Iqbal & Irritation.

Saw Iqbal yesterday. Great acting, great background score, loved the cinematography…the introduction shots were brilliant. Newcomer Shreyas Talpade plays his part perfectly (no overacting like the other actors who  portray deaf & dumb characters do)…his sister’s role played by Sweta Prasad-she’s really good. a class the scene when he says "Go to hell"
A simple, inspiring film. Must watch.


Its reallly irritating when you work hard to submit something on time…and then the assignment submission date is postponed…that too by the prof herself!! Woke up at 5 am and clicked shots-early morning images..and now we have another 2 days for submission.( 4 of i count the past 2 days also)…..!! LIfe…when will i ever figure it out!


4 thoughts on “Iqbal & Irritation.

  1. U got the eyes for the photos – nice ones. Esp the news paper and windows. Yeah, i used to stay wake in the lab to finish my assignments. But at the end someone will tell me that prof have given extension. Such is life 😦

  2. hmmn…no i ve my own coll of her pics… they are beautiful aren\’t they…neways… tat pics of mornin… wat abt that bamboo poles..where was tat taken from?

  3. Well I like your style, go to crosswords and finish it chapter by chapter… how long would it take to finish the ROALD DAHL collection of short stories I wonder…keep reading. its the best thing everCheersz

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