Since i am wasting time, might as well blog about it.
Check out for wierd stuff. Type your name & you get stuff like this ( its dumb,but funny in parts!)

Googlism for: supriya

supriya is clear about the attributes that have stood her in good stead down the (incomplete)

supriya is also very adept physically

supriya is yet to come to terms with… ( maybe i can fill in the blanks here)
supriya is vegetarian (no she’s an egg-etarian- if there is something like that)
supriya is a natural artist (oooh i like that!)
supriya is currently a sophomore at mount holyoke college (really?)
supriya is pathetic
supriya is 2 years old
supriya is collecting (collecting what?! – )

supriya is a house wife
supriya is not that tall (5’4 isn’t bad? is
supriya is so cute (so

But the best ones are:

supriya is a human development specialist/ counsellor developing innovative learning methods. (hahaha)

supriya is the story of a modern girl who is committed to her family and its well being at the cost of her personal life. (oh MY GOD!)

supriya is nagarjuna’s niece and she too had made her acting debut through akkada ammayi ekkada abbayi as a heroine (yeah right!)

supriya is a happy couple (NO…im single!)

supriya is pathetic; firoz should have caste some better actress  (Huh@!! lol)


Its mindless crap..but then..i said i’m wasting time =)

6 thoughts on “Googlism

  1. Hey sup…Just saw my name in the Stop Overs section…Thank-u for adding me..!I hope you made the lists that u wanted to…I dont c it here but i hope u will…Take careciao…

  2. Cool stuff ya.. It\’s a good waste of time.. 😉 n thnx fr yr comments.. guess wot.. i finally managed to say the truth n i feel soooo relieved now!Nice cheering pics btw 🙂

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