Crossing words..

The great Crossword sale is on "upto 70% off" is what they say to attract us (but that much disc. only seems to be on fat encyclopedias) Spent hours there after a long long time..though the books which i wanted somehow just had  like a 10% off (bah!!)  observations/incidents :
A couple sitting together in the astro-section pouring through some fat astro-book-probably seemed to be reading how compatible they are..(in bengali)-" look thats the worse part about you- and see this is exactly what your sign says!"
2 guys who looked like they had zero interest in reading but probably came in for timepass-crossed the magazine section. Picking up the business-world magazine, which had an article on the best-b schools- one of them picked it up..
Guy 2-ae kya kar raha hai? (checking the cover) accha tu jayega kya? and then he burst out laughing..
The classics section was empty as usual and so was the non-fiction section-wonder if anyone reads those..
I saw some of the books which i liked readin at one point of time…that time seems like another era altogther(Chicken soup, danielle steel- now i cannot take her sobby-mushy stories anymore)
Somehow  i found myself interested in self improvement (or gyaan giving ) books…don’t know if i’d enjoy reading them but they sure got me interested..not paulo coelho tho..i saw his books i just walked off…also made me wonder the heck am i that sad/do i need improvement??!!
Another book about dream interpretation caught my eye (was too thick or else i would have taken it-don’t think i would finish it) Also "coversations with god"- seemed to me that  nobody buys such books- coz it was lying all around the table!
Oh and lots and lots of versions of kama sutra- fat ones,small ones (haha)
Also Gitanjali and Bhagwad gita-small english versions for as less as 50 bucks or so…didn’t seem to have many takers
Pub jokes,office jokes, restricted jokes,offensive jokes the list was endless
Another book whose title made me laugh- How to have a perfect Bachelor’s Party (or some similar sounding name)
oh btw sidney sheldon’s new book is out..his autobiography (didn’t buy it coz his last book "are u afraid of the dark" was wayyy too disappointing) but i’d like to read this one too..
The indian authors section excites me the most- so spent most of my time there..
Finally picked up a book i wanted to read since a very long time-
"A beautiful mind" (which i believe i have haha)

13 thoughts on “Crossing words..

  1. Sidney Sheldon\’s last book WAS seriously disaapointing what with all the aliens running arnd…!But hopefully his next wont b That bad!I\’ve seen lotsa these loafers who cum in to check out d crowd instead of d book…lol!Did ya read hannibal the cannibal(the books a billion times better than the movie)?Ohh And I do believe u have a beautiful mind.!(I hope that dint sound gay!) :DTake Care!Ciao!

  2. hahahahahahahahaha oops, y m i imitatin u lol…..well the 2 guys thingie lol, reminds me of a similar situation, a frn used to tease me regd the b-school i wld land up in, i told him, m gettin in one of the top 5 b-skools in india.he scoffed at me. i took it up as a challenge.ok i dint get in but i did get a lotta calls, so had a moral victory, yes we like to imagine our convocation day at IIM even before we sit fer the dreaded CAT, its jus a dream fer us b-skool aspirants, its bigger than the IITs, and trust me more difficult lol.

  3. what bored u got there !! didnt have anythng else to do !? .. crosswrods is the onyl book store i have gone to in calcutta .. ( my cousins live thier near by ) .. but i went inside and within 5 mins i was bak outside .. i bought da vinci code .. u sooo dumm .. keep observing the people .. just buy a book u wnt .. and then go bak home .!! or read some intresting encyclopeadias on mass communication .. thoda sa brain jo finish ho gaya hain .. will start again !! .. haha !!:-)!

  4. na na cal i\’m sure is a great place…but yaar travelling tht far for an exam is really taxing na!ok,can u tell me wht hotels are close to sarat bose road….thts where my exam centre is.if u dont mind!

  5. I wanted to buy WE THE PEOPLE by Ayb Rand Fountainhead left me speech lessbook fairs are all the time welcome for me gosh i have a fitesh for books… Some of these days mom will throw me out for there is no place left in house

  6. The only sydney sheldon i liked was Tell me your dreams… rest are such drag and kinda repetitive…that i cannot even tell the story by just knowing the name even i though i have read lots of them 2ice.I am reading East West by Salman Rushdie…Starting with a lighter one before i move to his "controversial" ones!!I guess am kinda on similar track of moving from mushy/ lovey dovey Chicken soup to indian writers… they are more colorful, more earthen!I read The Tiger Ladies by Sudha Koul recently… a beautiful peice of writing…… And about being myself..well takes a lot of work on my behalf at times..or maybe those are actually the times when I am trying to be somebody else!! You know there are times that you are so happy that you end up being sad !!(oh! i am still in wrapped up in my teen emotions i guess) You know what I have to tell you .. i somehow have a picture of you in my mind where you are not 19 but a cooler, more solved, uncomplicated and on way of making it big 25 chick!! (wierd…i know)

  7. hey nice space you have here….you a bong or wot?im a bong and i used to live in calcutta before shifting to mumbai a year and a half ago….i have fond memories of cal….neway keep rockin the blog ….you are doin a good job

  8. i learnt a very long time back that promising discounts are the ones that disappoint you the most…so i never go…lol…and oh…i believe that i used to associate you with green as well…not anymore…its just leaves leaves and leaves now…by the way, did u finish that short stories book u were supposed to the next time u visited crossword…?

  9. i never said .. old songs are dumm .. even i love tht song .." pal pal dil …" instaed i like old hindi songa aslo !! .. but i was talkin about hindi songs such as .. the remixes etc ..!! okay !??

  10. hmmm thts the way the cookie crumbles i guess……neway i wasnt too down after tht all i said was i ll show them, u think m gonna recruit frm indian bschools no way.m a vindictive dreamer

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