I’m excited about…
Palace on Wheels starting similar trains in Rajasthan..cheaper in cost..to attract Indian tourists (finally!)
hARRY pOTTER and the Goblet of Fire (i so wanna watch it!!)
Winters…not the cold chilly-freezing ones..but the nice,pleasant and cheerful ones.
the month of december…many friends coming back to town! 🙂 should be like the good old days..
I’m keen to:
Learn photography
Strangle my head of department
Go for a nice spa treatment
*shed a few kilos* (thats always welcome..lol)
Go to the church, this christmas..
I could go on and on..share your thoughts too people!

17 thoughts on “x

  1. m excited about ******* will tell afterwards .. maybe nt here .. bt at seconf posiotin comes ,,, my boars … 3. college .. 4. new frnds .. 5. new girl frnds .. 6 . gng bak home right now! hahah ! byee!!

  2. Lol :)I agree wid all of d things ur excited abt except that when it gets cold up here…ir FREEZES!Umm…Lol for wanting to kill ur h.o.d….but kinda do that in the end cuz then u\’ll land up in jail and wont be able to do anything else!U shud learn photograhy..Ur very good at it..! And I think ur weight is fine…And Spa treatments r always welcome no?!?*winks*Good read…will be back to share my interest!Take Care!Ciao!

  3. losing a few kilos (hmmm actually much much more than a few) is something that i am keen on too… SPA\’s are welcome anytime, love them…Photography you must take up for sure :-)Cheers 🙂

  4. :)I\’m excited abt enjoying the winters of kolkata.. and meeting a friend frm IIT KGP :DEven I\’m keen to learn photography :-p and I love the pics u\’ve tkn.. so happy photography! :)ciao!

  5. wish it was easy…and now it starts it effect.. am feeling odd for writing that… don wanna delete but don be surprised if i delete the entry…pch..somethins never change…

  6. umm…. now that i read your list… mine will be "inspired" … i await the snow ! i await the christmas of new york ! i look forward to my vacations ! i am not super excited but still anticipated about the new home and roomate i will start seaching for !! I am keen to do thousand and one new things… skiing this winters! watching \’walk the line\’ !haha… just telling all this made me even more excited about them all…. yuhoo!!!

  7. Such are the tragic stuff lives are made of!! I posted a full fledged comment here and hey lost it!!Damn!Anyways Sup really liked ur compilation.I love Rajasthan. wud love to learn photography and churches are mesmerising; hv been to few though yet to keep up my promise of visiting one on Christmas..and yum I love winter chill and every other thing that winters bring in their wake except ,of course, colds and coughs.hehe!so dear one go out & fulfill ur dreams except one…spare ur H.O.D….plz…leave the poor guy to his own tools..we dont wanna lose u..Dramatic one! *ahem*icy

  8. u\’ve written other similar entries..? – were u asking? no.. where slim chance of her reading this but…. dunno yaar… the mind works/behaves in strange ways….

  9. how r u …so r u still angry i about that \’kid\’ thing… ??well didnt really mean to hurt…just said that…….and dost y d u think that frustration is ur fren…. so does that mean u r always frsuty or ppl think u r frusty…..i do get frusty but only when someone question me abt my salary …. lol… yes thats a gud idea….to talk abt it….u really think that wud work ??? if yes then how…. plz comeup with some action plan yaar…i know them all why they all went out…. so thats the reaso i write that shit… thogh i dont completely diagree on that but stilll….anyhow…. life aint easy….

  10. supriya! learn photography, get the spa pleasure, u wont need to strangle ur hod. 😀 u have a cool space. i will keep visiting! take care!

  11. I m excited that another year is coming up soon so we can leave all our mistakes in this one and start with a clean slate. Already made new year plans Supriya?Have a great week ahead!Vijay

  12. hmmm sum1s jokin huh, dint think tht maybe lol, but wats a gud joke if i dunno who did it lol……neway wat I am excited about:1) awaitin response to the proposal i gave to this girl.2) going back to my uni (ok i wont say cal sux lol) 3) friends bachelor party soon4) the new F1 season in march5) the match at eden.there are loads m excited about and theres tooo lil space.

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