i saw this at someones blog….looks interesting 


A) First, recommend to me: 1. a movie: 2. a book: 3. a musical artist, song, or album

 B) Ask me three questions – Ask me anything you want…(though i’d like to bend this one a bit..ask whatever u want to..i decde whether i wanna answer it or not :p)

C) Copy and paste this onto your journal, allowing your friends to make recommendations and ask you anything.


fire away…………

 Oh i just had to do this.. Thanks to prachi  i think its much better than those typical "101 things about me" (no offence to ppl who madethose lists haa)

11 thoughts on “Recommend!

  1. hahah….i happen to be the first one here rite… goes..very cliques… of angels…2.gone with the wind3.frou frou (its a group)4.qs… a. wats going on in ur mind as you read this? b. if you were to change something about urself…where would you begin? c. if you could get away with 1 murder who would be the unforutnate one??….. nd now i take leave to ctr+c nd v…bye.

  2. Cool! :DA) 1. 50 first dates 2. The Fountainhead 3. Don\’t phunk with my heart B) 1. Wht\’s the diff between "priya" n "supriya"? 2. When\’s yr bday? 3. Why is kriti\’s space not opening?:pC) lemme put this on mine as well.. hv nthng else do to :DBtw, I\’d really like to read ON@TCC cuz I have sm experience of the CC life.. how I miss those CC days… <sigh>!!

  3. ok…i think ur better at suggesting movies…but for books id recommend princess,daughters of arabia, and desert royal.if theres any music that i want to recommend, ill simply forward it to you…:-)ok questions…1. ok…im at a loss…need some more time…

  4. I\’ve cm bak to copy this recommend stuff.. forgot to put it on my space the other day… bcuz before I cud do tht, I went into the zzzz mode :-p

  5. umm Movie: Saw, Book: Chaos in wonderland, Song: Aint No cure For Love (Leonard Cohen)I left the same list at prachis blog.Q) Who was ur fav character in fps?Given a choice, n if he wasnt married, wld u marry Chetan Bhagat?Why/Why not (to prev question)?

  6. uhm come ta think of it, u ARE actually doin a good promotion fer Mr. Bhagat, ure entitled to atleast an autographed copy of his latest issue.If I ever meet him, Ill let him no of this, if u havent already since u ve met him.

  7. For u I\’d recommend…–The Skeleton Key — Hannibal The Cannibal– Bon JoviQ\’s– Whats ur fav attire?– Ever been in love?– Did it work out? If not y?

  8. hmmm i read on@tcc, i think fps was better.actually frm fps i had NO expectations, i was like so another book on sum borin IITians life huh.but with on@tcc, my expectations wer big owin to fps, which wuz a gr8 read. chetans pretty suave tho, wanna rethink bout the thing lol.

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