I am deprived of it,during the daytime..
At night im staring at the same thing you are currently staring at..
4:00 a.m.- 8:00 a.m : I probably get the best of it.
At 8.15 a.m- its time for the Human alarm to start buzzing (my mom)
At 8.20 my half shut eyes try searching for the wall clock…almost in vain.
At 8.30 i remember,which side of the bed i am on (if its the right, then we have a table clock as well- damn and i had to stretch my eyes as far as the wall- so what if that is on the right as well!)
By 8.40- all hell breaks loose..Dad, Mom in the room, or grandma from the kitchen start the entire loud lecture routine. (depends, either one of them starts it or the other does it later Or they all scream one after the other, sometimes my grandpa decides to join the party as well..)
You don’t have to be a genius to guess what im talking about- Sleep! Somehow i seem to be deprived of it these days (or i am depriving myself)
6 days of college, most of the classes starting from 9.45 onwards seem to have become a pain (school in this case..seems far away i don’t know how i woke up by 7.30 am!!)
My mom had smart ideas to wake me up, she always tries something different..innovative i must say. For me, as they say at home- ‘even if elephants are made to walk over her- she won’t wake up.’
 When my brother was a baby (technically he should still be called baby, but height, change in voice and maturity have taken over), mom used to leave him early in the morning between my sis and me, on our bed..he would pull the pillows, make noise…all those baby sounds or as he grew up while he learnt how to speak, she would teach him how to wake us up..and he would copy her words. My poor sister always got out of bed, i wouldn’t budge..and then the final action, pick lil bro up, make him sit on my back -while am still sleeping (basically he would just jump on me, pretending that im his pet horse)
Mom and Dad did this, when they knew we were half asleep but too lazy to get out of bed. They would enter the room and start gossiping about Us- commenting on everything right from our books,clothes,schedule,our Friends, our facial expressions, any random gossip..(my dad particularly targets my nose)
Apart from that- the water throwing routine and screaming in the ear routine has been done.Also my brother played his computer games in the morning- with loud sounds of bullets and bikes, wwe wrestlers and the like – enough for me to scream in my sleep.
Its funny, i don’t feel sleepy when i should be sleeping and all my horrible yawns seem to occur when i should be focusing. Like now, i should go off to sleep, i want to go off to sleep too- but I just don’t feel like it.
I wish i could follow atleast some of the health tips that my dad loves passing on..Health is wealth being his fav dialogue. (not only it would make him happy, but would also bring some balance in my disbalanced life!)
7:00 a.m-i hope to see you soon and not sleep through you.

40 thoughts on “Zzz..

  1. What to say .. am amazing blog .. defines ur feelings and emotionso well .. and also your thoughts … :-P! it clearly shows .. tht it has ben written by someone .. who does nt slep at all ……. so ja beta .. so ja ..abhi toh masti karne ka time hain …!! so why not sleep .!!otherwise i have an idea .. for ur parents to wake u up …!! why nt keep some yummt chocs out or your reach so tht u have to get up to eat them ???. hahah !!

  2. Wow!!..I\’ve faced a lot of innovative & unique \’wake-up\’ techniques.. But depositing a baby on u was … GENIUS!!& I don\’t know of anybody\’s dad who doesn\’t pass on health tips.. My dad\’s personal favourite is "Wake up at 6, \’jump\’ out of bed & stretch.. Do some yoga.." Yeah Right!! *snigger.. Lets see him wake up in the first place..I\’ve just finished reading a book.. The much talked bout Chetan Bhagat\’s Five Point Someone.. Bought it 2 months back.. & just read it now in a fleeting 2 hours.. 😛 Hmmm.. My thoughts are currently astray.. So will be back to say something really useful (Like more torturous methods of \’Operation – wake-up\’.. Lol)Till then..Ciao.. & TC..

  3. naah su su aint after me, wish he was though, m in a good mood to kill sum1, aah i see we have a potential victim -Y O U lol……..oh U deserve this cruelty ure getting……..may u never get more than 3 hrs of sleep a day and u be subjected to malice in bed (uhm tht may not sound all tht good i kno its 5.16 waddya expect)neway there are a few neat tricks i kno i used to wake my sis up…… maybe i shudda get hold of ur bro n teach it to him, which school u said hes in, and u said his name was…….chao *yawn*

