utter crap.

Not that i’m into poetry (my only good poems are the one’s i create for indiaviduals i know personally and they are generally the funny-sweet types which make them feel special on their birthdays) But what the heck im bored right now…so here goes..

She was naive

Believed everything.

Accepting it all-has its downsides..

I murdered her.


She was never bothered,

About material things..

About the outward

All she cared about, was the inner soul.

But she was wrong, the outer matters..

She realised the hard way..

I changed her.


She was awkward,

She still is..

I hid her


She’s growing up..

She doesn’t want to

I forced her


She never cried..

Now she does..

The tears don’t stop,

They flow, in fear, frustration and confusion.

I allowed them.


She has scars..

But she covers them.

She has problems,

She’ll solve them..

You might be needed, but she won’t tell you..

She just might care, but you may not know.

Coz thats just something she can’t stop doing.


She can be conscious or confident,

She can be wicked or nice

She’s strong yet vulnerable..

She’ll manage…she’ll flourish.. she’ll learn with time.

Paving her way through the twisted roads of mysterious life.



18 thoughts on “utter crap.

  1. Awesome pictures…i must have looked at each of them a dozen times already…also like the way ur page is done up. Very captivating.Cheers 🙂

  2. U r quite a meanie for being so nasty to her sups..!tsk-tsk…what zamana…women doin dis to women..!But somethin tells me shes inside u only…!:)))Nicely put!Luv…K

  3. conscious not concious…..the poems nice but reminds me of rapunzel for some reason…with the witch making her miserable…y are u writing such poems? are u ok? neways..yellow is such a bright colour….makes u feel nice n cheerful…it was a compliment ya, whatever….what about FPS?????????????????????

  4. Uhh,seems like I\’m the only 1 who\’s got the meanin so far!..yayy!I guess a li\’l creativity is sneaking up on me too!:)(Heckk!I\’ve begun to understand dis stuff!!)

  5. who is she ???? i woul like to meet her ! .. haah !.. u dnt write bad !! or u copied it from smwhere !?? i didnt know tht my blogs have such a nice influence on u ! hahah ! :-)!

  6. you ?? .. no not you .. no .. you .. no not you .. no .. you .. no not you .. no, you .. no, not you .. no , you .. no . not you … anyways .. i leave upto u to tell !.. tell me soon .. so tht i can understand the \’deep poem bttr !

  7. oh !! one of these inncocent one exists within me too… sigh… thing is it takes all the pain and torturing without complaining !!you know the opressor usually doesnt stop opressing till the opressed revolts…but seriously the you inside you is always soo naive, so uncritical, unsuspecting, gullible… that was one good peice of writing…. you are good at it !!Actually it was one of those which belong to English course book and your teacher spend years explaining the real hidden meanings of it !!

  8. you know…I have always had a very "unstylish style" … coz all those "decked up girls look" feel too much for me!but at times to make people and myself realize that I can also be all glamor at times… I "dress up" to "kill "… ok now that was modesty !!you have green walls too… damn! i thought only i had the "cool green" !! damn damn !!and no I wasnt frustrated…at all !!bye for now !!

  9. naah m not pissed yeah, jus tht ppl outta let their names out, atleast acknowledge ur thought or question, wish i had a secret admirer sigh!!!!!!!!!!but then again how do i know you if u wanna keep hiding, sometime or other u outta come out dahmn. lol, aah no one seems to beleive the questions asked to me, guess bitter experience shall be the guide and proof, neway i have some even sillier questions lol.take care, now ill read ur poem lol, i read the 1st para exactly kill them damn stupid ppl, they beleive anything.;-)

  10. its funni how every story leads back to heart ache,having to live the ideal life,regardless of what is really going on around you… "suck it up, move on… go to sleep wake up its a new day.. tra la la la"i hate faking itbut i hate complainingblehits better to pretend (that way i wont age from frowning…)

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