Records of the past

Old,antique stuff at my place is finally being cleared out…( Valentino perfumes and soaps more than 20 yr old- kept Very nicely packed…who in the world preserves all this!)

Out of all the junk, i found these old records- the old large black ones. Both english ( simon & garfunkel, disco guitar hits, africa beats or some similar name…) as well as hindi (bobby,mother india, laawaris,raj kapur hits..etc. etc.)

Covered in huge colourful covers they looked SO cool and exciting..pity we cant play them! (no player at home that will play those records.) Grandpa wants to give them to a museum or something. I selected 3-4, just for keepsake. Really don’t know what to do with them…but i know its going in my new room..somewhere!


Any ideas anyone?


9 thoughts on “Records of the past

  1. For starters, irrespective of what condition they are in. 25 YEARS FROM NOW they will fetch you a fortune. Which is why in my old family apartment which i rented out sometime back to a bachelor, those kinda old records i have got stolen. They are antiques indeed and you better keep them safe in a locker or under your bed in a sealed box. Hell its true !!

  2. Dont throw the Simon and Garfunkel!! Damn…India is little far from here. 20000 KM :(I was just thinking of buyin an old gramophone and making it kind of a jukebox with lot of old records thrown in. Im going hippie!!

  3. well fortune or otherwise. IM sure it\’ll look cool in ur room as decor ;-)just wrote in to say hii, recruiting is killin me!! + comp\’s crashed- so cant be online often.. hope u doing gr8!!

  4. ask if you can get them framed….with a acrylic frame..u know the ones tht look like they dont have borders??but this should not damage the records coz then..u wont get rich 25 years from now!

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  6. busy??? haven\’t seen u around…but ur last entry seems like a day straight outa my life during exams..btw this time i did, for a change, STUDY… and been just about OK with it too!! all the best!! 🙂

  7. happy to help!calvin idea was "inspired" by your page actually!yes calvin RULES!i kinda identify with him!wht ever makes you think the week will be bad….give it a fair chance and see wht happens!be happy!

  8. Wow – I have been the source of confusion for so many souls!! My grandpa never throws stuff – Its like a museum inside his room. I have discovered 110 yr old land document that had my Great Great Grandpa\’s signature!!

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