My college ofcourse- the meeting ground where you can bump into Certain characters who should be given awards for their Oversmartness (or for the complete lack of it), Innocence (or for some Real wickedness) and Pure dumbness (they are just unbeatable) And the wonderful Lines that they can come up with..the excuses..the comments they can pass …and sometimes their actions and thinking- ok i wont describe this..better to describe them.
Without revealing too much. ladies and’s presenting- The Stars around me…(people from class if you stumble upon this..umm..wellll- i guess u already know how i feel about these stars so Do not act all shocked!! and if u did not know- whatever.)
Star#1- Deserves an Oscar award for achievements in two departments- One, in blindly mugging up. Secondly in nicely buttering up. Even though she knows everything (and even if she doesn’t whats the big deal- she’s written down Every damn word) her wails of "Sir, could you please explain this.."  i do not whether to laugh at her or to kick her.
She’ll brag (without knowing, half the things- its good fun to counter question her and take her trip hehe)
And the goody goody which she appears to be – she isn’t. Something i overheard long time back (her bf gives her a monthly sum for cab fare) made me say "Goood Lord!"
Star#2- Legally blonde, matching queen (im waiting for the day the bags,shoes,tees and scrunchy Do not match) , i appear dumb coz it works best-Its really surprising when her cover falls and sensible questions come out (coz thats when half the class is literally applauding- look She’s asking questions- that too which make Cheats very well or so i discovered, manages to write her own name wrongly. She recently got her home cordless phone to college..(just about what is wrong with people!!)
Star#3 Small town boy in Big city-call me innocent,naive,desperate,slightly gay tendencies! Loved crooning jaadu hai nasha hai and has now switched to english songs. He is a star coz he went and proposed to this girl, in the first week of college, in all filmy style- the girl was obviously much smarter than  him,  she was on the verge of slapping him..but our boy out here still smiles at the memory,and you have to give it to him for his guts! Though now when you ask him he says- I hate Sometimes they bully him, but most of the times they laugh at his innocence.
Ok i better stop now.


 (This is one of the few times..when i’ve written the title before the post..usually its the other way round. Lets see if i manage to stick to the topic of the title )
Today someone gave me an honest dose of criticism over something i was working on. Not the blunt kinds..but the genuine one..with the rights and wrongs being pointed out, in a neutral way.( And before u jump to conclusions i was NOT cooking another dish in the kitchen).  Ok i admit i had asked for feedback, but i had not prepared myself for my own reaction..i was kinda prepared for few things wrong..or that might not go well withthe other person.. (i know, nobody can really do that…and its quite obvious that you react only after the feedback)
My first reactions were- shock, anger, disbelief, pain.
I was hurt for some time..about 15 minutes. i Just turned away from "the zone" I tried to distract talking around..but the matter kept swinging in my thoughts..i was thinking of new ways to do the same thing..was trying to focus on the pointers that were thrown at me. After a few minutes..i realised..tring to cool off- hey maybe that person Is right..let me try a new way/ a diff perspective/ a diff idea..afterall i believe in trying out diff ways and a bit of experimentation/playing around works Best..and brings out the best too!
So i tried cheering up..started working again..with a somewhat changed attitude..still nursing a bit of THE "pAIN" I felt  (which btw seems to have vanished now…cause i was tied up with a Lot of other things) And now my attitude is quite diff- its more like- hey i tried, it didn’t work out, so i’ll try again, this time better, with a bit of feedback..i know what the other person wants..and I’ll do it better now..I’ll work harder.
So lets see how it goes.
Incident got me thinking…
Why the hell can’t everyone take critisism could work out well..i guess!
Why does criticism hurt so much, even if we Do not want to get affected?
How can we not let criticism affect can we work on it..? (today was my lucky day..but most of the times it isn’t) The normal reaction is to go on a defensive mode. I did that too… (mY exact words were- f****** i worked so hard and you’re saying this?/ u have a problem with that/ you want me to do this? )
So how do u guys handle criticism..this was a recent dose for me..i can’t rememebr the old ones..though there are MANY (yeah another thing..i seem to forget half the things..any ideas for having a good memory anyone??..bahh!)


