its only words!

While studying eco, i cant help but remember my eco prof whose pronounciations now make me crack up (though in class the only reactions he got while dictating were -"What??!!, "What did he say?" or "what in the world is he trying to say!!")
"….the FIRM sector" Pardon sir? "FIRM sector" he goes." What sir?" Firm, firm, firm- he goes. Could you just spell it sir? What- you don’t know the spelling of firm???? F-A-R-M.  firm sector! My god what a class, does not know the spelling of firm sector.
Wonly = only
Transpaa-rant =transparent
dripht = drift
firmers = farmers
galleries = calories.
These are some of the few i remember. Wonder what  people sitting at the back row heard.

3 thoughts on “its only words!

  1. hello!! well lecturers such as these do add some laughs to the class.. we ha done.. he was our HoD.. n used to say..well somethin…bechara got branded by us… neways,,, howz ur new house? (rhyme?)

  2. LAUGHING…!!!!THATS SPELT H-A,H-A,,,,i woner wat must b happening to u guys wen he must b saying these things in front of you….i would\’ve burt out laughing…1 of my teaches used to pronounce tuesday as twisday!!!!1i used to always start giggling and get stared at!!!!!

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