My college ofcourse- the meeting ground where you can bump into Certain characters who should be given awards for their Oversmartness (or for the complete lack of it), Innocence (or for some Real wickedness) and Pure dumbness (they are just unbeatable) And the wonderful Lines that they can come up with..the excuses..the comments they can pass …and sometimes their actions and thinking- ok i wont describe this..better to describe them.
Without revealing too much. ladies and’s presenting- The Stars around me…(people from class if you stumble upon this..umm..wellll- i guess u already know how i feel about these stars so Do not act all shocked!! and if u did not know- whatever.)
Star#1- Deserves an Oscar award for achievements in two departments- One, in blindly mugging up. Secondly in nicely buttering up. Even though she knows everything (and even if she doesn’t whats the big deal- she’s written down Every damn word) her wails of "Sir, could you please explain this.."  i do not whether to laugh at her or to kick her.
She’ll brag (without knowing, half the things- its good fun to counter question her and take her trip hehe)
And the goody goody which she appears to be – she isn’t. Something i overheard long time back (her bf gives her a monthly sum for cab fare) made me say "Goood Lord!"
Star#2- Legally blonde, matching queen (im waiting for the day the bags,shoes,tees and scrunchy Do not match) , i appear dumb coz it works best-Its really surprising when her cover falls and sensible questions come out (coz thats when half the class is literally applauding- look She’s asking questions- that too which make Cheats very well or so i discovered, manages to write her own name wrongly. She recently got her home cordless phone to college..(just about what is wrong with people!!)
Star#3 Small town boy in Big city-call me innocent,naive,desperate,slightly gay tendencies! Loved crooning jaadu hai nasha hai and has now switched to english songs. He is a star coz he went and proposed to this girl, in the first week of college, in all filmy style- the girl was obviously much smarter than  him,  she was on the verge of slapping him..but our boy out here still smiles at the memory,and you have to give it to him for his guts! Though now when you ask him he says- I hate Sometimes they bully him, but most of the times they laugh at his innocence.
Ok i better stop now.

30 thoughts on “star..uhmm.

  1. lol …*smilin* … "jadu hai nasha hai" … lol …cant stop laughin … what hapen to him at the end…anyhow… so u really have anice and "lively" and "vichitra" college…. but u know what… i can guarantee u after just 3 -4 years…u gonna miss all this… but man…jadu hai nasha hai ?? … lol … poor guy …u know i\’ve got slapped once too… its a secret…. not any more … i m writing it on "the most viewed" blog…write in detail on my blog abt the slap i had…. lol it was funny…saurabh

  2. We all have characters around us dont we? Sometimes i wished for someone just normal in my class :PI wish one of my frnd writes a blog on a similar topic – may be i get to know what they would have thought of me in my college days. Do i sound 50? It was just a yr and half back 😉

  3. Innocent proposals? Maybe a new movie coming up soon 🙂 What else going on Supriya? Exams n then the vacations? Here in blr, the winter chill is there but still it\’s hot in the day…hope the sun cools down a bit too.Have fun!Vijay

  4. hmmmm hey i am scared yeah, don hit me pls shit wat do i do damn *bitin nails* jees supriya yaar main dar gaya lol, pata nahi which guys uve given the treatment to and wat they looked like, ive straightened out a few "guy hitters" in my time so no probs doin it one more time.neway i hope u realise i was kidding, but it WAS my intention to piss you off, n i did a good job sorry if i offended u in sum way.coming to this post, aah there is no harm if the girls bf gives her money foe the fare, somebody gives U money too right (okay maybe not ur bf)n the guy lol, i seen em all u know they could propose to a guy if he was in a girls clothes lol, so the arts dept aint all tht sassy either huh n we bcom guys have been bearing it for years now d a h m n.neway yet once again i apologise, but if u wanna continue the feud i aint takin a back step.

