:/ Cliche

I’m tooo bored while i write this..so just bear with me bloggers. No No No don’t jump to conclusions..it is NOT my story or inspired by my life or whatever..had Somewhat similar experiences.. though what I would do in such a situation could be another story itself =)
You are not going out right now…at this hour.
She turned around and walked towards her room, leaving the question hanging in the air.
Her mom stopped her mid-way, a pleading look in her eyes…
Please listen to her, she is elder to you…you are getting your share of freedom..
Mom please, i don’t need all this right now..its my wish-i’ll go out whenever i want to, you all can’t stop me.
But Nina, Dadi  will get very angry- you know her temper don’t you, what is the point of fighting like this?  Why are you being so disobedient these days, even i have started noticing.
Nina walks up to her cupboard, throws a few clothes aside and pulls out a short-white skirt.
Nina, beta listen to me…don’t create troubles..just tell your friend to go without you.
But Mom, she’s waiting downstairs, she’s come all the way to pick me..whats wrong with you both..I’ll be back by 10.30 pm …whats the big deal…
A loud voice interrupts their conversation- A plump, fairly tall woman, walking with a slight bent in an old crisp saree walks in…
Is that girl who is wearing the backless top your friend? Is she the one taking you out. Just sit at home, you are Not going anywhere. Your Dadaji does not like all this, roaming  around late at night, just with friends…
I don’t wish to talk to you, you cannot rule my life like this. I’m 15 and not a little baby anymore..
How are you going, whose car is it? How will you come back? Where are you going?
Why don’t you go with your parents, i’ll let you go where ever you want to go- take them along. We do not allow our young girls to party around at night…its not safe…If that is the kind of clothes she wears,,what influence will she have on you..? You cannot wear all these clothes outside…its almost as if you don’t have decent clothes to wear..don’t her parents say anything to her..?
What is not safe? My friend who’s wating downstairs, has a car, has a trusted driver..we’ll go in the car and return on time… and I’m capable of taking care of myself- you can stop worrying..Please dadi, stop pestering me with such questions.
Why not, if you’re going out i have to know the details, tell me exactly where you are going and how will you come back? will her car be there to drop you back..
Dropping is not much of a problem..another friend will drop me…
Which friend? Who is she?
It is a he, Rahul- he is from my class- you have met them all on my birthday..
Look here now, tell her Nina’s mother- I’m not letting her go now..which boy is he, i don’t like all this- roaming around with boys at such hours. (Screaming now)- I’m telling you, if you let your daughter go out of limits, you’ll regret later on, you might not like the sound of it right now..later on you’ll say i was right…..

Imagined endings:

  • She fights, fights even more..eventually gives up..cries a bit, stays at home.
  • She fights, argues, pushes her way out of the house, banging the door behind, comes back late, grandmom standing at the verahdah staring at her as she waves goodbye to Rahul and offers no excuse..some more fighting…
  • Parents intervene (least likely)- listen to each side, reach a compromising decision- you return early or you can’t go/ I’ll come to pick you up..
  • She fights, walks out of the house- feels so guilty throughout the party, returns back before deadline.
  • She comes back exactly on time, to find all of them waiting, slightly relieved to see the time, but still gets a warning eitherways…
  • She returns the next morning, to a sleeping home, pushes into bed, pretends as if nothing happened. (yeah jolly lucky if she can get away with that i know..)
  • Dad lands up at party place on time and drags her home.

Sounds familiar…?

All of the above endings sounded too cliched, any Un-cliched suggestions bring it on…(though when grandmoms are involved nothing un-cliched can happen! bahh lol..i’ve lost it..i think this is the dumbest blog ever- as of now..so just bear with my poor writing abilities…i was gonna erase the entire bit..but then was too bored of seeing the old entry on my page..yeah im just too bored…)


22 thoughts on “:/ Cliche

  1. hey! i don\’t think this should go to the bogus blog list… it was like you witnessed a scene from my life(and I guess everybody else\’s too)… so is Nina a changed-for-blog-puprose you ??? my ending would have been either of the top two…(don\’t remember partying at night much) plus delhi\’s nightlife kinda sucked…(ours even more!)As for the pics…thnx..I ll take it as a compliment !! It is suburbs of new jersey… new york sweatshirt coz thats where my college is.. nd in NY you would not even get to see many trees around.And the boots… My first Pair… was not sure if I would actually wear them… you know the category of stuff you have… which looked pretty when they were in shop, you admired nd dreamt of when others owned it..but as soon as they reach your closet you never pick them up again !! thank god they werent one of those !!

  2. Why dont you part out with your parents?? well…some how i hate going out with my parents after my school. The whole thing looks like a Cut and Paste from most of our lives – esp my cousins. So many times i have been tagged by my uncles and aunts to chaperone the gals when they are partying out. Initially i enjoyed good food but then i started going out with their friends. So i take them out – uncles and aunts will be relieved that im with them and my cousins would be glad that i wont notice anything. Well…at least wont acknowledge noticing 😉

  3. i can think of the most grizzly endings… yes grizzly…. bt i prefer to keep my mouth shut. btw one ending is simple.. yeah but still i ll keep it to myself (then wat the heck am i doin here)tat was quite clever of u… yes i deleted it! 🙂

  4. lol hmm, never happened wid me tho, esp a sexy lookin girl with a backless top waitin to pick me up dahmn lolzzz….partying was allowed after my dad caught me sneaking out of the house at 12 AM once lolzzz, he jus told me if u wanned to go out u shudda informed us, so next time i was supp 2 be out i left him a sms lolzzz… jus get up n leave i say i don even bother answering questions such as who, where, with, when, etc, jus make it sound funny…… i normally say were going fishing…. they think m being funny were as i am being honest (goin fishing means getting drunk) so tis all good,

  5. hey i finally got it .!!! nina is your pet name !! ..haha !! … common .. most of the parents are like that .. you cannot help it .!! just come bak before 9 or 10 .. they have no problem s.. and that also your 15 that time … so maybe u had your class 10 boards .. that is why they told you not to go anywhere out .. and study at home !!! .. but u still went ..??. and came bak on time !

