The Great Indian Wedding.

Yesterday, i went for a wedding reception.

I had no clue about the bride and groom. Nor did i have the patience of understanding how i’m related to them.

Not that anybody cares- the guy is working in the US of A, had married his co-worker..or something like that.

Now, its quite a pain to dress up in heavy Indian clothes and go for some relatives random wedding, whom you’re not even bothered about. So why go Right?

Wrong- go for the get starters to dessert-lots of variety, nicely prepared.. and all you have to do is answer a few questions when ur first introduced, and touch a few random uncles/aunties feet! (oh and smile a bit too..doesnt take much effort.)

Well such is our Great Indian Wedding system- sure makes me wonder at times..just what exactly is happening??!!

Firstly the bride and the groom are the last people who enjoy their own wedding (poor things are occupied in all the rituals, among the oldies or have to bend down and touch every alternate person’s feet-people who they might not even see fot the rest of their life)

They invite Everybody!! yeah people who are probably not even bothered about the bride and groom (yah like me- i admit i just went to eat the yummy spread of food)

Why do they invite the whole world? Is it the word formality that comes in here..or this is the only occassion when they remember human relations..good reason-these weddings are to invite everyone once and for

Some people just love showing off- celebrity invitations/ clothes that are horribly expensive/ over the top the name of designer weddings.. (Now here i won’t complain about the 100 food items coz hey good food is always welcome..after all you’re feeding half your community-if not anything they’ll enjoy the food remember i wouldn’t even have gone for the wedding had it not been the food..!)

Still fail to understand why the girl’s side has to be the one suffering?! ( When is that going to change??!!)

One can say – have the money-flaunt it. I’d say- have a wedding, sure spend well…donate the rest..there are few needy ones around too.

Quite sure that im going to be sick of wedding food in the next 3 weeks. So im gonna enjoy it while it lasts πŸ˜‰ thank u all you extended relatives or "i don’t know how we are related" uncles/aunties….for ensuring that i get to skip boring dinners at home..!! Please don’t mind if you’re not invited for my wedding. hahaha


19 thoughts on “The Great Indian Wedding.

  1. lol m always game for a good laugh even if its my expense but only wid frns, not complete strangers, i mean if even sumone i kno does it i don mind, but m not sure i quite know this person lol, tho i did doubt sumone but its not her, i checked.well this entry gave me a gr8 idea of urs, m gonna talk about how i plan to have MY wedding lol, do read it…

  2. lolz…yes i agree, indian wedding\’s are too huge to comprehend what\’s really going on and who is who, also u meet so many relatives… i always have a problem remembering thier names and sometime match the wrong names to the correct faces. πŸ˜€ … but its also lovely getting to see so many beautiful people … indian girl in a traditional dress…. ;), nothing can beat the vibrancy of the occasion. btw…. i agree with the way we are still orthodox on the concept of girls side and boys side …. nice and funny description and thoughts… i loved it! πŸ˜€

  3. Hi Supriya,Food and the company of new and interesting people make weddings a real good time to be single. I guess the reason we invite nearly everyone we know is that at least once in our lifetime we have to provide a meal to people we know. Hope you have a nice time!Vijay

  4. u a maroo too huh, okay lol, we are jaat bhais then lol, hey do invite me to ur wedding lol, three similarities now lolwell co xaverians, n co maroos ( wat didcha wear lemme guess either a very heavy salwaar or a saari, since it was a distant relatives weddin i don think u wore watsitcalled tht women wear…. damn lost the word) neway tc njoy the food, its get fat time in cal for me too, but i jog to shed those xtra pounds frm the food, n the spread is sooooooo good tht u HAVE to eat it.

  5. food…. yumm….. shadi ka panner, chowmein, aloo tikki, gajar halwa… oh! and you have to be smart to beat the crowd near the icecream guy !!ok my mouth is watering now…ya i kno about the attending marriages of people who you have barely seen.. actually never seen in life !!but well… at times you have to do that … and when you get free food then I wont complain much *slurpp*I remember i used to have not even one suit at one point in time (not that i have many even now) … i used to attend marriges in my cargos and t-shirts !! (atleast used to stand out of those highly embellished, sequined… umm.. watever else there is )….oh! also i did a presentation on indian marriges in my speech class… ppl were like wow !! this is grand n colorful…!!

  6. "Why do they invite the whole world?" -exactly what i was thinking in the midst of a packed wedding month.. thank god I had exams most of the time πŸ™‚ well atleast exams have found some use!!! anyways forget abt the inviting thing therz this "u-din-come-so-i-wont-come" attitude that runs plenty here. dads n moms not attending "X\’s" weddings cos the X didn\’t turn up for their sons/daughter marriage!!!! whoa!!! this is something incomprehensible to me!!! (as such there are a lot of other things also) anyways the last time i went to a wedding reception, of all the chinese north-indian and south-indian dishes i had only two naans n surry! not even the dessert!! talk abt wasting food πŸ˜‰

  7. I guess the tradition is to make the newly wed couple socially acceptable. Everyone is invited to be witness to the fact that these two persons as well as the two families have tied the knot.I fully agree that the brides family should be spared. I wanted it to be a joint event, and even declared not to take a single gift. But alas, could only manage not taking nething expensive and all that usually accompany the hindu wedding.BTW, I read that u r a maroo, so I asume it might not be a bengali wedding we are talking about. Belive me there is no food like in Benagli wedding. Dying to go for one too…. neone wedding soon, please invite!!!

  8. I hv never understood this social scene behind weddings…hate dolling uo and going out!! Half the ppl there are least bothered and even hv never ever seen the groom and bride :yes, they come for a break from their own monotonous dinner menus back home…So honey u r not the only one of the kind..somewhere we all go for the same reason..haha!so much so for our tummys!!Hey sweetheart thanx for putting me up here in ur list.I m honoured..But u got there first..since 3-4 days I hv been thinking of adding u and Kriti but lazy fingers and a harassing PC..keep enjoying the lavish meals till the season lasts!!Icy: anything but icy( u defined me true!)

  9. LMAO…!That was a very funny description of our indian weddings…and true the bride and grrom are the last ones to enjoy the show!!! lolBut dressing up is quite a pain man..! I dont think I\’ll ever wanna get married…! :PBut then again I might land up at these wedings and find myself a suitor!

  10. Am from lot of places…Banaras, Faizabad, Cal, Delhi and now Blore. :DAm a bong, am not into advertising, just Marketing; but watching adverts is one my fav passtime. And present coke ad is more than Amir actually, its the over-reaching concept. They have roped in others like Rajyavardhan and Mona singh too…

  11. guess wat… have a reception to attend tomm… all decked up one.. me twiddling my thumbs wondering wat to do.. can\’t escape.. .. well one gud news my cousins are gonna tag along!!! Aha now tats a companY!!!

  12. Yeah Supriya,If the marriage is not of your family then it is kinda more relaxed and a nice time to check people out that you may not be able to focus on when it is a wedding in your own family :)Vijay

  13. hehehe funny how we land up for wedding of ppl whom we don’t know…I remember once my friend said…Marriage is place where every one is doing something for because of others. Bride is getting married because groom wants to, groom is getting married because father wants to… father is there for sons ….. U know what i saying…No one for themselves man that is just so crazy..

  14. Nice observations! My statistics confirm that about 87.67% of the guests at a wedding are there merely because of the food. (the remaining 12.23% maybe diabetic!)I do not think that anyone could get bugged of wedding food in a short time of 3 weeks, not even you! It might take a whole lot of a longer time!You got a nice space here, check out mine when you get a chance.PS: Chetan Bhagat shut down his blog a while back.

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