Fine. am bored

(no highest,lowest orders..since it wasnt really a quiz about me..just plain boredom)
Deepika: 33%
The Hawk: 25% (honestly thinking of giving u +20 since there seems to be a tie for toppers)
Prateek: 33%
Prachi: 16%
Kriti: 41% (ahh u topped princess!)
Deepak: 8%
Anshul u got 2 answers correct..(now what percent is that..8?)
sniggerboy: 41% (tie for toppers eh)

and now u can all go and unsubscribe from crappy
KEEP fighting ppl im enjoying this…
if you can’t beat ’em join them.
Click on the link only if you’re bored.
dont say i dint warn u.
thought of putting up one of those Lists..but when i sat down to make one of ’em i was at a loss of words!! (that too bout myself..shit- i am so jobless/useless…Boreddddd)

26 thoughts on “Fine. am bored

  1. whats wid the quiz … ?? anyways… thanks for the comment dost…. nahi dost it wasnt borin at all… he is a funny and a smart guy…. actually it was kinda very nice experience i had… all the top guys of MS and the main Nazdaq movers were there… oh man such a huge business meet…this post is really short… i m sure u\’ll 40 + visitors though … lol ….bye dost …. those assignment snaps early morning wali were cool … saurabh

  2. jeez…these quiz are worse than my "lists about me"!! newayz… i ll do it.. have done de best for the people i have taken it for yet… lesse how i do ur quiz.. am having quiz jitters…brrrr….

  3. Being bored is a luxury when pressed for time Supriya. That\’s been my case this weekend coz my parents n sis were down here and I was roaming around with them. Not only that, there was also a wedding to attend n I didnt get to sleep nor did I get to hang out with my roomies. When that\’s the case, how can I be bored? Tired yes…bored no!Hope you find something to pass time n have a great week ahead!Vijay

  4. You are getting me cynical – may be he didnt missed me but me doing the job!! Oh my gawd!!! I thought…You are evil!! ;)Will check on the link later tonite. Just post lunch browsing now 😛

  5. bored…hmmm it\’s terrible when that happens but then we have this wonderful world of blogging hat keeps us company almost all the time.. :-)Cheers 🙂

  6. 1) If i am bored..what would i do? blog..visit random spaces..leave tp comments.. 2) i am so bored..i cant even think of a second question..your thoughts.. she\’s right..quizzes are dumb.. 3) Ok.i thought of one…What would be my fav dessert? kookie jar chocolate invasion (for all those of u who dont know what it is…YOUR MISSING IT!!) 4) Now this is the cheesiest one..: Who was my first celeb crush? hugh grant 5) what according to me should i improve upon? patience 6) My childhood fav movie would be batman 7) ok..i guess im fav pizza combination would be black olives, pineapple..lots of chilli flakes (how could someone hate pizza?)8) if i could exchange lives with someone..what would i do/where would i be.. become a designer and settle in paris 9) why is it that each time i decide to unable to remember the good stuff i thought i wud blog about..? horrible pathetic memory (!) 10) how would you rate my blog out of 10 OK, Im not doing this so soon!11) whats the song im currently hooked on to.. b.c.sootah (the zeest) (Hehe, tp song! %$^^% sootah, sootah na mila!) 12) last one..wont bug u bored myself..i cannot think of another question damn!! Ok what should be my next question? what is my favourite perfume? I just filled that up for tp. Didnt know what to select! Anyways, I know I was writing all serious and stuff, but you know, that really shoked me. I was shocked when I realised that I had written all that myself. All that serious stuff. So that li\’l line was just out of need of some humour, a necessity, not because it belonged there.Got rid of exams, finally!

  7. i demand my result, nd stoopid bebo be shut dwn fer gud jeez, kill the person who introed us all to bebo (wasnt me) nd havent irrated ya in the past week, so this week gonna hv ta make up lol, cheers, tell me my score atleast du-uh………..

  8. hehehe im not the lowest in the group!!! Whoo hoo!! I demand 20 extra points coz i was doing it at work. With that bonus point i will kick Kriti out and become topper of the lot!! Hmm…topper!! 😛

  9. Hi Supriya,Family\’s back in Chennai and I was in bed from morning for 12 hours straight despite my roomies prodding to give them company for their eve walk for dinner, etc. Finally feel a bit awake after all the roaming and the fun with weddings :)So u had a fresher\’s party that ended up not even being a night out…back by 10! That\’s why cellphones are so bad :)Hope you see better parties :)Vijay

  10. Hey, now i just went ahead and took the quiz like i take my Tutorial tests! I was just not prepared! But the teachers dont display my results in front of the entire class that way!Anyway, you wouldnt do very well either if youd be listening to Sanitarium that time!!!I thought that the name change would have been for those reasons only. But hey, the brits kept it so what? The place is still Indian. I dont know, I would still prefer Bangalore. But its just a matter of time, we\’ll all get used to Bengaluru! Three cheers for BENGALURU!

  11. SSSSHHHHHHUUUUDDDDUUUUPPPPGGrrrrrrrrrr…..!Nobody ties with me and nobody gets 20 marks extra..!!Have u any idea hw badly I studied for this ???The hard work I put into this??The sleepless nights I\’ve had over this? Lol..!!I TOPPPPEEEDDDDYYYIIIPPPIIIIEEE !!! (3 consequitive somersualts)Haw and HAWK I WILL NOTICEEE!!! U\’ve been a bad boy, no Xmas gifts for u this season..!!YAyyyyy…(only wish I was this happy when my school results were announced lol!)

  12. You thought about it and i got it!! Im the topper! Whoo hoo!!25 + 20 = 45 and im the topper!!Hey Lucifer, Sheeeeeeeeeee Lucifer…im getting this 20 for being a good boy!! Christmas came early!! Happy Christmas to you Sheeeeeeeeeeeee Lucifer!

  13. Dream on Mizter Hawwwk! (Btw I\’m gonna nicknam u that :P)She aint givin 20 marks to no one!That\’d be cheating in the face and besides she knows 2 people wud be so hartbroken that they\’d never take any quizzes on her agn! :PPP:P

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