Finally a good read!

Finished with "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini- totally unputdownable!
Stories set in Islamic nations fascinate me..for some reason (their world being similar to ours, yet so different in some respects)
The author narrates the story through the eyes of Amir whose childhood in Kabul (before it was shook by attacks & wars) was a memorable one- growing up together with Hassan-his boy servant- his childhood playmate who was like a loyal brother , kite flying competitions, reading stories, playing with slings etc. But there is one thing he badly wants, even though he has everything he could have asked for- he wants his father to be proud of him- he wants to be what his father has always dreamed for, in a son- which he really isn’t. But a certain incident changes his life, forever. As a result Amir is separated from Hassan and soon from his homeland..All settled in America,  years later he is forced to return to his country, now under Taliban rule, his journey filled with memories, as he discovers old secrets.
One of those books where you dont want to reveal what happens that turns everything the other way round…its the way he’s described everything, the story,the pace-amazing!
The author describes early Kabul vividly and then contrasts it with the Kabul under Taliban regime. Also he sheds light on one of the serious problems countries around the world are facing. A great read..

3 thoughts on “Finally a good read!

  1. kabul? taliban? sounds interesting..its always so whenever iraq n afghanistan\’s topics come up… neways u r an anne geddes\’ fan? thanx for advice… but when things go bad at this level…even close pals fade out..not from their side but for me..i cant open out… seems like a lost cause… but looks the view is a bit better now! 🙂

  2. hey Supriya !u have a realy nice about the film industry of India. we can say that it is an information spaces for the film(LOL). but it is very nice!!

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