Sign on a car:
" Don’t Peep, your daughter just might be the one in the back seat!"
After 6 days in the Garden City, one conclusion is certain- People here have a great capacity to eat!
Went to this interesting place called Spiga, since we didn’t get a table at Sunny’s – where Anil Kumble was dining! I didn’t even see him at first.. this 8 year old girl who was accompanying us (& who seems to have memorised all the songs from dhoom) also missed the we went back. First we peered through the glass.. I glanced across (ok he was anil kumble, no lookalike as i had thought) Little girl obviously couldn’t see him coz she’s well -little (heightwise) So i picked her up..Did u see him? No, where is he..who is he..? Lol
So we walked further so that she could see him through the opening between the walls. He’s the one wearing glasses, i said. Where? Arre look across..table in front. Oh that one..put her hand inside and pointed excitedly, jumping up and down (like he’s some creature in the zoo). Cousin started laughing loudly..controlling my laughter i grabbed her before she could start chatting with him across the wall!
While going back home we were stopped on 3 occassions- cops checking for drunk drivers. We were with family friends and obviously looked like one big happy family, one married couple, two girls and a little kid….still we were stopped and little kid’s dad opened his mouth wide for his breath to be checked. The cop almost tripped while walking- Did you have a peg before coming for duty- he asked jokingly in kannada! Cop laughed it off…At another point the cop saw the family like crowd and almost let us go without checking..but a bunch of middle-aged women who were stopped made sure we were checked (no big deal since none of us had boozed)!
Another thing thats there is the language. Now bengali is quite similar to hindi-few words etc… and staying in cal, i’ve learnt the language. Kannada as a language- is anything but similar to i can’t understand half the jokes- i make sure someone is translating for me..though half the fun is lost in that process!

15 thoughts on “Bangalore-6

  1. hahaha … kannada was a problem (a huge one at that) for me too when i went to bangalore … however, visiting it as often as i do i\’ve gotten a few words here and there! :Dyou got a nice blog here … Peace …

  2. So it just wasnt limited to u and ur cousins who\’d burst out laughing …include me too…Altho i cant imagine what i wud\’ve done in situations as such…[except going red with embarressment!!!]Forget about kannada or bengali…I ONLY understand hindi or english…wonder how I\’ll survive if I come there (lol)Sory this comment comes a bit late,I just got busy due to the marriage and al….I\’ve said this before and I\’ll say it again…YOU GUYS ARE HAVING A BLAST>>>>!!!!!!!!! way to go 🙂

  3. Supriya…..all good things must come to an end my child!! ;Pur already missing family an frends…! shifted wher?stop being a worry wor and make d most of it…thats an order!!!!

  4. Pity the poor guy – He has to stand all bad breaths!! lol…i would prefer a breath analyser thouugh. Would have been much better. Or was it used?Kannada is easy – Use \’Beda\’ for everything 🙂

  5. hey thnks for tht ..!! specially the poem 😉 ..! haha ..!! even my real sisters name is supriya !.. she is in college ..4th year !.. haha !!

  6. well the negative one seems to constantly stalk us doesn\’t it? :Disn\’t it gorgeous? i was overwhelmed every moment of every day i was there … and that too surrounded by like 65 kids b/w ages 11-17!!! it sure was fun :Dpeace of mind … yeah *sigh* Peace …

  7. Ok, so now when you\’ll go back you\’l get to ur new house….isnt that great?u dint evn have to shift all the stuf an al,u\’l find everythin already set for u [ur highness] ;Pwow,tel me abt ur new room once ur there…!I\’m getting excited for some weird reason!!!!

  8. hey ! no 4th year doesnt mean .. 2nd year after 10+2 .. !!,, well thts true tht she is nice !!.. dnt know about the other sups!! :-P!!..! and hey .. m nt going to continue the baords phase !!!.. one blog is enough for them !..!! i keep on writin on random stuff !!..and i added ur ist bcoz .! i liked ur space !!.. haha

  9. Hey..The knack to visiting a place where u hav no knowledge of the language spoken is….. To accompany a group of ppl who don\’t know the language either… :PThat way… I\’m not the only one with a bewildered expression on my face.. Hehe…Have a ball… wherever u are.. Its fun as long as u find some interesting ppl..Well.. Ciao & TC…

  10. Very interesting Discovery of Bangalore. If you get the chance to eat at the 13th floor in mg road, dont miss it especially if you have a balcony table reservation. Amazing night light and view of the city if it doesnt rain!Do keep checking my cartoons when u find time…keep adding about 5 a week for every day they make me work :)Have a nice day. C\’ya!Vijay

  11. I miss home dammit! Tell me you love Bangalore! 13th Floor is great, or Ebony too. Slightly expensive, but awesome food. Opus, another great place. And Cubbon Park, to eat bhutta drizzled with lime and covered in chilli salt. SIGHHHHHHHHH.

  12. This celeb is restaurent phenomena is annoying.Dravid was in the next table and had 4 waiters attending to him in this swanky restaurent in bangalore.The only thing we got promptly was the bill.

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