Rocking to Rotten

Had One of those days yesterday…though before i’d like to ask u guys a question..
How many of you have climbed up on a ladder made of bamboo sticks..jumped up on your college terrace(which is huge btw )..hopped on to the roof…with DV cam on shoulder..shooting the awesome view ..(the college campus..the vast green field..the old buildings and random passers and even students who didn’t know they were being recorded haha)….Accompanied by your best friends and (hold your breath)…your prof in tow!! (who btw was very amazed and happy by our "adventurous spirit")
This is how our day began! We couldn’t have asked for ANYTHING better!
Cut to Afternoon:
Your head of department who as a friend puts not A bitch but THE bitch brings your adventurous day to a climax which is worse than a migraine..
She begins by telling us the "issues" she’s gonna scold us for (like we don’t know that)..and then begins her deep analysis of our understanding..first we write a paragraph about "our difficulies" on a scrap of paper and give it to her… i wonder what ppl wrote..since she wanted it to be anonymous!
Then she picks up random students and asks them "what do you understand by question number 6?" (what the hell was that anyways)
Then began a series of .."how is this connected to that.." and "how can you define this and that"
Then we began our story.."Ma’m some of us didn’t get this xerox" And thereafter began the slaughter…of the pople responsible for the xeroxes…an entire hour of nonstop question- answers and lecture..
She further tortured us  by showing some 1930’s hindi film which had the charcters speaking the funny bihari-hindi..i was having a bad headache by then..not to forget my cough and cold..!
Now obviously if the prof herself distributes xeroxes a day before the exam..and argues with her favourites over off topic issues in class..and rushes through all the topics making it impossible to copy any notes..and surprises us with more questions (which carry more marks) in her portion..we would obviously be royally f*****..(not that we knew her portion well anyways)
I was SO jealous of all the lucky lot who bunked her class! Damn..and now queen of sheeba wants us to mug up some xeroxes she had given us ! (damn nw i can’t even say i dont have the xeroxes)

29 thoughts on “Rocking to Rotten

  1. hmm, so u wont marry chetan huh, hes kinda sweet, lol, ( there my bcom gay insticts being revived lolzzz )naah i aint got no frns in cal, all out doin the same shit as i am. N the few frns I have left in cal, are the gays frm xavier\’s, and even my ex girlfriend is working so she cant meet me in the afternoons. damn calcutta sux.todays day was better. and well theres no reason y u cant be as successful as nicky, all it takes is dedication,neway m hopin tht my office is in order quickly, n i can find shelter there in the afternoons. most forms of entertainment are too expensive, i am a man of limited resources 😦

  2. hmmm, projects are always fun to do, we had a project wer we hadta make an advertisin on a product of ur choice.well most of the guys made it like a poster on photoshop n all, my group was the only one who made an ad film. As u can guess we got an A+ fer the paper, and sold the film to Durex ( the product was a condom ), for 34000 baht, which went for our aids awareness programme fund, all we group members got was a 100 baht discount coupon at pizza company. I mean 7 ppl ( incld 2 frm the media dept ) damn my univ, all my concept and the media depts efforts fer a measly 100 baht discount coupun. The group members (me n 2 others) had to foot the bill and got 100 baht dc.Jees.

  3. so what if u have to mug up some xeroxes !!??? ..i gotto study maths physics and chem !.. and also give my boards !! .. isnt tht comparable ????( haha! 🙂 ) .. anyways .. i forgot to wear my specs to school today !! . so m having a very bad headache !.. so gtg! .. and bye!! :-)! ..

  4. hmm i cant wait to get outta here, neway thts my personal experience tht calcutta sux, u dont HAVE to agree. fer u mite hate smthn i like so…….neway i bought on@tcc, kept it for a borin afternoon to njoy. lol.and holla cal is my city no matter how much i hate it, i hate it wen m here, wen m bak there, i cant wait to come bak, so its a no-win situation 😦

  5. To add salt to the injury…univ i studied in conducted internal tests by internal profs on subjects taught only in class (where we play tic tac toe n what not) and gave nice marks and still if the score was not nice with 2 best scores out of 3 being counted, the 3rd test was made an assignment u had to fill up n give. Was it possible to score low marks…hell no!For others who have to study n mug up…my sympathies :)Vijay