  5. the mosssstttt I could picturize was the Star#1… damn I would love to pick the kick choice…!! hah or on second thots thank god these characters exists… 1. you can talk/bitch abt them when there is ntg else to talk about.2. you can take their trip and make a oderwise boring day a fun have something to blog about… me struggling with that !star#2 are such fun… They at times come with those heels, queeky voices, dumb wits, lotsa cheap guys gaga over them, giggles, super tight pink shirts announcing in bold words I am Dumb (they have wierd messages on then man !! ), nails which are in purrfect shape(damn neva had those myself)… ahh we get the picture…..uuh uuh… btw… so does this list has part#2 or wat… I dont think there werent more nutcases !!

  6. hmmm…really funny…today this smart guy in my tuition gave out the answer to a 2 n a half page long sum even before the teacher had started solving the sum…his answer was obviously wrong…he probably wanted to show off…oh i know so much!!…whatever…the next time he does that, im gonna shout out…"very good champ…now dont come for tuitions from tomorrow!"

  7. Sups,Which college r u in, if its Ok to tell. I was in Bhwanipore College, which we lovingly use to call BES(t) College, And yes there were characters and characters. And our group too had a whole bunch of crazy characters, including me. Even the profs used to look suspiciosuly at us (that too when we went their after finishing college). Those days were one of the most treasured ones and if I start I guess, it will be a whole book filled with those stories.Can visualize the characters u mentioned, and yes there were more… much much more… u bought the memories rushing back.

  8. HILARIOUS….!!!!If only I had such people arnd me…I wudn\’t need TV,Radio,cellphone,Internet….NOTHIN…!!!Sups ur lucky man…so many ppl to make fun of…lol…!People bashing is sumthin I thoroughly enjoy !But if d dame\’s bf gives her cab fare…its okay man…all the more better for us women ;)(I\’m a feminist!)But t\’wuz damn funny…and a fun read…i must try….Ur stil stuck at Happy huh? If u remember…U\’ve already wished me once 😛 *hahahaahha*Victory is mine!Take CareCiao!

  9. hey that was nicely put..but we need such characters around us to make life easy. Made me remember my days..Life is so beautiful when you are receiving education. So sweetie come knocking at this psychologist\’s door whenever you need some talking..( hope u never need that)You know I have alws admired Bengalis , My parents spent lotta time there esp. in Agartala but with Pa\’s demise when I was just 1 yr old we came back to our state. Nice to know u – one from Kol..u r special.cheersicy

  10. I\’m not sure whether im gonna miss da pamperings – sometimes i like to be myself doing my things. Yes, its initial reaction to an overdose of pampering ;)Exactly – im still their little master and kid. I tried acting my age but they want me to throw up tantrums and act like a stupid teenager i was some yrs ago. I did and they were overjoyed 😛 lol…people aye? 🙂

  11. i saw this dude at IIMA imagine. tv is on in the students mess……….hrithik roshan song playing and the dude starts singing………….girlfriend sitting next t him gets up and walks away……….then dude starst swaying and all that mhhahahaha!

  12. wat i meant was ARE YOU EARNING ??????u get money frm sumwer too rite?????? not tht u work for it, so wats the diff if ur bf pays or dad or bro or uncle, u get it as allowance or gift.or whether ur bf pays ur fares or ur dads given ya a car huh??????U aint self dependent either so don point tht finger at a poor lil girl lol, boy ure MEAN. if u were tired of the previous debate this uns gonna kill ya lolzzzzzzzzI ABHOR FREE LOADERS hehehehehehehehehehehe n u deserve a mention to there for making me happy lol, its solid entertainment to keep correcting u all the time. ciao PS don mind.

  13. Well Bhaggu also has a Science section, and we used to have good results during our time, and it was the only college at that time which use to offer electronics and comp as subjects in grad courses at that time. But yes we too used to freak…Wife? no… its someone who was coming but was not allowed to come… "She got knocked from the floorIt was question of importance for some"

  14. That was really good…made me think about some very interesting "characters" that I know..but for me it\’s the office and not college! Isn\’t it surprising, the kind of people we meet and have to tolerate!!!