India wins against Srilanka at Mohali
Greg Chappel does bhangra.
India lose against South Africa at Eden Gardens.
What will Greg dear do?
Welll one day prior to the game Mr. Chappel already does quite a bit of damage.
I got to know this through one of the tv channels i rarely watch (Zee news) who i believe should get an award for dramatisation..ohh they’re probably second to aaj tak maybe..(repeated views of certain footage, freezing them and showing them again n again..ohh and the way they describe-Cricket,Kolkata aur Kalah -something like that..heights) But what they pointed out was decent enough..
My city- is one of passion!! And so are the people here..
I’m sure everybody knows quite a lot about the Chappel-Sourav controversy. People here in cal idolise Sourav-he’s the king, the god for them. So since all this controversy..lead to Mr. captain being thrown out of the team (on the basis of no form and fitness-i got to know today- always avoided this entire controversy cause frankly i don’t care much about either parties)
All this mayhem obviously enraged the crowds here..afterall he is their king..and no one would like to see injustice being bestowed upon their idol..and well not only the crowds- even the celebs, few politicians came out actively supporting him- they actually demanded "no sourav-no match" today at Eden…even a popular radio station has been having this "support for sourav" campaign.
Their arguments- why all the blame on sourav? If his form is lacking why is he being thrown out, while others who are also out of form still manage to stay in the side..despite making less runs..why is he being picked again and again when even sachin has bad days, laxman,sehwag too were out of form-how come they were never thrown out??…Also..besides Sachin he is the only Indian batsman to cross 15,000 runs (that was what they showed on tv…i do not know bout the stats-do Not blame me if am wrong here) We’ve probably forgotten that he brought that killer spirit in the team, the passion…(ohh btw I loved all the recent India vs. Pakistan matches..)
So now back to the point..since the last few days- there have been people screaming "we want sourav".crowds gathered outside Eden today shouting slogans, burning Gregs effigies. So back to the zee news drama- Yesterday post practise Greg was welcomed outside with shouts of ‘sourav,sourav’ ..he is shown walking towards the bus, climbing up and from the window his hand comes out and Mr. Honourable Coach all the way from wherever flashes his middle finger to the crowd.
I mean, hello? You hate sourav, alright but this is not done..So zee news keeps showing this clip again and again and again.very dramatically..his finger encircled in red and all that….and asks for public opinion – who are Obviously enraged by this action of his.
The question here is- how can he take out this personal grudge against sourav on the crowd..? 
He’s a celeb..has some moral responsibilities…he should apologise atleast..
I am no big Sourav fan…but Now i absolutely detest Greg Chappel..the guy is unethical! They got him cause he’s experienced, professional and all that blah..and this is how he behaves! (the last time i heard bout some celebs finger flashing incident was that of britney spears-the dum blonde)
John Wright- we miss you!

Cooking blogs.

Wonder if anyone can manage to follow all this while dealing with the impossible ones!

Nothing much to say tonight…except maybe i should reduce my blogging hours-its just becoming too addictive..i mean i have 3-4 unread books lying around (AND this NEVER happens with me)..
naah thats not the only reason…
Life’s all tied up as usual..and we’re all a part of this donkey race- something tells me i need to buck up or else i’ll end up wasting a lot of time (not that it matters Now..but i might regret it later)
Blogging’ is fun..its relaxing, enjoyable, entertaining, so interactive..something new Everyday..every moment..such at relief at times…its like a another Life all together…
(naah am not leaving the blog world..not my parting speech..just Thinking aloud maybe haha)
Also-lesson for fellow irregular cooks- if you see the colour of the food changing to something abnormal- switch off the gassss!! lol and get people to rescue-make them taste the mess and ask them to correct it..
Always cook under supervision- but the problem is-then the supervisor takes over n u feel that u learn nothing. But then..its better than having abnormal coloured food. Though all’s well that ends well..managed to make something decent out of the mess..bahh! Cooking is trullyy Not easy!

The Great Indian Wedding.

Yesterday, i went for a wedding reception.

I had no clue about the bride and groom. Nor did i have the patience of understanding how i’m related to them.

Not that anybody cares- the guy is working in the US of A, had married his co-worker..or something like that.

Now, its quite a pain to dress up in heavy Indian clothes and go for some relatives random wedding, whom you’re not even bothered about. So why go Right?

Wrong- go for the get starters to dessert-lots of variety, nicely prepared.. and all you have to do is answer a few questions when ur first introduced, and touch a few random uncles/aunties feet! (oh and smile a bit too..doesnt take much effort.)

Well such is our Great Indian Wedding system- sure makes me wonder at times..just what exactly is happening??!!

Firstly the bride and the groom are the last people who enjoy their own wedding (poor things are occupied in all the rituals, among the oldies or have to bend down and touch every alternate person’s feet-people who they might not even see fot the rest of their life)

They invite Everybody!! yeah people who are probably not even bothered about the bride and groom (yah like me- i admit i just went to eat the yummy spread of food)

Why do they invite the whole world? Is it the word formality that comes in here..or this is the only occassion when they remember human relations..good reason-these weddings are to invite everyone once and for

Some people just love showing off- celebrity invitations/ clothes that are horribly expensive/ over the top the name of designer weddings.. (Now here i won’t complain about the 100 food items coz hey good food is always welcome..after all you’re feeding half your community-if not anything they’ll enjoy the food remember i wouldn’t even have gone for the wedding had it not been the food..!)

Still fail to understand why the girl’s side has to be the one suffering?! ( When is that going to change??!!)

One can say – have the money-flaunt it. I’d say- have a wedding, sure spend well…donate the rest..there are few needy ones around too.

Quite sure that im going to be sick of wedding food in the next 3 weeks. So im gonna enjoy it while it lasts 😉 thank u all you extended relatives or "i don’t know how we are related" uncles/aunties….for ensuring that i get to skip boring dinners at home..!! Please don’t mind if you’re not invited for my wedding. hahaha