Nutty professors..

Recently this prof of ours has been acting like a zombie…he’s a young unmarried nervous guy who speaks like rajdhani express…doesn’t stop at all..We’re pretty chilled with some of our profs and he is one of them…though the last few weeks he’s been reallly weird…Gossiping about profs is one of most common pastimes ( Guys doing this! ha..whoever said only girls love gossiping!) S. is seen walkin slowly..with his head down..dragging himself..looking all stoned, his peculiar behaviour leading ppl to spread enough rumors and stories.
Acc to one rumor- Prof S. had a very disturbed childhood and apparently used to believe that his parents wanted to kill him. so he started eating soap…!
What? Soap? (yes thats exactly how i reacted) One of our classmates joked…"I’m sure he’s got aids- the guy has fever all the time, he’s tired, and to top it all depressed" And the most fav gossip "am sure his gf broke off wid him…"
This reminds me of another strange eco prof who wore the same clothes to college 3 days at a stretch! Probably had a fight with his wife and she refused to let him inside the house..guessed one of my
In school we had all sorts of names for teachers- cockroach (coz she loved digging her nose), lizard (cockroach’s daughter..a shrewd woman whose aim in life is to fail as many students as possible) baby kullu (  innocent hindi teacher..very short in height  who could never handle any class- dont think half the ppl know her real name)
As for Porf S. ..we have a notice saying that he wont take any class until further notice!

2 thoughts on “Nutty professors..

  1. Miss my college days. Nicks can be very creative. I forgot the real names for couple of my frnds – all i can rem is their nicks. Im still trying hard but i cant recollect them at all.

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