Nina is not me.

(if Nina bored you earlier don’t bother)

Here’s what happened when my 1st proper Nina-like situation happened :


On Saturday i’ll be going out in the evening..we have our freshers party..

(I’m all prepared to launch my ‘I am in college can’t stop me’ argument) but I am cut short..

Mom: Don’t tell me anything..take permission from the headquarters.

Arre but…she’ll say no or she’ll tell me to ask you guys..i know it..I dunno old enough in college now..and you don’t need to worry about conveyance..will manage that while coming back..just need to get dropped at friend’s place at 6 pm..

Mom: i don’t have any problems…go if she gives u permission.

Now I’m not talking bout 9 o clock here…Atleast 11 pm mom..its Freshers come on..its Our one comes back home at 9 and besides we’re going to C9,i won’t come back early..tell Her and tell dad..(now they’re not sup2 know about the booze party- my first ever..was quite excited about that one, didn’t know it would be a mess..err hilarious mess that time)

Mom: Do not involve me, take permission and go…when have i said no (yeah thats their favourite line)

Grannydear: Where do u have to go?

(I repeat the entire case..obviously not mentioning stuff that would freak her out..and adding that i should be allowed till 11 pm..speak for a good 15 minutes..non stop..all my buttering, convincing skills put to use)

…And nobody will go back before 11 pm and my friend X’s car will be there to drop us (X was later on roaming around alone on the streets..drunk and managed to get home thanks to her bf’s friend..whom she doesn’t even speak to now..but thats not imp)

Grannydear: I will be downstairs in the 3rd mom wil open the door (At that time, i thought i couldn’t get luckier!) You will be back on time right?

Yes (Yesss !! yessss yesss) Obviously..Have i ever come back late? (this line works best if u have been a goody all ur life) It wont cross 11 at don’t need to worry.there will 3-4 of us Girls coming back together (lololol these are the helpful lies people)

Grannydear: Shall we keep dinner for roti? (good lord not the food routine again)

Its a parttyy, they will give us food..our seniors are having a party..for us..

Grannydear: Ok but you have to have milk at night…So both boys and girls will be there? (Now u must know how to tackle this one..)

Ok Ok fine I’ll have the milk (bahh) Yep all senior girls and boys…its a co-ed college, maa..if you think I’m not going to talk to boys then I’m sorry you are mistaken. Obviously everybody from our class will be there, and there are boys in our class, too. Don’t worry ever our professors will be there, we have called them also. (Thats not a lie…they don’t turn up is not our fault :p)


Grannydear: Hmmm ok…(ahh my first party..she was almost Sweet to let me go that

(I repeat few of the above lines…in my attempts to convince)

Now details about the party-ummm Lol some other day maybe..(now that would make Some story)

9.30 pm

Phone Buzzes.

What happened?

Mom: What time are you coming back home?

Ummm ts not even 10 now mom…I’ll leave at 10.30..

Mom: Are you mad?? How are you coming.whose car is there?

Ummm mostly X’s car should be there..if not i’ll cab it..there might be a few of us..i dunno (that is where i made a mistake-all confused answer)

Mom: What you’ll cab it at this hour…come back home right now..Just come in the next persons car..i don’t know just come back home..

Mom Whats happening to you..relax..I’ll come..ill try…10.15 ish

Mom: Just come back home, this instant..i Don’t know Supriya. Papa will get mad..

Arre but I’ve taken permission..he said its ok ..whats happening to you..why are you freaking out??

Mom(in a voice that is a mixture of scream,anger, nervousness..freaky kinds): I dont want to listen to anything, come back home by 10.

Now X has vanished…Seniors from my area have left..Nobody is going in that direction..people will leave in groups or will be picked by parents..and half of them are not even in their senses..

Guess I’ll cab it then…

Y: No don’t cab it alone- I’ll drop u in the cab..

Whats wrong with u dude..u stay in the opposite direction..i’ll manage..

Y: No no its not safe.  Z joins in..-yeah he’s right..(half drunk senses popping in n out)

Whats wrong with u all..acting like my mom now.

Somehow get home minus cab (another story) at 10.05 pm..with sis dear teasing me with comments like ‘ur stinking’ (yes thank u say it a lil loudly..wake them up)


So in my Nina like case..the fall of the grandma leads to the rise of momma (I am just blessed with bad luck)

30 thoughts on “Nina is not me.

  1. HAHHAHAHAHA!! can\’t seemt o stop laughing..loved those mini-incidents not described here… i wonder how hilarious they myt be…sorry sups am in a bit of hurry now.. will post ur certificate soon ;Pso when is the next party???

