India wins against Srilanka at Mohali
Greg Chappel does bhangra.
India lose against South Africa at Eden Gardens.
What will Greg dear do?
Welll one day prior to the game Mr. Chappel already does quite a bit of damage.
I got to know this through one of the tv channels i rarely watch (Zee news) who i believe should get an award for dramatisation..ohh they’re probably second to aaj tak maybe..(repeated views of certain footage, freezing them and showing them again n again..ohh and the way they describe-Cricket,Kolkata aur Kalah -something like that..heights) But what they pointed out was decent enough..
My city- is one of passion!! And so are the people here..
I’m sure everybody knows quite a lot about the Chappel-Sourav controversy. People here in cal idolise Sourav-he’s the king, the god for them. So since all this controversy..lead to Mr. captain being thrown out of the team (on the basis of no form and fitness-i got to know today- always avoided this entire controversy cause frankly i don’t care much about either parties)
All this mayhem obviously enraged the crowds here..afterall he is their king..and no one would like to see injustice being bestowed upon their idol..and well not only the crowds- even the celebs, few politicians came out actively supporting him- they actually demanded "no sourav-no match" today at Eden…even a popular radio station has been having this "support for sourav" campaign.
Their arguments- why all the blame on sourav? If his form is lacking why is he being thrown out, while others who are also out of form still manage to stay in the side..despite making less runs..why is he being picked again and again when even sachin has bad days, laxman,sehwag too were out of form-how come they were never thrown out??…Also..besides Sachin he is the only Indian batsman to cross 15,000 runs (that was what they showed on tv…i do not know bout the stats-do Not blame me if am wrong here) We’ve probably forgotten that he brought that killer spirit in the team, the passion…(ohh btw I loved all the recent India vs. Pakistan matches..)
So now back to the point..since the last few days- there have been people screaming "we want sourav".crowds gathered outside Eden today shouting slogans, burning Gregs effigies. So back to the zee news drama- Yesterday post practise Greg was welcomed outside with shouts of ‘sourav,sourav’ ..he is shown walking towards the bus, climbing up and from the window his hand comes out and Mr. Honourable Coach all the way from wherever flashes his middle finger to the crowd.
I mean, hello? You hate sourav, alright but this is not done..So zee news keeps showing this clip again and again and again.very dramatically..his finger encircled in red and all that….and asks for public opinion – who are Obviously enraged by this action of his.
The question here is- how can he take out this personal grudge against sourav on the crowd..? 
He’s a celeb..has some moral responsibilities…he should apologise atleast..
I am no big Sourav fan…but Now i absolutely detest Greg Chappel..the guy is unethical! They got him cause he’s experienced, professional and all that blah..and this is how he behaves! (the last time i heard bout some celebs finger flashing incident was that of britney spears-the dum blonde)
John Wright- we miss you!

22 thoughts on “Grrrrreg

  1. hi supriya …looks like u really know cricket very well ….cool yaar…hey d chk out my blog now….and do tell me the difference… in me … not the blog…i love msn spaces….. i m gettin addicted…saurabh

  2. hey i was goin thru with the "inspire" article posted by u here….wherez that mall … Forum … blore central … ?? plz do tell me….and which shop or part in the mall that was…saurabh

  3. Aboslutely right John Wright is what we need again… And calcutta and cricket, how can i ever forget Eden gadens and the crowd and the energy. have seen many a matches there as a kid and remember every moment so well…Cheers 🙂

  4. Hey Sup I beg to differ here. I hv always loved dada for his attitude and what he has done to the Indian cricket…But he stopped performing and a captain has to lead from the front..yes yes agreed everyone has bad days..but these days were running into years.. And Chappel was Saurav\’s choice as he wanted best for Indian cricket.Yes things went wrong btw them but then media spices up things for its own benefit ( I even wrote a blog on this- media-its sensibility & non-sensiblity)..Things maynot be so bad btw the two guys but media hypes every non-issue and flares up passions of public.Yes Dada is an icon in Bengal but dada has to perform. I for one would like to see his bat doing the talk..& See him strike form..As for Wright even he had his reservations abt Dada when he started behaving larger than life and stopped practising etc..anyways dada is back in team and hope he stays; afterall talented he surely is..& give Chappel a break..I m sure things \’ll be fine btw the guys and Indian cricket goes up & up..afterall its a national obsession.Now honey I aint gifted so generously..all my life I hv been searching for some hidden talents in me coz I sincerely feel God has been miser with me as he bestowed no creative gifts on me . All I can do is read, talk and yes I can heal ppl I think..Didnt know that I cud write until I came to spaces ..that too verses..blasphemy !But sweet persons like u \’ll make me go on & on..LoveNidhi

  5. and yes I write uncomplicated coz I m very uncomplicated as person..Let me confess to u…where is ur ear..secret it is..even I cant understand complicated writings..hehe..many a times they go above my head..hahaloveNidhi

  6. Huh? Why should celebreties have any more moral responsibilities than the rest of us. If we can get pissed of flip someone off why can\’t they?

