cloud no.9

Do you know which is the fastest flying bird in america?
Do you know who is the 2nd man to step on the moon?
Do you know the name of India’s first satellite?
Bunch of 9 year old’s playing KBC!
Do you know one of my cousin brother’s had a bike accident, and he died. The tata sumo just hit them and he rolled over, it happened on my birthday. you know he was in the hospital for a week.
Don’t say like that yaa
Do you know one of my cousin brothers had a bike accident, but he did not die!
Serious talks with 9 year olds
You know i once had a dream that the ghost is attacking me and i saved myself from the bullets with a shield..and the bullets in turn hit the ghost itself.
Arre even i had a ghost dream, but i attacked the ghost even before it could fire!
9 year olds talking about dreams and nightmares
You know he has 7 A.C.’s in his home, AND  a double door fridge, AND  a home theater system.
Dubai is my bestest city, i have been there twice. But you should not go on the safari in the desert. i went there two years back and you know..i vomitted only!
Yes these are 9 olds! Quite a handful,honest,naughty,bright,innocent and very very sweet.

Please bear with the cheesy/sweet/sugary blogs..i’m in a Goood mood. Exams over. Going to bangalore next week 🙂 couldn’t be happier.. and as of now i don’t care a s*** bout uncertain stuff.

3 thoughts on “cloud no.9

  1. Haaa!! I want to go back to college!! I had two semester breaks with a month study holidays!! Life was little less complicated.Now i have to earn my holidays!! Wish we were over taken by communist – equal number of holidays!!

  2. hey gurl….. mez goin to sound like a complete amatuer… but ilove ur space .. mez impressed ….got sum really gud ideas as to how to go bout it … thanks.. n keep blogginkeep rockin!!!!1

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