  2. 🙂 You are joining Viking\’s with your disclaimers. Wonder whether it was just me or everyone else too :)) Ok we believe its not your story :PIf you think its worst for gals – my dad rings me every 30 mins to get an update on where im or to say that someone has called. Worst is when they ask me who im with. If i say the truth, that im with some gal, they would freak out. I grew very impatient one day and switched off my mobile. But on that very day my cousin met with an accident and they couldnt reach me 😦 Had to cut down my \’going-out-to-meet-my-friend\’ and act goody goody. But those were the days. Now when i go home, its all packaged in to one big Blore trip and an excuse that im in roaming 😛

  3. ooohhh boy, thnkfully never been in this situation, tho once my uncle saw me severely intoxicated at Big Ben, making out with a girl and called my dad up — my excuse was i was in raichak dahmn lolzzzzzzzneway ill tell u wat, u wanna njoy nite life???? BE BOLD, seen my cuz bein so n she is now allowed, ask ur bf to call u at odd hrs no probs….. (no m not conspiring to get u killed try it)

  4. uh U being NICE is an oxymoron, so leave it ure wicked n thts the way u shld be, but sayin all tht u re entertaining lolzzzz, btw u havent written nethin stoopid fer a long time now, m bored *yawn*

  5. What u talkin??U made grannydear sound so mean in the previous one…she\’s quite nice on the opposite hand in real life.!:P Now, THIS was very real, happened with me thousand times :"Come back home""But Maa….""I dunno jus come back home this very instant!""But Maaa….!!""Just come back, come walking, fly home , i dont care, just come back""MAAAAAA….!!!"So, I\’d come back sulking and she\’d be smiling :PAnd my servant dint help my case with all the \’arre zamana kharab hai bull\’ !!I never thot I\’d say this …but I miss it nw!Hmm…..nicely narrated…I wanna hear about the party as well…people all drunk an goin arnd in circles huh? lollol..!

  6. so see !!! … you had ninas pic in your mind when you wrote this !! .. didnt you .. and in some way or the other nina is you !! .. how did you think of the name nina !! ??.. how come you didnt think of some other name !?…. let me think about it .. hahahah!! … freshers party – even i will "most probably " .. go to one next year !.. .. but what the question is !! … which college !!!????

  7. Dont laugh!! 🙂 This time when i went to India i told my dad not to ask for any updates and that im not a GPS :)Yeah we all can have comfort with the commonality :)Btw, heard thru grapevine that you actually had ur display pic!! Would have been nice to give face to the name :))

  8. wazzat a pick up line huh?????well girls arnt ne gr8 either ll blog tht soon don worry lolzzzzzzzzzzzn wen a guy says hes straightforward he IS aiiieet next question he asks is MY place or YOURS????hehehehehehehhhheee

  9. nai bhaiya exams to abhi chal rahe hai…jus that i don need 2 study that much…i always take out time fr mi msn space u c im very commited 2…nono only 5 exams over i screwed up mi maths paper..i ccudnt complete it 16 marks!!!!!!1uhhh it was a perfect paper jus 2 long…fishlol ciao cya

  10. boy ! you just covered every girls situation rite !! sumtimes these guys have it easier….! but you left lots to be desired….ennn…i mean cmon wat abt nina at the party story next tym ?? lolz…!It is so typical of mommies to go frenzied when evrybody else seem to have agreed and all… I dun know what they just flip out…! btw… was the headache b4 the poem or after ?? and if the answer is the later dun even bother telling…lolz!!

  11. Hah!Unfortunate for some ppl the invention of cell phones is a bane… :PUr grandma sounds cool.. Not like the \’grandma\’ in the previous entry..Hope u had fun at the party..I\’ve an experience (I prefer call it the NDE -> No points for guessing wht it stands for)..But now, I desperately need some shut eye or I\’ll scream!!..So g\’night.. & I\’ll hopefully be bak to tell u bout my escape from death (a.k.a dad\’s clutches..:P)Ciao.. & TC..

  12. truce kid…….now tht uve turned over a new leaf (which leaf btw) i wont bore u no more, n u havent the challenge left nemore, neway methinks me got a nu patsy, infact she walked right up to me, culdnt be happier, lol, n ve started boring her already hehehehehehehehehehe

  13. I couldn\’t be a part of this huge play here coz their rehearsals got over every night at 10:30. And the director and producer were super-sweet to me, it wud hav been my passport to everything..But no! my parents hadta go and ruin everything with their stupid curfew of 9. Aaaaah!

  14. Lol.. this is just so typically Momish.. 🙂 I\’ve seen this at my place too.. at times i really feel tht my mom n dad get overprotective at times.. but then they tell me ul know when ur in our place!

