The hand shakes.
The voice cracks.
The feet shuffle.
The bitten nails.
The hollow feeling,
…empty stomach.
Underconfident anyone?

15 thoughts on “Random.

  1. don hands tremble cos one is hungry??i dunno i aint NO doc lol.sex with a married woman naaah, the only married woman i could dream to sleep wid wld be my wife lol, jus smthin came up n i was perplexed, not gettin too many replies on the question front. guess ppl don like talkin bout sex openly, which i completely do not understand, neway wat do u think?????

  2. reason huh, its pretty unreasaonable tho but ill let ya kno in due time, take care.i found out wer max mueller is lol, near bed rite hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. naaah like i said earlier, m a man of limited resources, but wenever i do get a chance, m a big show off lol, My fav line: I am not modest, atleast I am honest. hows chetan doin lol ( aah the advantages of the internet – anonymity otherwise id be a dead duck by now lol )u meetin him netime soon? hey incase u do get serious yeah send me his next book (autographed huh) and FREE. lol.sorry but i love irritating people (my fav occupation)

  4. yeah i used to freelance a lot and then i finished college alongside that. I was in xavier\’s college here.My job is just an accident like, like a culmination of all my interests put together. I love it. Im planning to study further as in, a 2 year pg program in visual communication, sort of structure and fine tune things im already aware. Creativity is one thing, channeling it in the right direction through a structured porgram is another, and thats exactly what i plan to do. im planning to apply to mica, nid, maybe srishti not sure about that option yet, but i would love to go to a film school in america to study communication design as my moms entire family is based there, three houses waiting for me, but i take each day as it comes, work with options. Because life is going at light speed remember…..haha……….u never know what you gonna get !!!!!

  5. no i am felling hungry !??what hapn to ur chocs !???.. anyways .. u have exams or somethng ??. or u bite ut nails to feed urself !?? or u dance so much .. tht u feel so hungry ??.. or u sing sooo much tht ur voices crack .. and u feel thirsty !???hahahah!! :-)!

  6. its sanjay whos married not arun, hes not those kinds HOPEFULLY, and u dint wish me :-(u kno apart frm my frns who dint lemme sleep last nite, no one in my family has wished me either.damn, theyve all forgotten.

  7. i have call tracker in my cell so it stores upto 100 numbers each of dialled, received and missed.yeah rite theyre plannin a surprise, noones in the house, n m supp to b the gatekeeper so i cant leave either. damn even my durwan is not here. m stuck with crap.n i pay very close attention to whose doin wat wid me, i observe lol, call me romantic call me stoopid or kiddish/silly, i beleive in the numbers (finance guy rem)i actually sent 22 cards to my ex cos it was her 22nd bday, n i had 24 shots of tequila fer my bday last yr (an xtra fer luck lol) neway tx fer ur wishes *finally* and yes another yr of toleration fer ppl lol, theyve survived 24 yrs of ME i bet a few more yrs wont hurt, theyre probably used to it lol, see the problem with me is i know i am irritating and theres the prob i njoy it lol, neway u take care….

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