Like everyday,i woke up all groggy..went to the bathroom,washed my face..and started putting toothpaste on my the toothbrush inches away from my teeth and then my eyes popped out.. i spit twice..dropped the brush in the sink..washed it..realised that i Can’t brush my teeth..
Oh well i’m fasting- and we cant brush our teeth or eat anything..just survive on water..and no water after sunset..ok that was the first almost slip off.
Managed to survive in college- with friends ready to treat me to Taj pasteries and every possible yummy delicacy on this planet…
Went to an exhibiton with a pass of the counters had these mouth freshners etc…and the woman said-taste kar lijiye ( You can taste if you want to) my hand reached the tray…and then i realised..Oh shit..noo i cant have it..thankfully my friend dragged me away on that was almost slip off no.2
Its easier in college- time passes qucikly..if i’d be home i’d probably pick up something to eat by mistake…
Back to college…people wanted to treat me to pepsi..jhaal muri..everything..stared at the jhaal muri for so long..would’ve probably taken a handful..but then realised again..oh damn the fast!
And now all i’m doing is thinking about what all i’ll eat wasn’t easy to cross the guys selling street food…right now my dream is a Good hearty breakfast..dreaming of everything from dosas to wantons to paneer butter masala..and i’m not even going to think of desserts..

This is the craziest thing i saw all day-Shahrukh khan’s newest endorsement-Lux soap!! Be prepared to see srk in a tub with foam all around and mouthing the famous- meri khoobsurti ka raaz-lux! 

6 thoughts on “Fasting-feasting

  1. what are u saying? Has shahrukh lost it ? Haha>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Your day seemed pretty nice, kidding. Well i just had one bombay frankee staying in cloud city, one coke and one chocolate pastry for dessert. Incase you\’re still fasting, this is like to bug you. Haha>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. damn people will do anything to earn some moolah, as if he needs it.And what kind of fasting is this missy where your mouth has to smell bad the whole day.. damncheersz

  3. hehe now i went thru that pain. My mom prayed that i wont eat non veg for a yr!! That was very hard for i had it literally every day. But then i survived :)Uncle Khan is getting senile…have to him to rest.

  4. i did a fast once from mornin til evenin n tat was the first n last time … but isn fasting all abt forgettin tat basic feeling of hunger n concentrating on somethin else…. may b… i wud never know.. well atleast ur seniors blamed u.. n u weren at fault..try this our new HOD gave up cos she felt it wud be a impossible task gettin us in line… we were spoilt rotten…by our previous ones… and the coll is again searchin for a new HOD now..

  5. r u a jain?gosh great tht you can fast….i remember in school…i dec to fast….i had to "break" my fast mid afternoon….and then i ate more than usual!!!!after that…no more fasting for me!

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