Arrival of a new baby and some more.

I have decided to dump the depressions..cause even depressions are not worth it..Life moves on and im gonna have a blast in whatever situation i might be in.
Sometimes small things can make u happy and ppl …gifts actually do work 🙂 even though this wasn’t a surprise
I woke up today morning to see Dad flashing this in front of my eyes. Its my new baby 🙂 something we had long discussions too many articles about..every show on tv about gadgets- was keenly watched…took advice over it..argued..fought..visited certain sites everyday..its finally here and i CAnt seem to get my hands off it..oh and i know im gonna shoot a few good ones now, for sure.
Thank you gys for ur encouragement & support…depressions n me- we dont go that well maybe! lol or lets just say we have a short term relationship 🙂


38 thoughts on “Arrival of a new baby and some more.

  1. WWWWWOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!Loudest <whistle>This is the best thing I\’ve seen all day Sups..!!It looks stupendously fan-tab-bulously, amzingly AWESUM!!Cant wait to see the new snaps…Am seriously gonna consider buying one of these, so what if I\’m not a good photographer…Can catch my tutor online anytime… ;dCant seem to stop oggling at it…Take care…waiting for the snaps 😀

  2. ooooooooooooooh!wonderfoooooooooooool… camera down wid fungus. dad took it back….told bro to bring one…wid warningWARNING: USE not any spoiled brat or so…dad hardly knows…..tat itz days yrs since i used it………..nooooooooo time……

  3. looks awesome to me…. well i still dont have one…. well i m seriously thinking of buyin on soon… was lille confused that which on i wud go for… some1 said go for pentax and some says go for sony…. dad says go for sony handycam that can take digital pictures as well… so kinda confuse…. but i m sure i\’ll buy one soon…. btw urs looks sexy…and how much did u pay for this one …and what is the optical and digital zoom config…?? … does it have the night view as well…. well it looks so cool gadget to me….saurabh

  4. oi, u goin thru mixed emotions or totally flipped ure lid eh????neway ill put the bitchboard soon enuff so u can put down ure big ass entry aiiet chao

  5. aiieet turn over as many leaves as u wont, m a persistent pest, even ALL OUT doesnt work on me, ill force u to be urself (ur oldself) this sups is freakin me out seriously, say smthn bad pls, i think u need to go see a shrink eh????i kno a gr8 one, he helped me a lot lolzzzzzzz

  6. Oh.. Wow!!*Stomach twists into a knot*…Thats like one of the best… & Its all coz of the Lens mind you..The only thing I see flashing in front of my eyes every morning.. Is the darn sunlight which my mom rudely lets into the room… :(Damn you!… I\’m jealous..But I\’d love to see some pictures..So get out there with ur \’baby\’ (I called my bike tht too when I first got her.. I still do!!.. Lol) & shoot some for us..Happy shooting..Ciao.. & TC..P.S: Take real good care of her…

  7. yo WOwowowowowow got new camera new sexy cameraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa congrats and thanks for ur post on my blog Take some nice pics and share them waiting forward to seeeee them

  8. Congrats on the new arrival..jealous I m yet happy for you! So enjoy clicking around and show us ur handiwork.I can feel ur happiness Sup…kick off those depressions , they arent worth keeping in a beautiful heart and make merry with ur baby.cheersNidhi

  9. So it seems, the antidepresants are working overtime everywhere… or is the christmas season thats doing the tricks! Neways, nothing like seeing another fellow blogger snaping out of it.I too am planning for one of those, but my need is a bit higher and budget a bit lower 😉 so still looking around. And till then hafta live with my cell-cam I guess. Shoot on and bring your prizes in for us !

  10. nt bad !! …. keep it up … see nt me to keep your depressions of .. so this cam will work instead !! … haha … use it carefully .. waise i know you will .. as your fav movie is masoom .. whose song: lakdi ki katti…. .. happns to be one of my fav too . you will keep it nicely !!

