Weird realisations.

Realised that:
Suddenly if  the internet stops working..Crap! &%$#
All those couples who seem happily in love, go through an unhappy patch or a fighting patch or either break up or the one of them makes sure that the other half begs for forgiveness.
"The future" is a phrase i Do not like.
Sometimes people assume way too much, mostly because they Want to assume, rather than questioning or cross checking or listening ot asking or whatever. i do not know why i still bother about such people.
Somebody was being sarcastic without reason, a very subtle manner (and i sort of realised today) and then the  person acted all nice. (whats with these change of hearts)
the attention game is highly tricky.
i do not like tricks.(pranks are different)
Friends change. No not in the drifting apart kinda change..but sorta like the-‘we dont get to spend much time together…now they behave differently’ but its ok..change is for the better i guess.
Not everybody is your friend. Few just pretend. Few just wanna hang around. few turn out to be slimey. Few just realise after some time that they somehow don’t wanna hang out with you. few dont even get along with you..(weird)
i should stop but i might wanna continue.
certain people are like chameleons.
certain people love playing the blame game. somehow the blame seems to travel back to me all the time and leaves me without an argument.
I stop or else i’ll have a migraine tomorrow due to lack of sleep.

26 thoughts on “Weird realisations.

  1. May be i should stay awake late at night to realise some stuff in my life. But you know what i have realised just now?if something goes wrong…ppl assume its always me!! Home, office and on the hockey field. If opposite team score a goal, everyone will look at me and im not even a goalie. Wonder why!!Oh its so true about lovers – they are the merciless creatures. Once I forgot that i had promised to take her out for dinner, instead went out with boys and came back early next day. I just wanted to give uninterupted attention to my frnds and i switched off my mobile. Next day she made me beg for forgiveness. Merciless soul!! I wanna cry!!! 😦 B\’aH!! 😛

  2. i think i scored high, wat wassat a quiz on U or an opinion poll, cos in an opinion poll there aint nuthin wrong or right, its MY opinion….nd ure bein too nice id rather we fite pls, ure freakin me now….Somebody was being sarcastic without reason, a very subtle manner (and i sort of realised today) and then the person acted all nice. (whats with these change of hearts)who issat for U. ME. or SUM1 ELSE huh?????

  3. It was not my intention to judge.Believe me, I have a similar problem in my family with someone trying to rule with no authority to do so.Certain issues do tend to get too messed up. I live in a house with 20 people in 3 families and I can speak to only 1. We all have problems :]I guess I left my last comment hoping that things are better in your case but like you said, I don\’t really know.

  4. oi, lets fite pls, pls plsill start it off, *m abusing u* think of the nastiest word uve come across, tht U lol, ure frakin me out with ure indifferent comments, make it funny atleast this aint u to be so abnormally normal, ure deranged so act ure part lol,

  5. Hmm.. chameleons r everywhere n it\’s so difficult to tell who is and who isn\’t.. n realizations hurt at times.. so better not to realize and go on.. :)thnx fr letting me know abt the baristas in kol.. guess there\’s none is salt lake.. as of now, i\’m confined to SL n tryin to settle dwn.. so i\’m gonna start exploring the kol outside SL frm the next weekend..btw, krits asked me to meet u and tell her how u look.. :))

  6. Its really astonishing how scores of people do actually fall in those categories. Very few people are really true friends. The back-biting, bitching, gossiping. Its all to much. But somehow, you and I could also fall in that category for some other person, if you know what I mean. You knopw, its not a perfect world. Wrong situations are always fueled by misconseptions. But you cant make everyone happy. And not everyone can make you happy. I guess its just important to realise who are the people important to you and be good and true to them. I think that after that, its all reciprocation.

  7. HOW CULD SOMEONE BE SARCASTIC >>> OTHER THAN YOU !!!!! ????… how is it possible … .. certain people are chameloens?… why what did they do ??… the phrase future – the phrase which yu dont like .. the future of you . of your work .. the future of evrything you do .. is the the future .. the phrase which you dont like … so i will not use it for sure in the future …. .. and nthns wrong with me ..!!

