Today was a rainy day. Nothing could dampen my spirits though. We waited till the end, called for it again and again. It seemed to take its own sweet time to get ready. Finally he got it. Smiling towards us, he placed it in front of our eyes. He picked the bowl.Lifted it. Poured the content nicely. Smoke erupted. Towards my eyes. Beyond the smoke i saw the dark brown mass trickling all over. The white beneath was totally covered. The little hard particles floated. It was hot, it was cold, it was was:
Melts in your mouth
It was sizzling brownie with icecream topped with chocolate sauce..with nuts thrown in. My favourite dessert! Got a chance to eat this truely amazing thing after AGES. u dunt get the perfectly made, well presented ones everywhere (stil hunting for a place in cal which serves perfect sizzling brownies)
So since we’re on desserts..what is that Most heavenly dessert you guys are fond of?

11 thoughts on “Bangalore-4

  1. sounds heavenly….. ya i did have fun with camera but limited only to pics… and guess wat… i ve been a victim of it twice… with my own cell!!!

  2. Wow! Tht ws yum! I\’ve seen a chocolate lava cake in pics.. it looks delicious!! Stiill haven\’t got a chance to dig my teeth in it! :(I stay in noida n i\’m badly in need of a change! so cal\’s a good option I believe! After spending a couple of months in cal, I\’m gonna move to b\’lore or pune..

  3. i am gonna stop comin to this space…i am sooo jealous…u are having fun!!!!hmmm fav dessert…well there is a "saying" in my house….neha will eat anything thts sweet….even a sweetend chappal!!!!so….also…try corner house(i think thts the name)great ice cream.also go to andhra food its a cool space….oh how i wish i was in b\’lore.

  4. Budget (home – Vanilla ice cream with hersheys\’s chocolate syrup.Mid range – Chocolate chip ice cream.Top end – Chocolate brownie with ice cream topped with chocolate sauce topped with nuts.Okay im getting diabetic, gotto go>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  5. i had a similar stuff day before yesterday … was called fantasy sin chocloate cake…wow!! it was bliss and i could have dies after eating it happily…somewhat like a moksha!!and also …. u have a nice space…i liked your writing style a lot!!

  6. Ah…Ice Cream!!Choc with choc chip thown in topped with hot choc sauce in a waffer. Bliss i tell ya. This bliss is not ignorance!!

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