  4. Sleep visits lucky ones and Sup you and me belong to that fraternity; we sleep sound but this yoga addiction is getting at me. Come what may I hv to wake up at 5am for my dose and I feel deprived of my darling sleep.Hey the curls are gone now so what\’s the use of pictures and style remains basically the same, just trim. Hey I also lost inches of hair to a stupid new learner once in the name of trimming, my my what length I had then.After that never could grow them to the same length.So darling tell mum to let u snooze to ur heart\’s content and u too set ur biorhythms right!loveNidhi

  5. I so know !! I mean I don\’t like going to bed… staying awake till 3, 4 in morning…tierd but awake…sleepy but not really sleepy…! The problem lies in getting up… I hate to get up too… It used to the main reason of arugments between dad n me on sunday mornings back home..(big time) !! I have never in my life woke up with alarm clock…never ! doesnt work for me ! I think dying would be like my sleeping… Just that I get up from sleeping…its short term dying (crazyyy)!!that reminds me …. yawnzzz!! *achoo*

  6. ooooh … so u give up and my secret is safe now!!!Sleep sweet sleep…How i and my bro used to hate the sound of those electronic alar clocks…. tititi…tititi…Whenever we hear thatsound anywhere now..it breaks all hell loose.Did your father ever tried switching off the fan in summer and taking off the quilts in Winter? We used to have them. And an announcement of tiem which always used to be 30 mins more than actual… but now I have to put alarm on my mobile as well as put an ontimer on TV with the channel set on MTV with significatn amount of volume to make sure I get up on time and reach office… at least then I was able to blame someone for waking me up, now its all onn me…Sundays are like heaven… sleep till 12, cook and lunch at 3 and laize the whole day… only kill joice is the house chores, washing, cleaning 😦

  7. 11 p.m. I am in bed watching TV12p.m…ZZZzzzz…..I just HAVE to sleep in the nite, I\’m only 19(ok 20 nw arrgghh!) and yet I dont feel like staying up too often …Used to happen with me too back home, my mom wud start screaming with the rooster and I wud sleep thru it all :PBut this idea of parents comin into the room and gossipin abt their own children is universal i gues, cuz it happened wid me too 😛 (Thankgod I dont have to wake up 8 dot…!!Hahah…Sups…happy sleeping…And dont deprive urelf so much that u r forced to sleep while reading this comment *ahem*But i honestly doubt that ur getting ur 8 hrs of MUST sleep… Dont do that,it makes me bitter when i dnt get my beauty sleep!Take CareCiao!

  8. trust me… that family wakening business was the very very hilarious!!! i wish i cud have done something similar!!! hahahah gr8 parents yaar!!!

  9. I told u I havent got ur score….U dint register to it apprently..I\’ll tell u whtretake the test,sign up, and then u\’ll b able to c not only urs but evry1\’s scores. 6 ppl have taken the test so far…and then once u\’ve done that, unsubscribeI\’m gonna unsubcsribe to it too once this is over 😛

  10. Oh boy….I don know how u manage without it :(I absolutely can\’t do without sleep. The day I sleep for 7 hours I say I underslept. 8 hours is necessity 🙂

  11. well… lol … i slept for 12 hours today… still sleepy … and i remember wakin up my sis… she is younger…u know what i sued to do… i sued to turn on the fun in winters or turn on the ac… and used to close the doors…lol … and in summers i do the same but i switch off the things… i remember that made her so angry one day then she started fighting… and she complaint to daddy ji abt it… and daddy gave me a beeeeg lecture….u know once i put an artificial chipkali on her pillow…and …man that was the most hillarious momemt i ever had… she screamed as if it was an original one… lol .. oh man still can remember that very well…but i miss her so much now… and she do the same..afterall she is my best friend…saurabh

  12. ha..I am experiencing the same thing these days! sleep deprivation… and am hallucinating .. my imagination is taking flights …get that weel deserved sleep supriya and get it now!

  13. dude i did that guestmap thingi on mi msnspace 2 so loc8 urself ..hey if u do do it in the middle of the ocean coa like 4 ppl already over kolkata..neways me going i hav maths tomorrow ciao n thnx

  14. hey i jus realised y u so cranky all the time lol, its obvious now cos u need 18 hrs of sleep a day lolzzz, maybe 23, u CAN get up for one hour blog n go bak 2 sleep lolzzzzzzzz JK

  15. Hey Supriya, Seems like you did not learn the lesson your parents were trying to teach. Home is not the place to sleep. Collge is the correct place to sleep – that is why lectures are hour long affairs with professors going out of the way to make you comfortable by droning in the correct volume and not changing the pitch a lot. Have you ever taken a look at your books – is the presentation as interesting as a comic; is there some romance or interesting incident mentioned anywhere; No…they are sleeping aids. Hope you are able to learn the lesson soon :)Vijay

