Cooking blogs.

Wonder if anyone can manage to follow all this while dealing with the impossible ones!

Nothing much to say tonight…except maybe i should reduce my blogging hours-its just becoming too addictive..i mean i have 3-4 unread books lying around (AND this NEVER happens with me)..
naah thats not the only reason…
Life’s all tied up as usual..and we’re all a part of this donkey race- something tells me i need to buck up or else i’ll end up wasting a lot of time (not that it matters Now..but i might regret it later)
Blogging’ is fun..its relaxing, enjoyable, entertaining, so interactive..something new Everyday..every moment..such at relief at times…its like a another Life all together…
(naah am not leaving the blog world..not my parting speech..just Thinking aloud maybe haha)
Also-lesson for fellow irregular cooks- if you see the colour of the food changing to something abnormal- switch off the gassss!! lol and get people to rescue-make them taste the mess and ask them to correct it..
Always cook under supervision- but the problem is-then the supervisor takes over n u feel that u learn nothing. But then..its better than having abnormal coloured food. Though all’s well that ends well..managed to make something decent out of the mess..bahh! Cooking is trullyy Not easy!

20 thoughts on “Cooking blogs.

  1. hey !! I soo know… somehow blogging and also chatting is slowly crawling n creeping n taking over my sweet time spent reading books, painting, day dreaming, sleeping and other random stuff !! lolz… so somebody been trying hands at cooking … I know how it is to work under supervision.. they just tell you to cut the veggies and other stuff and then you are not even given the credit for doing anything(that is what my cooking consists of) …and oh oh oh… I was so thinking that like many people who type their parting speeches regarding blogging… yours was gonna come… gee… thank lord !!!!! (*ok… who will comment on my blog else*) haha!!chill out !!bye

  2. you just said it, this world has its own charm and it\’s wonderful. You can be what you want, write what you want and it\’s such a stress buster more than anything else… :-)Cheers 🙂

  3. you sure are right! blogging is very addictive,I am completely consumed by it these days and yes, I m having so many books which I have to read..we sail in same boat. But we wont allow you to call quits!!Cheersicy

  4. Ya..U MAY reduce ur blogging hrs…But u do know that u\’ll be exiled forever if u evn remotely think of quitting..!Y r we talking abt cooks here? What\’s cooking..Whatever it is…send me a plate..ok…warna…!!!Sups trust me…all the hard core bloggers are sort of living in parallel worlds..! 😛 And its amazing!!!Have u opened cooking classes cause ur last para makes sense !!Anyhu sups.U sure r cooking up a storm..!Take Care!Ciao!

  5. I hope your aplhabet soup doesnt contain the keys from the keyboard…Neway, I enjoy both, blogging and cooking (andf hogging too!!!). I guess being alone in the house while growing up helped, and of course got help from some great cooks in my mother and grand mothers…neway, nothing tastes good if u dont love them to do… thats true for both cooking and blogging… so I hope u enjoy both and we enjoy the results !!

  6. Hi Supriya,What got cooked out here? Hope you are not trying a new diet by destroying your cooking and having nothing to eat lol :)Blog on!Vijay

  7. when u have never cooked in ur life .. dont talk about cooking … obviusly u shuld reduce ur blogging time … u useless .. study and study .. i bet u havnt learnt those xeroxes till now .. USELESS!! .. kab padna start karoge !! .. obviously blogging will be fun for u .. as u get a bahan nt to study .. why not why not ..!! haha !! anywasy .. m perfetc as b4 .. !! dnt worry !! thnx a lot .. :-)! and u also dnt take tension .. and concentrate on bth of the thngs .. have fun !

  8. hi supriya…how r u …it kinda true… even i am gettin addicted to this blogs … i am sending a lot of time here…but i am kinda enjoyin doin that so i think though i can cut down some time i spend here however wont do it too much…coz i kinda like it …i was just thinkin that what have i done to myself… ohk… lemme put this on my my blog…do visit mine again ….thanks…saurabh…..

  9. hi,liked fotos on God\’s village.Abt blogging.. thou m new here.. but i felt , its addictive…perhaps we shall learn to use it wid balance.. so tht other imp works may not suffer..Keep blogging…dont lets deprive of ur creativity.:)

  10. hey i thot we wernt strangers yeah, i mean co xaverians n co maroos is enuf rite????neway i like irritatin u, lol u play it well + ure always game for a gud prank (ok mines not all tht good, but m trying)

  11. hey .. i got a few books unread too and i know exactly how that must pain you!! i also quite honestly enjoy cooking! and believe me in the longterm kinda scenario it\’s better to have abnormal colored food! :Dand i\’m back for good … forgive the disappearing act hibernating insincts took over! Peace …

  12. Arree yaar !! Even i am a great cook. I can cook some world class and path breakingly delicious MAGGI. Of all kinds. Its my secret recipe you know.

  13. well my laundry bucket was lying just next to the place where i saw that creepy lizard… so i had no other option to wash all the clothes and to give that bl###y thing what she deserved…. well i feel guilt abt it now…. but ab to mar gayi woh …. lol … saali chipkali kahi ki … lol … anyways thnks dost…. for postin… just addin u on my page…do lemme know if u mind it..saurabh

  14. hey tell me one thing coz m kinda lost here, when exactly did i irritate YOU, i mean i pulled ur leg regd Mr Chetan Bhagat, bt i thot tht was like in a good spirit, whatever tht means. And I was referring to Deepika being the one I had irritated real bad wen she was on msn once, neway its all god now lol.N m sure all the people frm other bcom departments (let alone xavier\’s) will wanna be associated with u lol.See an early mornin compliment n ppl call me irritating 😦

  15. lolz…..yeah when the color turns to something not recognizable ..its time for damage control…i always burn my vegetables because I forget they are on the stove and get engrossed with something else. :Dtake care!

  16. lol, weirdos yeah i have encountered more than my share of that in xavier\’s college, was tooooo frustrating. and thanks to two guys who sat on either side of me my collection of "non-veg" jokes is enviable lol, imagine at 6 in the AM these guys (stinking cos they wear the same shit over n over again) cracking jokes, n i culdnt even laugh at their pathetic attempt, n they wld hold hands n shit, all i cld think of was FAGGOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!neway laters, match at eden today, hopefully india ll win heheheheheheheheheheheu goin????????? i am lol.

  17. Down with all princis who doesnt declare rainy days… :))And neone who enjoys splashing around in the puddles (whereever they are), must have had their share of childhood fun. There are so many funny memories of School and gud ol\’ Kolakata emersed in rain water… gud ol\’ days my friend…

  18. Hey..I\’m fnially done with my exams… & I wanted to thank you for that inviting link on \’How-To-Deal-With-Impossible-People\’.. Got back on my deserving sleep..Lol.. I dont need a guide to deal with impossible ppl.. I just behave as impossible as them till they quit it or till one person gets hurt bad.. :PI can\’t seem to notice how u find blogging so addictive.. I mean.. I\’m sure ur no \’Zofo\’..Lol.. Hermits can get lonely I heard.. Lol..Just pick up those books & shut out ur comp for a while..I\’ll be off now..Cheers…

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