  6. I loved this post of urs..!!Its the same old sob story in most houses..! Other (xtremem) endings could be that the girl commits suicide :PThe mother stragles the girl :PPThe grandmom faints (filmy,v.filmy!)Or that the girl decides o revolt and thus competes for the elections of India..(which wud b great for the parents btw)Or that the girl forms a group called the \’I hate grandmoms\’ group :PPBut sups this IS reality and thus the girl will give in and not go out until perhaps she gets married after which she MIGHT be allowed to go out..!I\’m giving u very very extreme views here..! The feminist got the best of me and i cudnt help..!I\’m a FEMINIST!! And thus another story comes to another very cliched endng..!!But u HAVE to tel us what happened next..!:))One of my favourite posts of urs..! Hats off..!!Take CareCiao!

  7. Alright, if uncliched is what you want, here goes!1) The girl gets too frustrated, removes a pair of dark Arnie-style glares and puts them on. From behind her leg comes a huge shotgun, she shoots away to glory and goes to enjoy the party.2) Girl explains everything to granny. Granny understands, parents agree, and shes off!3) Girl explains, granny excited, parents ecstatic. Decide to go to yje party too. Youngsters end up leavin and granny ends up callin her satsung friends over and party ends with Durga Bhajans.4) Parents dont agree, granny\’s of course not co-operative, but parents dont wanna make darling li\’l girl sad, so decide to shift venue of party to their house! Need more?!

  8. not one rude comment frm u 2day wassup u aiieet huh??????now don pretend to be all nice and all k URE NOT, if ure waiting fer me to start off i think i just did so lets hear it heheheheheheheheheheheheehehehehehehe

  9. if you are not nina … then how come it is so much like your story .. like ur grandmom .. !! .. hahahahah !!.. anyways .. ohhk i got it .. ut still i thnk it is your story LOLS!!!

  10. never from my life cuz i was never at home whenever i wanted late night…and my grandma kinda gave up on me long back… so i got away with everything….hahahahahahahahahahaha…..the pleasures of living far and away….nice post though…ending…girl commits suicide…grandma commits suicide…mom and dad live happily ever after..no pesky daughter no nagging mother in law…:p…

  11. Well.. This was a very entertaining blog.. Not \’dumb\’ at all..Though i am curious to know what ending u would\’ve had.. 😛 Are u sure… Its nothing to do wth u??Anyhow.. U mite find it hard to believe.. I get admonished by gradmum too.. (*shamefaced)Can u believe a guy would have problems?!??I tell my grandma.. I\’m goin out & will be back at 1 or 2 at night & that I\’ve taken a house key.. & she says.. WHAT!?? Do u know what perils a grown up boy can face so late?!?WOAH! I was shocked.. So was my sis.. My mom too..You\’ll never guess the reason she was worried.. I was under the impression She thought I\’d get abducted.. But she was referring to Ghosts in the middle of the Night!!..I laffed my ass off for ages.. & Everytime my friends meet at nite.. This is a popular joke we laff bout.. LolCiao.. & TC..P.S: Nice change of disp pic btw…

  12. An uncliched ending No.1…Grandma gets over enthusiastic bout her teenaged grand-daughter going out for parties..Fishes out her 1950\’s party dress & gets ready to go out with her grand-daughter.. Girls get disgusted & call the party off…Grandma winks at mother later & tells her.. "I knew that would work.. Hehe.."Ending No.2Grandma decided to go along to keep watch on her \’beti\’.. Ends up getting drunk & pops extacy.. & does the groovy 1950\’s retro disco dance..Gets back next morning & has to explain to grandpa bout that boy Rahul who dropped her home.. :PLol.. Now THAT was Funny!!

  13. You my "inspiration" for having a betta profile pic (ok.. I dun usually own up these things) … !! urs are alwayss… gud…btw… the one u had put with hazy eyes in b/g … that was NINA..oops….sups… right :P:P

  14. noooooooooooooo dont sugggest anything to ur parents..i am am an evil demented soul….sorry feelind kinda dramatic today…now what was i really gonna say….ummm…oh the usual thx in hand…frost rocks!!…i dint see the shining waaaaaahhh….buut….the book gave me my own picturized version of horror and me thinks i can create one hell of a pic…scare my poor wee self i did..!!anyways…new ending…girl understands stays at home helps grandma make aloo paratha ..every one over indulges..gets gas problems and farts thru life happily ever after…;p

  15. yes he\’s still the captain… one of the best around… hmmn.. i had to put the award cos i had too… i ll put a certificate up there! and for your this party thing…i would vote for AnotherPrickOnTheWall\’s granny trick!!

  16. Hey sup this is the stuff home affairs are made of ! just loved it!My Born to walk is very much autobiographical…it is me to the hilt..Yes I hv walked in the woods, on a trip to Binsar in Uttaranchal. I am a walker. now after writing this comment I m going for my secluded hour.LoveNidhi

  17. For a while I thot tht Im Nina.. phew! it\’s a "ghar ghar ki kahani" 🙂 and most of the time ends up in one of the ways tht u\’ve mentioned.. good one btw!

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