Waking up early morning. getting "dressed up".a new home..right foot first and enter ( acc. to the priest).extended family and relatives. gifts and cash 🙂 lots of photographs. especially ones of the priest talking on his cell to watch parents getting re-married (some religious custom). granny being all emotional,excited and authoritative as being a total slob.manages to press the "delete all" button in the digi-cam.breaks his toy. manages to crack a showpiece.tiring to spend the entire day wearing heavy indian clothes. thank god for college.stuck in the traffic jam,abuse the entire traffic system. but hell-piles of notes waiting once i reach.seems like profs also wake up right before the exams.xeroxes and more xeroxes.last minute syllabus should be renamed slippery fingers. manages to drop food on the dining table.first trip to subway.newly opened.manage to get the car parked under relatives building. the guard stares suspiciously at us while we go out instead of entering the building.lucky to get seats outside.great sandwiches.good iced tea too.yayy.the guard keeps staring at us across the road.we go back enter, the building. no plans of visiting relatives. enter the lift.stop at the 6th floor. waste 2 minutes. come down again. leave for home. stuck in the traffic again. starts raining. enter home. count the cash recieved 😀 copy notes. listen to radio. talk to buddies. sleep for the first time, in our new room. wonder why my sister who doesn’t even read, should get to sleep on the side of the bed with the new lampshade.entire day spent without the computer and tv.
We’re shifting.

6 thoughts on “Transition.

  1. Im not very fond of moving homes. Did that thrice in last two years and im not a happy man. I anchored here and im not moving anywhere. Wish i could move home and by some miracle get the furniture and stuffs shifted in too :)All the best with the new home. Hope you settle down soon.

  2. Sups!!!Congrats on the new home!I know moving is unpleasant but hey!its not the end of the world.Besides u will make a lot of new friends.And think of all the fun u r going to have bringing misery to ur new neighbours(the ones u dont like)All the plotting and scheming that will take up much of ur tiome at home and if it doesnt then theres something wrong wwith society ;))Cheers!-Arjun

  3. moving to a new home rocks! its fun and exciting…i should know what i am talking about: ive shifted like some three times already…things to be fitted into their new places,new rooms, new surroundings, new neighbours, new places, so much to discover… a new chapter in the book called life! congrats and best wishes on your new home…a place to create new memories, a place to begin a new life!

  4. behenji atlast i got u.and by the way congrats for ur new the the way guys who doest know her trust me she is the most sarcarcastic person i ve ever met.but i just love her,the way she tries 2 reason things out and tries 2 prove me wrong.

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