Waiting to be back.

yeah well..am back to cal, hope to be back to the blogging scene soon!! GOD i was dying to type something decent out…
Bangalore 7,8,9 is well a thing of the past now..there’s soo many things i wanna blog about!
Problem is that i’ve moved homes & there’s no bloody internet at new home right now! to top it all Its pouring like hell..so here i am sitting at dad’s office while he’s browsing through some papers & sneaking glances at me..lol
Its kinda wierd adjusting in the new home i mean there are certain things which am not used to:
My rooms too dark..i can’t even see the clock in the morning (inspite of the super bright colors-thanks to the family-everyone wanted their opinion to be implemented!) and & my bathroom light keeps going off..some fuse problem!
I don’t know half the knobs,switches ..too irritating ( well i had a tough time while taking a bath- the entire hot/cold water confusion)lol
Its kinda wierd to eat at the dining table, at old home i got my way out and ate most of the meals in the room.
I love this area..its close to EVERYTHING i could probably ask for- a mall,multiplex,crossword,restaurants,takeaways…cousins..everyone@! Its right IN the city!
My home’s bigger..thank god.. =) atleast we all won’t get on each others nerves now
my grandmom though is at her screaming best :/ (thats why thank god for the bigger home)
Lots of blogs due though…of incidents & people!

13 thoughts on “Waiting to be back.

  1. hey !! am the first one to coment !!.. haha !! have fun in new home .. it is alwys tough to cope up !.. but after a week or so .. ull enjoy and also feel the change !! .. tc bye!

  2. You get used to it…dun worry!Must be exciting I think…!changing homes,coming back from vacations…Gosh,ur almost leading the James bond lifestyle for me…! 😦

  3. Haha… I too suffer the \’screaming grandma syndrome\’… But she\’s a dear after all..New house sounds really cool… Post some pics if possible.. Maybe U could do another of ur \’assignments\’… :PAnxiously awaiting that overdose of blogs bout people & incidents u\’ve encountered… Pray don\’t let us jobless folks down…Ciao.. & TC…

  4. Have a nice time in Kokatta! I dont know how to say it…but here goes…Ami tumarke blog bhalo bashiIf you like computer problem cartoons check them out at my blog Have a nice day. C\’ya!Vijay

  5. HAHA … it\’s the first few days that takes a little effort. believe me you\’ll get through it! enjoy the new house!Peace …

  6. Hey did u know you cud post entries and access ur blog even via cellphones ?!?Sounds just right for people who\’re connectionless temporarily!

  7. Heyy…good to see you back…When r u gonna be back to blogging again huh?Anyways….no thats not me in pink…thats my cousin sister..remember the one that sneaked the booze in?ya…but i\’m not exactly frowning in my pics dude..I\’m Smilimg!! 😀

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