Long due..

Stuck amongst the cars and two wheelers- we prayed, hoping to reach on time. Damn the traffic- we should have left earlier.
Juggling my 2 bags & a suitcase, i reached just in time. Window seat ma’m? Sure, I said.
Small talk with acquaintances:
Oh hi- how come you’re in bangalore? I’m on vacation, have cousins here. What about you?
Partly work,partly vacation..
oh ok..
you have quite a lot of luggage huh?
*i can see that too, i’m not blind like duh* -thats what went thru the mind
Reality- (sheepish grin)- yeah i guess..
Finally, in the flight…
Seat next to mine: empty (not bad i get to keep my bag on it)
Next seat, comes Wierdo (name will be revealed later)
Now Wierdo was a 25 yr old African( thats what he told me). He kept his bag on the empty seat (where the hell am i sup2 keep my bag now..shit)
Are we taking off now?- he asks
Yes we are.( oh god..why can’t he wait for the english announcement..fool)
Are you from bangalore?
Are you from Kolkata, is the flight going to Kolkata ?(like duh yes! where am i stuck)
Are you a student?
Are you a student in bangalore?
No, i am from kolkata, i was on vacation in bangalore.( mentally adding- don’t bug me PLEASE)
What is your name?
Myself Prince su-something
Again Wierdo started asking some silly question in his wierd accent…i cut him short asking him for his book lying idle:
Is that yours- the linda goodman- codes of the universe? can i read it?
Sure ok. (thank god…that should give him the clue that i wanna read & not chit chatter)
Did you read it?
What is your sun sign?
Aries, whats yours?
Leo .Oh, aries women are very pretty (what the *uck, im Not interested uhhhhhh)
Uhhh My father’s a leo too (hahaha..buzz off pleaseeee)
Ohhh good..When is your birthday?
23rd March
Did you see your number, you’re number 5 (like duh i’m not that dumb, i browsed through the freaking book)
Kolkata has missionaries of charity right?
Enough- i turned my face & took a brief nap. this fool just isn’t shutting up.
Are we landing now?
landing landing
yeah. we are.
Do you have mobile? (in the most wierd accent)
What? huh..
Can i have your number? (ohhh man i didn’t see this comingg@)
I’m sorry i don’t just give my number to Strangers i meet on the plane!
But why? I’m a forgeiner? (dude…so what..gives u an edge over indian guys or wat!!)
I’m sorry. I;m not interested.
Later…while stepping out of the flight
So what is the population of kolkata?
I don’t know..damnnnnn
So finally we are at your hometown, while taking the trolley (mommmaa where are you…)
I took a trolley & walked off in the opposite direction. (good lord)

11 thoughts on “Long due..

  1. Hahahahahahahhah,…..!that was the best account of eve-teasing that i\’ve read till date,I swear!So Sups….y din u give him number no?he was a Foreigner DAMMIT…!!! LMAO!!!ya rite as if…!U can seriously make a perfectly sound incident sound the most hilarious…!hahahahahhahaahah……!!!An yes I\’m gonna lear my lessons now…!But stil u shud\’ve given him ur number…he was a foreigner for god\’s sakes…lol…

  2. Hahaha.. tht ws too funny!!.. :))In my case, my space misses me more… n then it comes in my dreams..lol..Very tough to stay in that mode ya! 😦 I used to gv a left right n center to everyone.. n now i listen.. n keep grrrring inside.. uff! bad ya :((

  3. hey why didnt u take his no ??!! instead ..! hahaha !.. really hilarious !!.. wonder if someone will do somethng like tht with me !.. i cant wait fr it ..! hahah! 🙂 .. about the book .. till where have u read .. in th end .. the rel treasure was hidden .. in spain only .. he came all this place to see the pyramids only .. and then after findin the treasure in spain .. he went bak to the oasis .. to fatima ( stupid person .. with so much of money .. he culd have got a btettr one !! hahaha !) .. anyways . i loved the book .. u must have read the bigger walla version .. i read the smaller one .. of around 150 pages .. it was damn intersting !! .. cia !

  4. ohho !.. why dnt u copy the coment b4 u "publish it " .. i mean nt copy it in word or somethng .. just select the whole comment .. then do " ctrl + c " .. then if the "cannot find.. " comes .. just go bak .. paste the comment bak .. " ctrl + P " .. and again publish .. if it hapons again .. then again go bak …… etc etc !.. haha ! !! cia .. tc

  5. well u shlda given ur number, a free dinner cld bear all the pain of his stupid talk, n u clda asked him fer the book, n kept on readin thru dinner lol, neway, wat happns if u bang into the creep on a lonely dark alley lol, btw was he black??????

  6. haha Welcome to the club!!I hate chit chat in the taxi, plane and trains but i usually get someone nagging me!! Wasn\’t lucky enough to get someone charming like ur prince su yet 😛

  7. hey…the way you wrote transported me to the plane sitting next to prince su….i could feel the irritation and the feeling of boxing his ear…but it was hilarious…!!keep blogging…tc n bye

  8. heythanks a ton for the comment. future plans might involve either of the said options (the former in all probability). but i\’m not telling! you see my alter ego who wants to earn lots of money might not like it! 😀 anyway, i gotta tell ya i had a wierd Firang experience myself sometime back. this guy wanted to take me back to is hotel and sell me drugs!!! imagine the audacity. well thankfully the owner of the resturant was a good friend. you can guess where the firang was sent after that can\’t ya now! okie i\’ve rambled on for quite a bit now … blame the delirium on the fever that\’s taken over me (103 deg C to be precise!)à bientôt!Peace …

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