A rimless pair of glasses, left on a chair outside the trial room at Westside by my cousin was the cause of quite a confusion.

It so happened that before entering she left the pair in front of the rows of trial rooms (God only knows why she didn’t give it to me or put it in her pocket)

She comes out. Its gone. vanished.

We ask the attendant outside the trial rooms..she checks, i check, we all check..the 5 trial rooms.. the plastic hangers maybe its stuck in between them..the baskets..the shopping bags..the clothes on the cash counter..nowhere.I look suspiciously at all the other females in the trial room..

Maybe someone picked it up by mistake with the clothes, it was afterall a light pair of rimless glasses..can be overlooked, someone picked it by mistake. Or is there a kleptomaniac lurking around us- i wondered.

At the cash counter the manager refuses to make an announcement for a lost pair of glasses. How can you do that-i ask, they were an expensive pair.its vanished from your store… In a south indian tone, the manager: madam actually we cant announce.. the announcement network is for the entire mall, we announce here it will be announced everywhere! Great…

So we gave our number and name, decided that we’ll be back to check later, or tomorrow if necessary.

We walk out, wondering where it is/who’s taken it/which packet has it gone inside..cousin blaming herself on her stupidity..and then she actually says: good i needed a new

About 20 mintues later, when i’m in the trial room of another cousin knocks..They found it..some customer picked it with her clothes. It was found amongst her piles.


Oh and my birthday was celebrated at a chinese restaurant in brigade road yesterday.

But it wasn’t my we wanted the complimentary cake. =) lol



3 thoughts on “Bangalore-3

  1. what a pity she found them… a new pair of glasses would have been nice… as for the complimentary cake… well…congrats… we did the same to our cousin once in pizza hut… not for anythin complimentary… just to create a bit of excitement… jeez…we really do have sad lives!

  2. complimentary cake!!!!wah…thts a great idea!i\’m gonna use tht the next time i walk into a restaurant!!!happy (fake) birthday!!!!havin a good time in b\’lore?!

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