Too Complex

I am an honest person. And if i am honest, i expect complete honesty from others as well. I can’t help it. That’s simple enough right?
God loves troubling us, loves putting us through challenges, he makes sure that we are supplied with a fresh dose of trouble every fortnight.
So where does my trouble lie?
The problem is that there are certain people( some a part of life, unavoidable) who don’t think honesty is the best policy. Now if you can lie and pull it across, nothing like it. But if somebody gets an inkling and you still  keep lying and keep hiding stuff, keep hiding your problems, worries, cover it up with another dose of lies, make up other lies, tell others not to be honest too…it just doesn’t go well with me.
I mean if a simple truth can solve a problem why in the world would some people want to take a longer complicated route…full of lies and confusions ?
Is it very tough for people to admit a problem? I thought i wasn’t too great at that, now i know there are certain more horribly complicated people.
Why do people hide stuff? Especially from dear ones? It doesn’t make sense. Not that i can’t handle the truth. Why don’t they realise that giving the truth might actually be helpful at times…Instead of others assuming stuff, thinking of horrible stories in their mind, constantly wondering what the trouble is, isn’t it better to just come out with everything? out in the open.
I’ve had huge fights because people don’t give correct facts..its very very frustrating..No i don’t jump to conclusions, but i’m uninformed, kept in the dark…keeping someone in the dark when they already have certain clues- its pathetic.
And with such people, no amount of confrontation helps. They just remain the same. Mum. Even if you openly confront them they just won’t admit anything or reveal anything. Why is it SO  difficult for some people to share their feelings.? Why is communication such a problem for this wierd lot…?damn
How can anyone live with such people? what goes through their mind? Are they scared/insecure/worried/don’t want to trouble others..WHAT?!
Flucee i guess i had told u that lying’s no big deal.. But if once a person is confronted they should stop bloody lying. and i still stick to honesty is the best policy.
i’ve lost it.
There couldn’t have been another daily overview for my sign (which is Aries btw)
Approach this problem the way you approach conflict. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

There’s something to be said for the sturdy reassurance that comes from knowing a promise made will be kept. You can count on that now. If you’re worried about your own feelings, take some time alone to think things over.

Bnagalore-5 would have been summed up like this, if certain complications had not happened-  streetshopping, corn on the roadside.Mindblowing bike ride…
But the above frustration was definitely more important. had to get it out.

Also i’ve realised that sometimes when you are remembering someone deep down from the bottom of your heart, like really reallly remembering a person, with the most honest true feelings, miracles happen. (ok it wasn’t exactly a miracle) but someone i desperately needed to talk to called me up, just 5 minutes after i was silently remembering the person and was  praying to god that i get the call.
And the person managed to make me smile, just as i was hoping. One of my blogs will be dedicated to that person. and another blog will be for those "complex i can’t admit the truth" characters..very soon. maybe after i return.

4 thoughts on “Too Complex

  1. Hey….If they\’re just not ready to admit what\’s bothering them….then let them know that you\’re there for them and they can come upto u netime to talk….and then LET THEM BE…!!!I know exactly what you\’re talking about…(my cousin\’s d same way)…So i just let her be until she makes up her mind to come and tel me herself…and dont let that bother you too much…enjoy ur vacations dammit!oh yes and i too believe that the mind is very powerful !!and smile 🙂

  2. I call it water in the cupped hands…once you lose it, there is no going back.I thought im da lonely ranger but good to see that there are other ppl who feel that way too. I just had lost too much on that quarter and have lot on stakes even now.

  3. hey der,,, honesty in this world ryt now,isn exactly the right policy, cos i ve seen the results of being honest sometimes too prohibitive… neways ppl like us still do believe in it… gud to know.. and for the comment on tat last blog of mine… i dunno how the other character wud react!

  4. i am very honest…infact brutally honest….do i get into trouble…all the time!but you know wht…i wouldnt have it any other way!and as you said…its so much easier to just say the damn truth than to come up with some lie!having fun in b\’lore?!

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