  8. Hmmm… I judged you too soon eh?It was all for the better.. Hehe..Anyway… Ur back on track now & that sounds gr8…Lets see… I\’ve realised some stuff too:1. Sar-cas-tic isn\’t really that sarcastic…2. I\’ve come to realise I\’m like a chameleon too…3. Sleep or no sleep.. Reading this entry is definitely giving me a migraine.. *Snigger.. Kidding!!4. Bunking college was definitely not worth it.. Especially when not attending the only hour that was there, means ur marked absent for a full day..I enjoyed readin the entry.. Recollected many incidents (damn you! They were to remain forgotten..)Ciao.. & TC..Regards; Sniggerboy.(What do i say… I like the name too… :D)

  9. ok…been there and done that…met one kind of each type at least, except the bf/gf part…i dont compare mine with anyone else\’s version. the only way to counter this, supriya, is to not to read too much into things- not only when relationships are on their way wrecked, but also when they are on a high…no expectations means no let downs:it helps you be prepared for anything. and regarding the future…i agree with you..its a term i definitely do not like

  10. weird realisation(version prachi):-i just realised that more than half of the stuff i write might appear to be quite confusing and incomprehensible to a third apologies.

  11. Well Sup I really dont care as I realize only you can be your own best friend. Be that of the humans are trivial then. WHy lose your sleep pondering over others, its better to ponder over ur own life. As they say you may have whole world as ur friends but ultimately even if one or two stand by , it was worth it!As for the blaming happensbut dont let urself be crushed.SO howz grandma, parents &sis and yes of course, little bro? Hey Sup I love this pic..just like they show in movies …cant remeber which one but the one with boat song "O manji re apna kinara.."LoveNidhi

  12. People play the blame game alot arnd me,its frustrating!And yes not everybody is ur frend, it takes yrs for ppl to disover that sumhw!Who wuz bring sarcy? tel me,i\’l bash the crap out of them!:)Hmm…u seem kinda troubled lately…whats up?is everythin fine dude?Take care…Ciao

  13. im glad your calling sniggerboy sniggerboy…anywaysbck to my topic…i mean your..sheesh i can get self centerd at times…yes when the internet goes off…f@#$%^….and other wordsu know it totally freaky but i was thiking these exact same things yesterday…dunno y…i think msn has taken control of the bloggers and added a program to duplicate and imprint on every…sorry its the matrix in me…anyways girl dont think too much…sum ppl ahem cough cough hve decided to think…and we dont want much of those chameleon like dble minded thinking ppl now do we??

  14. there you go…im not like that either, and if i could actually practice what i preached i would be a much happier person today…sorry..cant help you out on the "what do i do" issue

  15. I have such an innocent face…but the cheeky smile is a give away :(And i thought she might be sleeping…so didnt want to disturb her. And more over its bad table etiquette to txt over a dinner table rite? 😛 🙂

  16. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************TRUE************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************»-(¯`v´¯)-»VelVeT~\\-/~ACid~\\-/~ChriSt»-(¯`v´¯)-»

  17. there is another kind of friends, who always judge, who is best friend, and who is next best, and so on, i guess then everyone falls under this class..friends dont really change, the way they see life chages, and so the way we see life chages, the distance between these two percpetion is a void, this void is again felt by everyone, with their EXPECTATION and IMAGINATIONS and FANTASIES. so you said u dont like blames, but what is this called then? to balme is to give away the power to the sibejct. so be in power by claiming the responsibilties.never take for granted that, we dont change, we change more than anyone can means change, never get too fuzy about change, its inevatabel, u can never fight against it, if your love is capable enought to gather some good company, that a credit or reward to u r love. trust in love others.well coming to FUTURE= its just nothing but the antisipation, in diff realms.we antisipate to have good friends or good life, whaat are these…isnt this future? sorry if had been bit harsh in saying. but i spoke the truth i belive in

  18. Friends!Special friend!!!God wanted to feel us his presence so He gives us friends.when he feels He sends special friends,love all

  19. I know this is an old blog, but it is one I feel I have to comment on, just to say, the friends thing. That sounds familiar. And if the internet stops working?!!? I don\’t even like to think the thought. Only today my sister told me I \’really need to get another hobby\’ Ah well. I\’m sticking with it until it does break down!

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