25 thoughts on “Guest Map

  1. hey there, i am only interning in Singapore, else study in Pune. Photography is ceratinly an option you must consider seriously… your good at it..Cheers 🙂

  2. dude u are hilarious, and lets not mention anything about the cricket okay!! lolim 18 f in south africadrop by my site….if u ever on line i wud like to chat wit u, u sound entertaining!! lol

  3. hiya!Just read your Blog first time….its seems u have great thoughts…Itz great to read ur writtings…great sense of photograpy…!Keep Blogging…I will put ur link in mine blog too..!cheers~himanshu~

  4. firstly when i saw "help me locate you, i dint even gave a secnd thoght, as i like d the way you have presented. hence leaving my trace…..keep rocking…have fun….ha i will recommend in my blog too.

  5. hey Priya ..chill .. and never mind the blog .. and the comment ..and ah!! guess u didnt get what i wrote .. i said .. i agree with ur HOD .. on certain aspects .. :)have funarun

  6. why not so Priya?? .. ha ha .. and hmm!! those certain aspects .. well .. it might take some time before i tell them to you … because i just dont know how ur gonna react to all that … and ah! in the first place .. i am not sure of those judgements … one blog .. err .. one deleted blog is hard to judge anything, the person, the situation … everything .. isnt it?? :)arunshush: Sups is hep, but Priya sounds cute .. 🙂 cya

  7. and ah! Priya … ooops …lolhmm!! yes .. the best brains are at times have the worst thoughts ..never mind .. heard that there is a breaking news .. today at 7.30pm(ist), in bangalore, a scientist(professor) from delhi IIT, got killed by terrorists at IIS, where a seminar was being conducted…6 others were injured.. there is a state alert in bangalore and full security is being given in hyderabad also….grr …

  8. and ah! just read the comment on my \’scrap book\’ ..and i just understand .. why not \’physics and painting\’ and \’cooking and robotics\’ …. ????

  9. and ah! by the way .. how dare u delete my scraps .. PRIYA ??? .. lol .. haha … :Phmm!! a Haircut .. yes .. definitely .. 2 years later .. i just wanna have a \’kudumi\’ by dec 2006 :Dand ah!! looks like we are chatting thro our blogs .. but thats not silly .. 🙂

  10. hmm!! thanks for the comment on monochrome .. thats from my \’new sony erricson k750i\’ .. actually my \’new sony erricson k750i\’ has a new mega pixal camera .. and my \’new sony erricson k750i\’ has a lot of features similar to that of a digital camera .. lol .. and more .. and ah!! but those pic can never be compared to your ones .. u have a good set of pics .. actually i am looking out for some abstract subjects .. u have an suggestions and advice .. pls pour them ok ..:)anyway … will start reading .. u too start reading ur subjects .. abt camera tech and stuff ..tcarunsshhh: by the way .. did i forget to mention about my \’new sony erricson k750i\’…lol .. just kidding .. cya

  11. ah! .. didnt feel like writing this in the usual blog ..first about those pics ..love, marriage and kids .. well thats my \’view\’ about them .. first love .. its very coloful and bright .. but the problem is .. you got to keep you \’eye\’ open all the time … loland marriage .. its a maze .. a matrix .. and the one in the pic is a mind teaser .. it has lots of entangled strings .. and the idea is to de-entangle them .. and marriage is something like that .. a \’knot\’ .. properly pulled will bring happiness .. else .. just more sorrow..and finally.. Kids .. they are the \’keys\’ to happiness .. and well .. in my view .. just 2 is enough ..lol … :)and hm!! yes .. i am just taking your advice and reading through my books for a change .. but anyway .. u still scrap back when u find time ..cyaarun psst: and yes .. your pics too look good .. especially the ones with the swans .. nature is definitely the most beautiful \’girl\’ i have ever seen .. 😛

  12. hmm!! haha .. u remind me of my college days in india .. that was really funny before the exam .. all through the study hols i just sit around eatng and watching movies and on the last day .. err half a day .. i run and read through the stuff xeroxed ..lol …same pinch 😀

  13. Hey!! If you could kindly let me know your good name, it would be highly appreciated and would be easy for me too to address you properly. 🙂 Thanks
    I am Ipshita. I visited your space for the first time. I like the look of your space. Be glad for you are a new friend of mine on MSN space! 🙂
    I will be navigating thru your space again to check out all the websites in "feast your eyes" section. And lots more. lol
    Keep living life at its edge, that is where the fun is!

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