  7. Everything said and done, celebrity or no celebrity, if you act against crowd, u r wrong. THen wheres the difference between Gregg and Sallu baba?I think its the politics that kills cricket, and we have ample doses of it in Indian cricket always; right from the days of Gavaskar till date. I thought it were pacified if not over under Saurav (and yes I adore Saurav, as Rahul once said, "In the offside, theres God ands then there is Saurav"). Most successful Captain, first series win outside subcontinent, first captain to piss off Ausies, second highest ODI run scorer after Sachin, the list can go on. And its not that he is totally out of form.Everyone hits a purple patch now and then. The Irony is the man who used to support his players during their off form is himself finding no support. This is real world – the guy who voiced his support as a return to all the support he got (Bhajji) gets muted by the authorities. Bah!!We definitely miss John !

  8. u know what i think nobody is ethical these days in cricket and that too in india … i dont know i always feel bad about it, that such incidents are spoiling the spirit of the game… anyways .. i dont watch much cricket .. 🙂 hopefully we win the next match!! 🙂

  9. hmm…just read about the whole issue in the telegraph today…chappells take on it was that he had hurt his middle finger while practicing and was probably nursing it while boarding the bus (yeah rite!!) – for someone who\’s reflexes are really quick when it comes to showing the middle finger, he is pretty bad at covering up…anyways…do correct the spelling of his name: not that i like him much, but still, i have this horrid habit of hating spelling ur well aware by now…sorry :-O

  10. when we say .. tht cricket is not a womans game .. we mean it ..!! still u trying to apply ur mind in it ?.. hey m in a hurry .. will read it again nicely .!! byee !!tc ! and u happy nah !??

  11. Honestly Sups…I seriously Hate sports and HAte as in H-A-T-E !!Thus I\’m gonna excuse myself from giving my opinions this time ..altho I\’m sure watever u\’ve written is well researched and very right ! ;)Love the new profile pic..! Tact is seriously for ppl who have no wit to b sarcastic…! Take Care!Ciao!

  12. I miss you too John :-pGuess wot.. even I have a few books lying arnd.. so need to finish all of thm before I leave fr kol 😀 got a lot of work to do ya.. m packed! no time fr blogging (i anywayz dont do tht much nw) and no time fr readin other\’s blogs as well!! :(cya sooon! i\’d be hibernating now 😀

  13. hey there !!well I used to watch EVERY match back home.. but havent been able to do now !!Have you actually read the Greg-Ganguly email ?? Well if that mail is to be belived then I somehow think whateva the coach dude is doing is right !! I agree that Sourav is the best captain India has ever had and was also for him … till the time I actually knew the whole deal !! He neither was being a good player individually or as a team …I am no pro as some others would say we girls have no brains to be commenting on cricket 😡 😡 … so I would leave it at that…What I would like to talk about instead is the way these News channels give news…. hahahah!! They try to sensationalize it and stuff which is just as effective as Aahat was a Horror !!hahaha…..!!

  14. hey John Wright we miss you (not me thanx) i mean y do we hate ppl who have the guts to take stands instead of sucking up to the top brass. watever happ at eden aint chappels fault. India lost cos of the players performance on field. i was there, n trust me i was like the crowds gone mad. plus the authorities there were upto no good. i mean y show ganguly scored 159 in a ranji match wen indias not doin to well on the field. it only incites the crowd. n we had a few hoodlums ppl having no idea abt cricket saying shit like sachin n dravid don have technique (jees i was like laughin my guyts out), chappel is the rite guy, his experimentation may be costly but itll pay off in the long run, wait n watch 😉

  15. hmmm i got my moneys worth (was free) but i would pay to watch graeme smiths innings again live lol.if theres a player who has NO technique its gangu and ppl well forget it…….mark my words ind shall thrash SA come tomorrow.ciao

  16. u had an ex crush ??????????????????????????????????!!!!!! hahahahah !!.. seems difficult to believe !! i used to thnk tht u dont indulge into all these thngs !!! hhahaha !! ( dont mind ) !! tc !

  17. cricket once was a religion for a billion people, now sadly it\’s become a business for a few who depend on the billion indians and more…………if ppl put their foot down and stoped encouraging cricket for a while……………the sports bureacracy would cease to exist

  18. too bad.. nothin much tat i wanna add but… he\’s been the best… i think his time\’s up… gottta go on his own.. though if he can get back to those days… it ll be a treat to watch, laxman was dropped ooooohhhh soooomanyyyyyy times…… y compare him with saurav??? i guess if sachin is in the same league may be he needs a boot too…but tat won\’t happen… for quite sometime.

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