letter to the author!

Dear CB

Hi! To begin with- i had a GREAT time at the session (even though we had to wait…but then glad that you could make it inspite of the delays)

I gotta add..i didn’t know much about call centers-now i know quite a lot- from the book & from your talk..

I was eagerly awaiting"One Night @ the call center" (ON@TCC) mainly coz i had a blast while reading fps and i’ve lost count of how many times i have re-read the book and how many people i lent it to (which reminds me, my friend is yet to return my precious copy).

The issues that you dealt with, during the launch (the ones in the book) -today’s youth can totally relate to it …the entire confsuion about career,making money- choosing between a good paying job or one offering satisfaction, but lesser pay….breakups (haha you were right, everyone likes a good love story, but a breakup-story is even more enjoyable..as long as we’re not a part of the break up..haha)..Boss bashing and america bashing is SO much fun-( few parts in the book where i was mentally cheering the character- kinda like- yeah go for it!! lol)…and the killer lines (they’re not silly- they’re hilarious…few parts in the book where i laughed out so loud i got those "she’s lost it" looks from my mom & sis !)- the one liners rule..as always (they were great in fps too)

Though there are certain parts in the book which could have been better maybe..the ending part- why did you make it filmy…??!! military uncle’s character as i pointed out..oh and i wonder whether americans are that dumb- to fall for the software trick?( but then as you and others at crossword pointed out..only the dumb one’s call..so i guess they might fall for it too! )

I loved the "past dates.." chapters and my favourite portion is when they all tackle their Boss (that was AWESOME!)

I have to say- apart from the main characters you managed to create hilarious characters in the form of-Ganesh,Bakshi & Priyanka’s mom ( guys read the book you’ll know how funny these people are..)

Also the book is quite from the male point of view- i don’t know how you’ll manage to write a book from the female point of view , as u said you want to..(thats gonna be a toughie) At times i felt during the book that the female characters are slightly typecast..But overall it was a great read..i wasn’t disappointed at all ..and whats more got to meet you in person..the session was good fun (though some of those typical journalist- type questions were quite funny if you ask me..lol)

Eagerly awaiting your next book(already) ..oh & the fps film too..


Go and read the book people- as it is i’ve revealed a bit đŸ˜‰ might as well finish it and find out what its all about!


5 thoughts on “letter to the author!

  1. hey ..am i supposed to guess the name of the book !!.. or u have written it somewhere !!.. anyways i dnt mind readin a funny book .. when my hols are on !lol! ..tc

  2. hmmn.. am gona get one copy… but as u said… after the exams!! thanx for the advise!!! an no… mine is not BSNL, saddest part they are private yet…. this is the service… they work only if talked straight in their faces with nice touch of expletives and loud…which unfortunately i can\’t. can u believe it…they took the complaint of my cousin\’s connection which was lodged yesday but not mine(been 2 weeks) and to top it all…we live in the same apts!!!!!! shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

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