  6. i really liked the "rocking" part…kinda cool and different!! so wat does the video look like??and hey did u read the 1 nyt@ cc …. i just can\’t get my hands on a copy here…baahhh!!!!! ……

  7. Ur day started great man, no arguments about that..I wud\’ve never had the guts…!Hmm….Stoopid teachers right?They\’re so unreasonable…! I mean first they give u tons of xeroxes to mug up (which u dnt get btw) and then they expect u to pass !!! [Talk abt high epectations ;P]Anyways….Chill…U hv the xeroxes nw na…jus go thru them at the least{ur intelligent,u\’ll do it}And ummm….ya the piercing did hurt a tad bit but not sooo much also…! And as for ur wild imagination over my disappearnces i jus have to say \’with frends like u,who needs enemies right\’ lolTake Care!Ciao ;P

  8. Okay first of all kriti\’s damn sweet to be called she lucifer, so lets call your teacher that from now on.haha. Yeah ur day started well, what went wrong is that life followed.haha.

  9. Hullo..Teachers give you Jerrox?? (I\’m gonna spell it like that coz a prof of mine pronounces xerox as Jerrox.. :P)that never happens in my coll… We are slaved to take down notes at the speed of lightning… Whether we understand the concept or not is immaterial.. As long as the notes have been given,… she wipes the responsibility of us doing collectively appallingly by stating… "I GAVE THEM THE NOTES".. Yes.. They can be quite pains…But there\’s a solution… Kidnap the smartest student or the student who has almost all the notes intact & take the \’jerrox\’ copies from him… or her…Hehe.. It works for us.. :PAnyway… There was an update on the horizon & it has eventually risen… Chk m space to see the \’update\’…Ciao.. & TC…

  10. i hope now my space is lighter….almost got rid of all the burden…its like a hot air balloon with not even a single sandbag…and umm…also didn\’t you notice the hurtnotlost part sooo late :(and it\’s great that you pick up from wherever you left with your friends….i have those kinda friends too…but you know there are always the ones who become "there was this dude in my class…….i wonder where he is now" sorts….!! i don\’t want that happening somehow unless its me who leaves somebody behind…!!anywayz…will be back later….

  11. Lol —-:0)Oh yea…very much back together…U checked out d photos eh?I dint know which 1s to put..there r so many…!It is difficult to NOT love him..! And vice-versa ;P !!

  12. reporter viking reporting from area affected by Hurricane Exams.. 2 out of 3 went down… not in the drain exactly… not yet.. rest next week… Over n out!

  13. hmm.. well.. teachers, at times, are a real pain in the a**.. nope.. everywhere! :-|too many q\’s abt marraige ya! when?? whom? why?? why not??? uff! :(( tht\’s another reason y im running away to cal.. :-p

  14. hey! * . * . * . * . **. * .*_/\\_ *. * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * .*. *. * >,"< * nice space *.*. * . * .* , + .*… * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * * . * . * . * _/\\_. * . and cool pics too* . ** . * . * . * >,"< . * . * . * . * . * . *. * . *+ * . *. * . * . * . * . * . thats so cool * . * . _/\\_ * . * . * * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . *. * >,"< * . *. * . * take care!! * . * . * .*. * . * . * . * . * . * . *. * . * . * . * . * . * .* . * . * . * . * . * ( romio jeddah )*. *. *. *

  15. Amen!!! exactly the same i was going thru… but was told later… they just filled pages… like stories n songs and wat not… nah jus kdding… but there were cases…

  16. I wish sumone had paid for MY ticket too, instead I got to pay for 2 tickets, not one. uh bday huh, nower NO one to go out with 😦 My frn who i watched the flik with is leavin 2m, n as i had said NO friends here, all come bak in dec during christmas, till then its a boorin life i lead.btw i got hold of a guy who delivers books in the house lol, its like 20 bux fer a book (till u read it – within reasonable time). guess ll be doin sum heavy duty readin.But, most of his books are M&B YUK!

  17. Gosh! a fiasco on my part really!!! 5 times!!I adopted icy as it is complete antithesis to my persona…I am a warm & sensitive person but I somehow liked the tone of ice and volcano u know cold and heat…must be leading to warmth ultimately.Gee..Sup what am I saying????cheersicy

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