Down & Up!

Life is such a drag when ur down with fever 😦 all i’ve done since morning is watched tv and slept ( and i am sick of th great indian laughter challenge)
Trying to think of good times so that i dont feel sick anymore…
The other day we had a class with this really dumb prof. who was taking class after 3-4 weeks…he enters class, starts taking attendance..bangs into the desk….cracked silly jokes which didnt even make us laugh. Then he starts teaching…and 5 mins into the class a frend on my left whispers -"his zip is open"..lolz.."where, where?" i ask (at that time he was standing one couldn’t make out) then he started walking around, moving ahead etc…now slowly the entire class got to know (we’re about 32 of us) and the funniest part is that most of the girls were sittting in the front seats.. coincidentally..we couldn’t help giggling..and the guys at the back-they too were having a blast laughing at him..suddenly he moves backwards towards the teachers desk..still facing us..tries to sit on the desk and closes his zip simultaneously…now the entire class burst out laughing ..and i barely heard what he said for the next 15 minutes..the moment class got over..half the guys rushed towards my friend who was sitting on my right and stated teasing her…"ahh somebody had the best view" lolz
Wont forget this incident for a very very long time!

5 thoughts on “Down & Up!

  1. This is seriously funny hahaha.Hmmm lets exchange notes sumtime. Im A PHOTOSHOP fan too, but im an amateur at dat. What bout music , do y a like music? And the great Indian laughter challenge suxxx bigg time man !! But you should watch the spoofs on the great indian comedy show. Those guys are really funny man !!!! Espc the comic episodes where they satire mahest bhatt and his overt use of adjectives. hahaha..LaterzzCiao

  2. I have being sick – eating nothing and drinking hot water. We had an episode last week at work when one of the manager here walked in unzipped. Other guy pointed out to him and two of us had a good laugh. The manager guy kept a dead pan face and asked him, \’Why were you looking there?\’ 😛

  3. I eat Ice-Creams everytime I have a fever! I kinda like it, gives me a reason to fall ill…lol! Hey, take care and get well soon…Cheers! 🙂

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