Salaam saif!

Saw salaam namaste (FREE inox tickets -love u dad-thanks) and after watching that movie-one can either analyse it as another one of yashraj’s marketing products..(candyfloss..boy meets girl..with another one of the so called twists, numerous guest appearances…amazing locales-aussie rules, good music..mush and all )..or one can laugh at the funny situations and lines and the awesome comic timing of the actors  (ok some of them ripped off..but saif rules in that department, so do arshad warsi and javed jaffrey ) and well drool a little ( ok  A LOT! i guess) but i truly kept staring at saif throughout the movie *sigh* to actually notice the cliches and rip offs and the " i have heard those lines somewhere" parts.. =)
One or two lines did remind me of hum tum, the ending portion is a rip off from 9 months (Hugh grant,another cutie)…priety somehow seems to be shrieking in the movie (wasnt looking at her most of the …saif is great( dont think i need to repeat..he just steals the show)
The opposites attract theme is common to hum tum as well..but here its tackled hum tum the characters grow with time, here they try adjusting & compromising etc…
the ending is hilarious when  they show all the goof ups during the shooting..
Watch it if you can stand the yashraj marketing and mush and formula bolly stuff..and well girls i dont think you should think twice..see it for saif!!!

10 thoughts on “Salaam saif!

  1. I know i wasn\’t the only one in the world to fall in love with the machine. Before this i had Tamacochi and that was real fun. It was shot in Melb and i might have strayed in a frame or two. If they have subtitles, i might jump in for a show.

  2. I luved ur snaps…thry\’re so ful of LIFE!!specially d 1 wid d man\’s fet hanging outta d car door…hope u dint get into trouble 4 dat..anyways…nice space…tc

  3. hey,i saw the movie… its a stupid movie…. but total time pass, go watch laugh… droll at the semi nude chicks…. javed seemed a bit over the top, doesnt mean tht others werent but all in all…. time pass.cheers…-himanshu

  4. hey no supriya …u got it al wrong…that story\’s jus a figament of my imagination…I\’m not Tara….She\’s made up…tc….ciao

  5. oh i watch bollywood movies…just its been a looooooooonngg time since i saw one…and i have seen sad ones….bunty aur babli,out of control,style(that too first day first show)…or did u mean emotionally sad…hehe

  6. even i got to movies with zero expectations…. after all they are there for pure entertainment, if u enjoyed those three hours even if it made no sense i think the movie was worth it!!thanx fr the photograph comment… :-)cheers…-himanshu

  7. i just came back after watching this movie.ya saif does look great…but why in hell is preity shrieking so much yaar!there are a lots of scenes which are copied from "friends"….but were fun.but seriously….the lady goes thru all the pain of being preganant with the baby of a guy who is total crap….and at the last minute…when all the pregnancy hell is over…he comes begging for forgiveness….she forgives him…wht was tht….bharatiya nari??!!!

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