Hi, Friend!

Who is your friend?
Is he/she the one you’ve known all your life? The childhood buddy? The one who’s been there with you even before you knew the meaning of friendship? This friend might be the one completely opposite of what you are, you’re used to their habits and they to yours..they’re the ones who’ve probably embarrassed you in public and got away with it..they’re the ones who’ve seen the side of you which the world probably doesn’t know about..they’re the crazy, mad ones with whom for some reason you’re still friends with…
Is he/she the one you got along well with..shared,common tastes, ideas..dreams..hung out with…they understand some of your crazy ideas..you might have conflicting ideas too..but everyone has difference of opinion…and thats what makes the relationship interesting, i guess..they might not have known you for long but given a chance you could be the best of friends probably..
Then there are the formality friends (i hate that word and the whole idea )- people who’re not really your friends but know you for some reason- through others or whatever…and at times you might have to make small talk with them..fulfill some of the favors they ask for (hate this part) there are another kinds- who come into contact with you, but dont really have any intention of being friends, but then you still have to tolerate their company…
Then there are the few random people you become friends with..only to realise that you don’t really have much in common..or your views don’t really match as you’d thought they would..now what do you do..
All sorts of people around. Friendship seems to get complicated as we grow up.  best to have few friends, but have them for life..

6 thoughts on “Hi, Friend!

  1. for me a frnd is someone .. who doesnt show sympathy when u need it .. instead takes u out of the situation which needs it …!! haha .. a very diffrent blog than ur other ones !! so took time for me to understand what exactly u had written !! haha .. so how much did u gain ?? 5 kgs !?

  2. friendship, i think, like so many other relationships, is something that is frozen in time. with time and situations, people change, and so do your feelings for them, but those moments, that you shared with them, say "x" secs,mins,hours,days,weeks,months or years ago dont change…when you might have shared some sorrow, a laugh or an idea together… thats friendship… of course there are people who are there with you for your whole life… and theres noone like them, but all in all, i feel friendship is more relative to time and place, than people….

  3. lol tht was just an example of frnd .. nt the only one!!! ..and what is this .. tht everytime u say ..let coll begin then ul understand !!.. i can understand evrythng even now!!! . m nt a very big dumbo ! 🙂 now now .. dnt amswre bak to granny !.u cant even imagine how she mucy have tolerated u when u wre small ..( even now ) .. :-P!! .. anyways ! tc

  4. nah..wont go so easily ;)nice space urself..wil be back 4 more..how u doing?mayb shes off blogging for a while..believe me, everyone needs time of their own.A.:)

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