  11. hey…thats a sweet gizmo. But i still prefer canon or nikon when it comes to digicams. Am a proud owner of an IXUS 500 5mp camera. And even though it looks like a fiat…it performs like a ferarri…Nice buy though…

  12. Congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of the new err… baby!! Ok…i have been writing one too many cards for office mates and cousins. Is it some kind of breading season?? :PIts called retailed therapy and it got proved again. It works aye?But mine is 30x 😛 :))

  13. hey didn hav the stamina 2 read ur blog but then this sony digi roks!!!hey u celebrate christmas????if yes then i want this camera as a newayys mi exams r over!!!!shanti mukti avum exam panti ka ant caio

  14. oh ur rite, gifts work all the time…lol…my birthdays still far away, but im hopin my parents will oblige me before that anyways…with a one way ticket to paris maybe…sigh!

  15. hey…thanks for the anniv wishes:) My hubby just bought a convertible lexus and i wrote the check for the downpayment, so i told him that was my gift to him…hehe! He still owes me one..probably jewelry that i ll buy next time im in india.Congratulations on becoming a proud owner of the cybershot. I love the pics you have on your blog…you should definitely pursue photography!! Keep clicking and posting…cheers!

  16. yo sups, wassup tell me wat u want me to delete nd ill do it i don wanna get trashed by you, m still in ur city lol, which tagline u talkin about ??????neway lemme kno, ure the boss

  17. depression is not only bad for headlth, its bad for the people around you. 🙂 nice camera supriya! get some shots i will be back to see em. i love photography, but dont get much time these days. take care!

  18. So so so sexy one !! Hoping to see some good work from you soon !! Me have one too (though cannot really label it as "mine" … ) end up standing in front of it and pictured !!But humm…. you get some engrossing one\’s up… and Yes one of yours too in between them 😛

  19. oi, mind ure fuckin language aiieet, i was kiddin till now, somehow i don like the tone of ure last comment, if U have a problem blurt it out or forever hold ure peace…Chao,

  20. haaawwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! .. u bored of poetry !!??… bad bad bad .. u shyld have said b4 .. i wudnt have written a poem !!

  21. ok, m not botherin frm now on, this is my final comment here and no more of ure mention on my blog, have a rocking life ahead. cheers sups.

  22. how was the deliver??….;pneat camera…now can u like ship it to me so i can tke my pic??…..;p never i hte tking snaps..anyways im glad ur over depression…just hope most ppl will follow u too these days everyone seems to be low…damnit…we all need to get together and dance in the rain or throw stones at the parliamnet or something!!!….i dunno anything….by the way.IIIIIIII UPDAATEDDDDDDDD….thnk u and pls do wipe your shoes on the way out..;p

  23. i meant delivery actually it was intended to be a pun tht goes with ur baby..but rite now it\’s looking like real pj…horrors of trying to explain a joke..;panywayssssssss….u know where u stand in the crowds???…well i dont know…;ptagline for me huh?? cant come with one?? well tht was my intention alrite wanted to be um err undefinable??//;)honey let me get some real size stones and we r gonna trash the place…on second tghgt its already trash…!!!*sigh*…horrors of living in india…ps today felt like using the word,,,horrors..;p

  24. lol horror grannys and us?? lmao…still not definable…hahahaa…feeding problems huh?? did u try soaking the batter in hot water…;panyways girl use it tke ur pics and poooost!!!!

  25. netime supriya netime…n while we\’re at it…y paris..lets chk out the whole of europe…thats whats second on my wishlist…in case ur wondering abhishek bachchan is first..haha

  26. <!-Good choice…a Cral-Zeiss vario tessar…what I would give to get one of those…**sigh**From what I can make out from the lens, seems to have 3x optical zoom…I have a Cybershot too..but not nearly as good as this one..**sighs again**Someday…Write On!peregrinus–>

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