This and that!

Things to do when you are TRYING to study:

  • switch off your cell phone, don’t keep it in front of you, or you might be tempted to switch it on.
  • Don’t sit anywhere near the television.
  • Do not Face the computer
  • keep something to munch on-even gems and fatafat works at times lol
  • try not to pay attention to other activities around you (packed suitcases, old stuff lying around, brother singing loudly with the headphones on,people screaming around the house-)
  • Take chocolate breaks. (they are very helpful at night)
  • Oh lastly stop thinking about how much portion You have Not completeled, and how you are wasting your time on this subject and should try completing some other subject first.

Can’t remember any other important points. You’re free to suggest your own!


I HAVE to mention about this particular group of people who think they are too smart, just because they are sitting in some sort of position of authority and have to handle certain responsibilities, or have the sole power to get some work done- they just think they’re the most important people on this planet and can push people around however n whenever they want to.

In our school-office we had this very short tempered man in the office with a mole on his cheek- was hated equally by the all the students.

Cut to the college-office- we have this absolute jerk sitting in the office who unfortunately does all the official computer related work and acts oversmart especially around the girls. He will make sure that everyone has to wait for him and then he will make them go through a long process of signing & paperwork. and then when his turn to do the actual work comes he says- "i have some URGENT work right now, come next week or come tomorrow" PIG!

Ok fine these people have a lot of work and they are obviously harrassed and frustrated themselves…but hello aren’t we all! As if they are the only one’s with URGENT work and we’re all here wasting time.

How i wish that guy wasn’t sitting in the princi’s office.


8 thoughts on “This and that!

  1. Add- Never read anywhere near a bed, or anything which might send u tumbling into a sleep, applicable to those who read books to sleep.- Keep a clock by your side to keep updated with the fleeting time.- Never pile up books, tat form of books can cause hysteria. (Mass hysteria if ur parents see them)- Dim the lights of the room except for ur table lamp(read this in newspaper)- And if u use glasses for short-sightedness, remove them while studying so that u can\’t see anything else!!hope this wud do… take care n study well!!

  2. never ever call up people to find out how much of the syllabus theyve completed: if theyve completed more than you, you panic, if theyve done less than u, u tend to relax and then u dont study…which is not good either

  3. Nice space and great blogs! Enjoyed them.. will be back to read more.. :)N ye.. I agree tht digital fortress is better than the da vinci code.. hehe..

  4. i seriously hate those babus in the college office….. we have this female(popularly known as the babe of the office.. no shes not one)…. sits in the account section…. will never start doin her work before there is a long line!!!!! she will sit thee in front of us keep us waiting and play SOLITAIRE!!!!cheers…-himanshu

  5. Addition-*Stop looking at the clock.*Stop thinking about ur b/f,whts happenin at d mall,wher ur frens r.*Face d wall.*Stop daydreaming.*breathe and drink water….thats it from me..signing offciao

  6. I would suggest you to listen to music and probably watch TV while reading. I do that :)And tomorrow dont ask you frnds whether they have read everything…if in somewhere near you, i would come closer and would ask you whether you have read that particular part and make you panic 😛 I love Exam days!! They are so much fun!!

  7. people who think they are smart…i have an aversion to that type…coz most of them are NOT smart!and the clerk types….i have had a fight with most of the clerks that i have encountered!they think they are being paied just to torture us!

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