  15. mom\’s are like that only be it daughter or son! 🙂 they love their kids too much that sometimes makes it tough going though! hey! thanks for the wishes!! u take care and have a nice weekend!

  16. Hey, now before you jump on me, or worse, form an oppinion, that line about my Dido CD was just a li\’l humour line. She\’ll keep the CD for a few more years, I guess! Anyways, thanks for the good wishes for the exams. Ill translate them to near-english for you.Elex-Electronics. Mostly got to do with semiconductor devices, starting with diodes and transistors, goins on to trioded, FETs, MOSFETs, CMOSs, UJTs and a few other devices too.DLD-Digital Logic Designing. Interesting subject and probebly the most useful. Now all digital counting devices with number that you see around are related to DLD. Eg, the display on DVD players, etc. This however is a small part of the subject.PCS-Principles of Control Systems. Designing of systems so that proper and adequate output is obtained for supplied input (atleast thats what I interpretted.)NT-Numerical Techniques. Most useless sub ever. Gives you methods to solving problems like integrations, differentiations, curve fittings, etc, without using conventional techniques. No use of the subject, cause our calcis are capable of solving each of the given problems in a few seconds, while using these methods, its takes minutes, plus, inaccurate answers.EN-Electrical Networks. I think that the name says it all. Methods to simplify a given electrical network.What makes you think that only brains take up engg? Come to my coll and youll see. We have geeks, cronic-dropouts and fundu public all sitting together!Enter engg, and Math becomes a fav for many. Its generally simpler compared to other subs. And its more scoring than other subjects. But todays math paper was BULLSHIT.Teenagers do tend to get into such situations with folks. Even being a guy, I have had these instances! No getting rid o\’ them! But life goes on!

  17. well thats one uf mi aims in life…hmm does he work in ur house?we had a child hu was like bot by his sister and awas barely 12 and thus he started working 2 earn for his father hu was saik…we decided 2 put him in2 night school in thaat…arre taht school in circular road….opp red hot chilly peppa if u noe wer that is..yaa but then he was caught stealing…he had stolen a watch and glasses and like afew clothes and accessories…well obviously we were angry but did understand the circumstances which led him 2 do that…the worst was that we treated him like a chiild in our house but and thot fr him but then eventually we told his sister 2 take him back…well i dunno how he is now bt wen i think abt it i feel quite sad…neways i better go ishtudy coz i hav 2 exams tom hist n chem ciao

  18. you drink milk everynite like good little girl…;p..yeah yeah i know wht u must be thinkin.."after readin the whole post..thts what she picks up!!"..what can i say i have a knack for storing useless information…:-/anyways nice line "the fall of the grandma leads to the rise of the momma"…speaking of grandmas…thts my future blog..(im advrtsng in advance..;p)(learnt it from sniggerboy)hey no fair u dint confess even when i poured out my heart to u ppl…anyways keep bloggin and il keep logging..i know i know..lame rhyme…; do u drink milk??(no i wont let tht subject rest.).cuz i cant stand milk… it smells of that cow,buffalo,goat..whatever it came from…

  19. hey … whats up … liong time no c huh … so howz everythin goin …. and so much abt gals …cool ….article was cool … cudnt read it completely though ….bye dost …saurabh

  20. tch..i got to stay til 12 :p long time..i know..i hv been majors coming uop too..shit its question: how do you relate to my blogs anyway?A.

  21. Doesn\’t matter. This quibling over juvenile freedoms. It has been cliched to death but at their age you will share some of their symtoms.You shouldn\’t be so eager to criticize what is only a natural concern.At least SOMEONE is thinking and concerned about you.

  22. Hey long time I dropped in. Sup I came today to look you up and here I have so many entries unread. So grandma was humoured this time..Take these things in ur stride..hazards of growing up! I was never allowed all these frolics but not by ma but my big brother!forget the cribs and remember the good time u had there!loveNidhi

  23. lol it was funny to hear ur story at tht stage i think i never had any big probs to go out not tht my parents were super cool just that i made to fake friends u know the kinda good friend from good family well respect so said to my parents oh i have a new friend name anjali she is a bit elder thn me but she takes me like her lil sister she lives alone cauz her dad had business in usa and she is still studying here nd she has another friend named sonia so i was using to say i am going with anjali and sonia my parents never meet those gals but as i always said good things abt thems tuff like guys r not allowed at their house uncle aunty are very nice she is studying MBA in a private uni this that they had fully trust i think its alryte to change the truth to make parents feel a bit secured nd whn they see tht nothing happened to u nd u came back safe after some time they dont bother anymore

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