  15. me hyper jees why did u ever think dat m kool as a cucumber lol, its u who needs to chill out, ok ure point taken abt the thing if she changes bf…… i dint pay my gf money cos i am broke most of the times, i walk my dates around parks unless my dad fills the car up then i go fer a drive or i can wiggle sum money of mum or frns, hahahahahaahahaha, naah i earn so i treat my dates at the best of places but don pay her……..n see its a typical guy thing to feel insecure abt his girl being friendly with other guys been there done tht but never asked my gf to not talk, jus keep her in check lol…call vry 15 mins huh lol, wld leave the gurl fer sure then……n don give her ur phone period tell her u got a prepaid n ure low on credits period, ask her to go to the phone booth near delights.aah i miss tht place now, dahmn, delights and classic store (fag shop near CCD) lolzzzz

  16. tsk… tsk…U want me to reveal all my secrets? Do i really sound old? I thought myself to be a kid yaar. However I guess its really been ages… I guess it might be even before you entered school… lets see if u take this as a joke or truth 😉

  17. yeah im quite youngg..hmm 14…aahhh neways yeah like although i didnt read the alchemist mi dads officecalendar has a few quotes(like 13) which are very kool 2 sound..u noe waat i mean..neways yeah dude u hav 2 read angels n demons its way better than da vinci code..and theres the punch line DAN BROWN ROKS! ciao im jus talking so that i hav 2 study less i hav exams frm monday ciao

  18. Oooh!! Ur a maru!!.. I\’m gonna avoid this space forever!!Lol.. C\’mon! I neva said I detest all maru\’s.. Only those who annoy me.. or just irritate me with their attitude or "designer clothes".. Lol.. So ur in my good books.. FOR NOW!!.. Lol& I see u\’ve made a modification to my description.. C\’mon! I don\’t even *snigger that much.. I wish I were a prick.. It sounds more comforting.. Lol& as for ur entry up there.. Well.. As mine is a strictly only guys college.. There are three kinds of ppl..#1 The desperate woman chasers..#2 The Marwadis#3 The cool guys who rarely attend coll but maintain a good image with good scores..No score for guessing which category I fall into.. OK!! WRONG GUESS! I fall under #3.. Lol..*Snigger (Its addictive.. Maybe u shudn\’t change that description)Ciao.. & TC..

  19. wateva gave ya the impression of me being hyper huh, i don understand, pls elaborate, i think u got worked up lolzzzzzzzzzneway u find the topic now ive been doing tht for last 3 times….ok we can discuss why I am better than YOU lol game??????DC.

  20. ahoy, yeah i agree i start the arguement (mea culpa mea culpa) but only after uve said smthn absurd (seems or interpreted by me, u mite have solved the nuclear fusion theory but it mite seem absurd to me) neway u can chose a topic this time, m all for women equality so its ure turn hence lol, btw am i irritating u ???????? hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

  21. Whoo…may be we shud switch places 😉 Your number will come once you stay away from your family. Even your sibllings will be so nice and kind to ya. Thats the weirdest of all things!! And they expect you to be nice to them too. Nay!! I didnt. I was same nasty self 😉

  22. Human minds…. tsk tsk. Ok… tell me how old do I seem? Do I REALLY seem THAT old??Well if ur guess is even 5 years near my age i will tell ya!

  23. tx for not sayin nuthing there……i dint wanna argue there, wait a min u did say smthng by saying u wont say anything man ure MEAN …..lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  24. so ure mean and ure inconsiderate wassa u soooooo proud of???????huh?????don act so smug and wipe that grin of ur face !!!!!!!!!!!!!depression for me lasts for 2 minutes, then i get pissed for 4 hrs, n i cool off then, neway think of smthn fast, n finally prince su rings a bell (its su right not prince su)hes like this dude distributing i love u\’s and wanna friends shit on the net dahmn.

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