Poem amidst the junk

Junk hunting and clearing still going on at home. Found this wall hanging, it had a poem inscribed in it


To one Good friend

If i could choose just one good friend

To keep my whole life through,

I’d search the wide world over, but

I know i’d still choose you.


Through years you’ve proved your loyalty.

You’ve stood the test of time,

And I am very proud to say

You are a friend of mine.


I’m grateful for the many friends

Who’ve helped me on my way.

But you’re the very special friend

I’m thinking of today.


                                 – Irene Richard


Oki..this is the kinds for best friends…maybe i’m in a cheesy mood!




3 thoughts on “Poem amidst the junk

  1. hey there!great poem…reminds me of a few dear pals!saw my name on your list…so sweeeeet!and you know wht a guy who looses papers signed by the princi(gosh its sooo diff to trace those good for nothings!)….deserves the middle finger!

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