  16. ya… I would adopt my 2nd child….! Not first…but second… coz of various crappy mind sets of ppl ..wanna prove it all wrong to them!! but I think there are so many poor, cute, equally innocent as we were, and totally no fault of their\’s children out there… who needs to be adopted…!ok..in short will tell you something… Me went to a fostercare once, lotsa cute babies there, lifted one up, tiny 3-4 months, pink cotton ball-ish, when was bending down to put him back in the crib just wouldn\’t leave my shirt, cluthed on to it, tried hard, took few mintues, and help of matrons to get outta that grip, man I rushed out and was in tears… the baby had not been lifted up, wanted nothing but just a loving touch… poor thing ! even though they are cared for in foster homes(kinda).. nobody has time to spend with each of them…! it shudders me to think how it must be… well me nd di have a few more plans abt the same issue(implement when we are all well settled in life personally…money, job etc)..but want go on talking abt myself on ur space… so am outta here.

  17. this is the usual scene in my room too.but i make up in the class.even rite infront of teacher.no probs.she saw me but couldn\’t help it.i know its not good but can\’t help.n\’ durin seminar we sat at the bak and my teacher told was it not cosy over there???? great! tat was the last thing to hear.ok bye

  18. to wake me up..the parental units send in my brother (when hes down) who brings some fabulous smelling food and holds it under my nose…and the bloody fumes get to me despite the slumber!!@#%@#….:(oh and he does the gossip thing too…thankfully, the freek isnt here all the year through..

  19. Sleep!! I dont know why, on Sundays i get up little sooner than most of the weekdays. I never had probs with sleep and if i sleep little over 7 or 7.30 my mom and dad would make sure that no one disturbs me. Its such a rare occassion ;)My sister is different. She needs the room to be dark and wont buldge before 9 or 10. I used to do everything – water, TV, my streo, pillows over her and throw punches on her while she is sleeping 🙂 Yeah im the wicked one in the family 🙂

  20. hmm true watever u say, frm now on m gonna be nice to u, don want nemore of me comments deleted, short fuse u have, but its all good, watever u do is right, my my ure so talented jees. more ????????

  21. HeyyNow dont get upset; may be after some days you will eventually come to know who what and how I am. Thats what the fun of life. Do you usually read the last chapter of the thriller first?Keep guessing !

  22. huh wat did i do NOW, i said m gonna be nice to u, n its not even \’be nice to ******* week\’so watre u so pissed at, i dint do nuthin but then again i dont blame u some ppl are just made like that too bad for u tho

  23. Hard to believe it eh??Well.. I DID write that poem.. & since I\’ve been sniggerin far too often (than even required).. I\’ve saved the sniggerin part for special occasions.. Anyhow.. That doesn\’t mean I wont snigger often.. Coz I never said I was gonna spare comments.. *Snigger.. Lol..Ciao.. & TC..

  24. sudden change of hearts man, ure changeable neway all good, tx for tellin me i piss ppl off, ure too kind, if u wldnt have told me i wldve never known lol, neway i love pissing ppl off-oh i told u dat dint i. :p

  25. i am good (Victory declared AND flagged) wow, ure no good man, i need to find sum other poor victim now, u wont be fun no more, one more bites ze duzt n now mez gonna haunt zum1 elz hhhahhhahhhahhhahhhhahhhahhhahhhahhhahhhahhahahahahahahaha

  26. Good to know that I have not ruined my day by upsetting somone. Now how come the "name" came into the picture? I thought u ppl were after my age?Neway, for me, whats in a name? For Bloggers I am Horus, for some I am rainman, for my parents and elders I may be their lil kid, while for my bro and sis I am Dada. I had lots of names, some of which has been taken by fellow bloggers here.Can I be just Horus in the Blog world? Can I? Can I? Pleeeeease…. Pleeeeeease…

  27. U can even make it, "Horus – the silly rain guy", I will be honored to have rain associated with my name (after all my real name says that I conqured the god of Rain) 😉

  28. ah… wanna chk my non-photogenicity??? how will u know…after all its only the wretched pic.. anyways put a new one in "me thru the ages". chk it out. First one is the most recent!

  29. put it up just yesterday yaar… or today mornin… darn i don remember… how cud i be in those pics… i am the official photgrapher cum videographer for all the trips and events :)btw wudn it be just fine if we add up each other in msn msgr?? wat say?

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