The amazing ability to waste time

I don’t know how this happens…Each year..each semester.. each exam..
Yesterday i slept at 9.15 pm hoping to wake up a little early and study. I woke up at 9 a.m
Then i read the sunday paper including the supplements,munching on biscuits as if i had all the time in the world.Then the new India Today mag came with 2 extra supplements- so i read that as well.
Finally sat down to study after a bath..somehow…after a while i saw that the computer’s,again i forgot my books.
Lunch at 12 ish…while eating i saw the new Femina..i read that as well…kept browsing through it until i had wasted an hour.
Ok back to books for a bit…home seemed empty..parents and sis asleep, bro on the comp. Might as well check whats coming on the boom box.
Switch to star movies- "Love Actually" Now i have already seen that movie and it has nothing great to offer,apart from x-mas,mush,mush and more mush. But then i saw Hugh Grant and decided i can watch it for some more time.Thankfully my granparents returned which made me realise i have to get i got back to books.
Another hour on that maybe and i was back to the tv.
Switch to Hallmark channel- "Wedding Daze" every alternate scene reminded me of father of the bride but i still watched it (god knows why!!) till the movie reached  to the part where the father had to dance with his daughters as a part of the  ritual…
studied for 15 minutes exactly and now am back on the net again…arggghhh am leaving@!!! its 5 already!
what a waste.

5 thoughts on “The amazing ability to waste time

  1. Hmmmm… reading is good. But i believe you should prioritise your reading. I really wanted to type this cliched comment. Haha>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Actually today even my mom, sis n me were watching love actually. Everytime something funny happened both the women started laughing hysterically. Damn funny girls im surrounded with:D>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. i have done a certificate course on "wasting time"…na seriously…i\’m so darn good at it!abt the kickboxing class….i will ask them if they have a 10day course or something…but serioulsy if you want to learn…i think 10 days is not enough…like the 5day tai chi camp i attended….total money down the drain!do u come to b\’bay very often?just curious…

  4. I feel so guilty that will keep me awake at night and i go thru some pages – feel satisfied and i go back to sleep. Ah those days!! 😛

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