You wake up on time, as it is you can’t get sleep…overexcitement (happens before each vacation) get ready on time…half the household wants to drop why? not because they will genuinely miss u but because they want to hog at a place near the airport(lol). Grandmom all worried about my flight journey alone ( hell i’ve flown alone before..somethings never change) Reach the airport…overpunctual people at home, their staunch belief in reaching before time pisses me to no end..but then i’ve stopped point banging your head against a brick wall.
And…flight delayed! Amazing..but now i have time for breakfast too 😀 Finally flight takes off later…my seat no.’s 10B and there isn’t any 10B seat..just has 10A and 10C..i don’t mind i pull the cute attendant and ask for his help 😉 turns out there are two seats instead of the normal 3 (the ones near emergency exit) that is 10B i get the one closer to the window.My flightmate (whom i had no interest in talking to) looked like some young working guy with deep interest in the view (or that is what it seemed like) coz he kept peering over my shoulder for the view and asked me if i had problem if the window was kept up for the view. No-i said no problem (well i’d rather look at the view than look at While i had to survive with my readers digest while he kept interchanging between outlook travel and national geographic (ok ..i see you have keen interest in reading.) for some reason he kept staring at me (dude i don’t know u..stop staring..wierdo irritating pest) Meal was decent (the guy licked off his entire tray..barring one gulab jamun) Two cute kids made sure there was constant chit chatter…and the oldies kept making trips to the loo. Stop for bout 20 mins at Hyderabad..its one of the places i wanna visit..heard its very developed and all:)
Flightmate maintains his courteous nature (rolling eyes) allows me to step in the elevator before n all (blah) i take my luggage…good riddance from wierdo flightmate…come out..where the hell is my cousin! Buzz her..she reaches..we dont even park the car and they bloody charge 50 bucks!! is expensive..
neways was too tired later..
and now we’re off for shopping:D yayyy. have fun people.

3 thoughts on “Bangalore-1

  1. ok, that was yours…now check out mine:-wake up at 8:00 a walk around the a walk around the…its 1:16 p.m. now…gotta go back to books…ur one lucky female:-0

  2. Holy cow…That sounds so exciting man…hope ur flight mate was atleast cute if nothin better , I know how co-passengers can get but who\’d mind if they\’re cute right ? :PWhen I take up leadership status in the country I\’m gonna ban ppl frm chargin parking!!Hey…u guys r home alone whoa…!dude, ur lucky …party time finally…!Have a gud time and get back lotsa photographs for us to c …..Have Fun…!

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