And another one..

Good morning, have a prosperous day!
Oh no he’s messaged again, he’s some Raj. I don’t know how he got my number, he thinks he’s speaking to some Mohit. He sent 8 messages last night. We deleted them though, again he’s started off..early morning..just reply or call him & tell him not to disturb!
I’m sorry you have the wrong number, this is not Mohit. Please don’t disturb.
But i got a call from this number. I know you
I’m sorry you are mistaken. You have the wrong number. Please don’t irritate us.
Ok i dunno if this is dipa’s number or not….if not then please let me know..
No this is not dipa. Please don’t disturb us.
Ok sorry about that, then would you like to make friendship, anyways?
Oh god..i think you should speak to him…call
He cancelled the dumb!
I know you want to speak to me..I would like to speak to you too…but call up after 10 minutes ok??
Yeah right like we’re his up when he wants to..enough is enough..i’m messaging him now..quite sure he won’t bug us after this one,
Listen, i’m not interested in any friendship or talking to you for that matter. I have 3 children, I’m probably your mom’s age so stop disturbing me- got it?
Oh ok forget it. I’m so disturb you.really sorry.
This happened on my aunt’s cell.. while we were stuck in the traffic..on the way to the airport!

Oh and I’m soo Happy…you would be too if u met one of your favourite authors!!- gonna blog bout it soon!

14 thoughts on “And another one..

  1. friendship lol, translated i want to ask u out but don have the balls to show my face to u, m hedious to look at, and a jerk to talk to, and a klutz in practical life. hyuk hyuk hyuk, funny ppl, wen will US men learn. i don think there is hope fer U girls. LOL.

  2. funny funny funny !! hahah :-)!!!.. ! yes u said right ..! we shuld follow ourselves and do masti only !! haha .. add me at msn if u want to !.. poor guy he is .. who tried frndship thru messaging .. simply call kar leta ! :-P!! haha !

  3. m thru with dolly completely yes, cos i don beleive in the concept of love no more, hey do u live in Southern Av by ne chance and go to Xavier\’s, m guessing both by sum photos in ur blog. cos if u do thts 2 common things between u n me, i live in SA in Cal and was a Xaverian thruout lol… take care, esp if u frm my alma mater lol.

  4. no i havent spoken ta prateek bout ya……i guessed it frm one of the fotos tht u in xavier\’s, tht foto s taken outside xavier\’s park street gate, i wuz in xavier\’s fer 15 yrs (school and college) i know lol, yeah i was in the "gay" section lol, i know masscom kids called us gay, but its all good, actually mosta guys in the commerce section DO have gay tendencies maybe owing to the lack of interactions wid gurls. we need sum gurls in the BCom sec, wonder if they have it now????yup m doin my MBA in Thailand Webster University, its an American college wid a thai campus (way cheaper than goin ta america lol), so wer do u stay now??????next time try cafe frappe\’ in CCD my pers fav, m dyin fer dat NOW

  5. arghhhh the i-wanting-to-do-friendship-with-you kinds? hehehe about the 3 kids and all … i swear these guys are amusing. i bet there was no mohit to begin with i tell. well i guess most non-dense people have already figured that out! :Dthanks a ton, me hoping i get well soon. And yeah what is up these Firang types? my not so nice alter ego wants to string and quarter them … *evil smile*Peace …

  6. awsome yaar!!!chethan bhagat!he is cool….not tht i met him….but read five points some night at the call centre na his new book?really tht good…will buy it then.

  7. hey i said most guys have gay tendencies in bcom, not to say they ARE gay, n m def not lol….wers max meuller i dunno, m in cal after a long time really long time, neway my emails, drop me a mail sumtime, cheers.

  8. if sumone bugged my cell, i would say hi nice to meet you, i just got out of jail, no friends nothing, killed few men in th past in ways unimaginable and then ran away from prison, can i stay in ur house, whats ur address baba? come on tell me…..haha then the moron would definitely run off or change his SIM card.

  9. i make it a point to update it ever week!! its very important!!! am gonna buy chetan bhagat\’s books now..sounded quite interesting… may be after my exams…

  10. Thats the stupidest things one can do – can we have friendship!! Idiots!!Just ignore them!! He might send 100 txt, but he will definitely gonna get bored at one point of time. Or call that moron and give him a blast – like i did to one idiot who kept on calling my sis. Nay – I was using her mobile for a week and got so irritated 😛

  11. U just have to make friendship wid ppl who say i want to make friendship OR I wat to do friendship OR wud u be my friendship…!!U just have to…!Hahha….but this was seriously funny…!Sum guys can really get on ya nerves…!(pests)

  12. U just have to make friendship wid ppl who say i want to make friendship OR I wat to do friendship OR wud u be my friendship…!!U just have to…!Hahha….but this was seriously funny…!Sum guys can really get on ya nerves…!(pests)

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