Grim days ahead..

As time passes…each day reminds me of pending work..left.forgotten.. pushed to the back of my mind…studies (or whatever there is of it-notes,test papers,xeroxes..)..internship-hunting..etc. etc…This realisation that i could be in a soup if i don’t pull myself together..uhh well Sucks..the realisations there..but the drive isn’t.. guess i’m not totally focused! Its not going to be easy to settle down seriously with books and all..last i did that was about 5 months back….doesn’t really help when ur moving the same time!!!(with half my stuff packed and the rest in one cupboard which im sharing with my sis)
Don’t see the next 3 weeks as a cakewalk…cant wait for the 6th…just waiting for the realisation to hit me that i get my driving force back

6 thoughts on “Grim days ahead..

  1. hmmn internships?? wat do u do btw?? and the early mornin pics are (again) really gud… esp the stadium (or looks like) and the newspapers n the guy drivin tat rickshaw like thing… when realisation hits…it is usually late in my case especially…

  2. HI ! Yeah I agree wit what u said ! That\’s true to a large extent>>>>>>>>>>>> aND Where are u moving to ? within calcutta itself only ? I have moved some nine houses in my lifetime so far ! Well that\’s like my badge of honor on my sleeve haha becoz as a kid my parents had a travelling job right uptil last year. Its a big pain in the **S when you have to move all the time. And don\’t worry you"ll get your drive back. Even im falling short in a couple of my assignments haha. But finishing em soon. I took ur picture from ur profile today as i was kinda pissed off. So it was on my desktop. My mom looked at it and got pretty concerned saying nikhil are a allright and all motherly questions. :d

  3. For your pics, try using autobalance in photoshop and in photo editor. It works very well when I take a bad snap. Not that your snaps are bad but its like back up !

  4. Hey sups !Okay cloud city is Ahmedabad, i lived here as a kid and then moved to mumbai and then moved back here now. And it\’s nice, great infact. Just like to keep it secret. There\’s more fun in that and also keeps the whole star wars theme alive ! Haha. I was a kid trying to find my way in the universe and now i am an adult (21 years old yea !!!!)..still finding my way and at the same time fulfilling my responsibilities. I had a difficult childhood in the sense understanding human and inter personal behavior with ppl. Take for example, my childhood friend turned girlfriend who one day became this hot chick with her typical mumbai friends and then she dumped me. So understanding why people behave in a certain way sometimes is something i will never learn. But life is a learning process. I was a rebel in the context of not accepting any shit from anybody. For example even in college, i did my job, studied, learnt, had many friends, respected everyone and at the same time kept a distance from the dark side>>>>>>>>which is the typical guy things of being a wannabe, stalking women and pretending to be in love with them, thinking you can beat up everybody , thats what some guys go to college for. At the same time i was this tall and broad basketball player so i was nice to all around me. So nobody had the guts to walk up and trouble me. So that\’s an honest answer to what you wanted to know. Haha.

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