we all need cheering up.

These pics are for Kriti..she needs cheering up and so do i, and so do many of you i guess…so this ones for u all 🙂
Ths 2nd last  pic is my new lamp. not the best snap but thanks to my screwd up digi cam i cant take a better one right now 😦

4 thoughts on “we all need cheering up.

  1. Hey Supriya…Gosh that was so sweet of u da…!I mean lets see what all i have to thank you for…umm…for stopping by my space and saying hi and giving me a piece of ur brain…AND for this whole pic…THAT just made my day…!Honestly speaking I had a huge smile plastered across my face when i was goin thru the comments section…Am feeling better alreadyAnd couldn\’t agree more about the page i guess i think best when I\’m depressed!! (lol)Hey ..you better get ur cam repaired and fast…I often came here just to look at the pics!!! They\’re so \’full of life\’!Digicam got u all frustrated huh?DAMN!!!we-ll Thanks a whole bunch again…this was just awesome..!Take CareKriti

  2. Hey sup…if ur online gimme ur msn id in a comment…i\’ll delete it…and i\’ll tel u and add u on msn….its slightly confusing..

  3. Ok…since ur not..here goes…click on blog at the top column..then click on the blog u anna select…you\’ll se a "permalink" for that blog…copy that and make a custom list….(name it whatever u want to name it)then in the url section just copy paste the "permalink" for that entry and voila you\’vedone it…u can add comments also if u want for that entry…hope u found dis easy…ciao take care and god bles…am gonna be blogging abt u soon…!

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