all we had to deal with the hall caretaker..who kept coming telling us to stop the music..( another  result of a tight budget-we got a place which was inexpensive but in a residential area)..neighbours came out by the time half the ppl had left……we had to be real careful, coz if the college name came up..and someone complained..then we’ll be Royallly screwed!
So basically…no party permission sucks, and taking party responsibility- bad idea. enjoy the music while it lasts..! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Fun fiasco

  1. droppin in for first time…freshers\’ party?? well some really nice memories for me.. no probs for permissions…we even invite our head of the dept for the party…(only for lunch though)…but booze is a strict no-no… tat works!!hey btw…me too a fellow dapo-iite..din get tat?? well pioneer-iite in reliance!!

  2. Oh we have some Hilarious memories from last yr too….( next morning in class we gave a standing ovation to all those who had gotten extreemly drunk & had acted crazy) got a lotta booze crazy guys that has to be dere i guess ..its choice based…have it if u want to kinda thing..even we invited our H.O.D & a prof..but they never turn up..probably know how messy the situation becomes wid all drunk kids so smart enuf to keep away..lolz lucky ya..all u guys get permission! SO envy all those who\’re allowed late at night!

  3. well being a mama din come in dreams…i hope i get one.. am tryin all sorts of things for gud sleep…jus hopin!! will be back!!c ya!

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