• The weather here is mindblowing- drizzling slightly, pleasant..good breeze..its not even HOT! (i mean u can live without the
  • really like the way the south is proud of their langauge…each place i crossed- restaurants,shops etc. had names written in english as well as kannada..haven’t seen that happenin in cal!
  • love the way this city has progressed and is still progressing. the people seem very hard working…so many places have opened up since i was last here
  • think the place is a little polluted than before..though the little quiet lanes, small cottages/bunglows cozy totally much better than the highrise buildings
I like banaglore.the city rocks. and so do the cookie man double chocolate chip cookies. =)

Another thing that i’d like to add is that the people in blore are one of the sweetest- my cousin kept telling me throughout last month that she has holidays while i’ll be i know she’s bunking a week of college even though her university exams are next month, also her friends & family friends have been real nice to me- inviting me over everywhere 🙂

6 thoughts on “Bangalore-2

  1. hmmm…. i wish i was somewhere else… anywhere else but here…this is the worst time to be checking out a blog like yours:-(have fun neways:-)

  2. Only thing I find missing in Bangalore is the beach and then it will be home away from home for me as I belong to Chennai and just miss the beach a lot.If you like computer problems cartoons, check them out at my blog.Have a nice day!Vijay

  3. Hmm.. so you\’re having a great time in b\’lore!Guess wot, yr early morning snaps remind me of the time I spent cal.. jst 3 ws an official trip…n i kinda like the city.. there\’s smthng abt it tht attracts! I ws so impressed tht I gave my consent fr transfer to cal.. :DAnywayz.. enjoy yr vacation.. cheers!

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