fuzzy thoughts

On a mission to talk.beginning phrases. denial. start explanation. anger. rising temper. screams. argues. screamings all over again. reasoning. shocking thoughts revealed. pleadings. silent anger. last attempt. third party distruption. withdrawal. anger.shock. disgust. cold. pain. suffocation. tears. fresh scars. old weapon.
No nights without mornings
No realisations without pains
I dont await the mornings,
because mornings bring new questions
to which i have no answers.
I don’t await the pains
because pain brings with it fresh scars
which makes moments in life, not worth living for.

10 thoughts on “fuzzy thoughts

  1. Assuming you were not writing under influence of some substance considering the fuzzy aspect of the whole thing. But then fights were never fun were they…n yeah secrets and past best remain buried rather than surface ever so often.Chal…take care!Vijay

  2. fuzzy thoughts i think those thhoughts come nd go with time i can fully undrstand them as i went nd m going thru them bt dont worry if u try to take things on by one i m sure u will feel more relaxed nd better as i wrotte on my space stop living for others learn to live for ur self its very important to be selfish at times cauz this world workes like thischeersshikha

  3. How could my dear girl become so negative? Mornings bring renewal, hope, beauty, strength and new beginnings and even answers to questions which the dark night posed….Pain subsides and wounds heal and life again lived and worth living for.Give these fuzzy thoughts a burial and bounce back on life. Smile and let ur heart soar.LoveNidhi

  4. hmm.. why these fuzzy ideas n negative stuff sups? btw, i have similar stuff in my mind too :-sthnx fr telling me abt the places.. i\’d surely tk yr help.. yea, m feeling a bit lonely bcuz i have no friends here.. but it\’s gonna go wth time.. as of now, im just looking fr a place..hope to find one soon..

  5. Wats this? Come on…we want a cheerful blog. But then it sounds good – i mean on pen and paper but no on you. Is it because of weird realisations? If i rephrase your lines…\’No realisations without pain\’!! Oops!!

  6. I\’m guessing the italicsised words r ur reactions and the rest family\’s…Whats up Sups?This is so not u…care to share..u no am here…And Awaiting the new morning is the only hope some people have left…Pains are temporary,they heal with time,scars heal if hope isnt lost,keep the hope strong..analyse things in a new light.Keep the faithTake Care..

  7. racist wat u callin chinkis huh, them human too, don ever insult neone on basis of ethnicity boy ure on for the books, crazy uve gone mad pretending with ur goody goody behavior,lol, surprisingle the shrink sessions were a hit………neway ure not worth it ill waste me words sumwer else,

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