Those were the best days of my life. My longest entry possibly..a tribute..a memory ok whatever.

Kingfisher airlines, Deccan, SpiceJet..AirIndia, Jet, Sahara..Indian (thats the new improved Indian Airlines btw- whats with the revamping drive everywhre)

Amongst all these classy airlines with hot stewards and pretty airhostesses serving you everything from Taj food to personalised kits including headphones..showing the latest movies, pampering you. In short marketing at its best.

But amidst all the hype and offers whatever happened to our dear old Rajdhani,Shatabdi and the likes?

Trains were and will remain a part of some of my Best memories till date…somehow over the last few years my train journeys have reduced.( took one this year, zero last yr)

As a kid i loved buying books at the railway station (ok fine i liked chacha chaudhary and tinkle n all that). I was very fussy about food, but somehow loved meals on trains (that is going to be the name of my restaurant if i ever have Meals also meant additional packets of chips and all that junk food at each stop (i recently had everything from samosas to jhaal muri to nestle milk on my last trip..) not to mention the packed delicacies.

Now trains offer fun which airplanes cannot possibly offer us, especially when we are almost chained to our seats..somehow being confined in that one seat fastened by the seatbelt (even if u have the best novel, best music and the best movie running) just cannot replace the top bunker of the train or the pasing view from window seat (with numerous possible stories crossing us ) or the area near the train door with the nice cool breeze greeting you.

Comin next are the train mates (if there is any such term- much better than the flight mates..remember prince su- damn i’m sure had he been in a train he would have made another story On our school trip to Rajasthan few years back, we irritated our poor neighbours so much, that they got sick and tired of complaining to our teachers..endless games of pictionary, tabu, cards..antakshari (my sole knowledge of old hindi film songs have been from these sessions where each song i heard my mom sing made me wonder- ‘which era has she gone back to’)

Out of all train journeys…there has been one which is the most memorable one..(actually all of them taken during the school trip were awesome) but this one’s special.. If anyone of you have been on the Bikaner Express which runs from Delhi to Bikaner then you know what I’m talking about.

Now that train was Some journey from beginning to end. Now i can’t recall which station it exactly was (either delhi or bikaner) but we had an overnight train journey and the station was completely deserted. Apparently some area opposite the station was a red light area, which scared and angered our teachers incharge and they were treating us like nursery school kids who’d run away if our hands were not held.( no they didn’t hold our hands coz we were too many n they were like 6 of them ) And the moment someone realised this, news spread like wildfire and 53 of us kept staring at and kept pointing towards a particular direction, like it was the most exciting thing ever.

In the station we had separate bogies, so we were grouped off randomly (which didn’t go well with some, coz we were in the ‘i want to be grouped with my friend only’ phase) Finally the train arrived after much wait and our teachers hurriedly pushed us inside, apparently coz the train stopped for 10 minutes only. We were inside within 2 minutes.

Now inside the train- there were no lights. Sure we’d figure it out. I was grouped with a bunch of people i didn’t know very well, but my friend was in the next compartment so i was cool with it. Tomboy actually managed to switch the single bulb on…thanks to which we had our packed meals in peace (that meal was one of the best meals throughout the trip- our caterers seemed like the best cooks at that time and by the end of the trip we couldn’t even tolerate the site of them,ย forget the food)

6 of us in the compartment, enjoying the lovely parathas, paneer and dal. The minute the train started, the lights went off- amazing. Our teachers were also scared about random, drunk people entering the train (apparently this was the kind of train these drunkards why exactly did they choose it for us i don’t know..but it was fun!)

The doors were shut, a few men did enter, gave us girls long hard stares (which was enough for a few of these girls to get scared. lol we were kids.) Nobody dared to go to the bathroom cause- it was a horrible mess, and we had been almost ordered not to leave our compartments unless u are accompanied by teachers..(control your pee ladies). Our compartment was closest to the door, (there were no side compartments) the door was diagnolly opposite our compartment. Suddenly we hear a loud banging noise on the door (first bit of freaking out starts) Train is moving..its freezingly cold..we’re all sharing blankets, shawls whatever could keep us warm..our teacher in the next compartment screams- Nobody moves, just sit in your places.(yes like we’re dying to open the horribly stuck door) the banging continues. we stare at each other. What do we do? Who’s it? Just shut up and go off to sleep..was what one of them said.

Suddenly the door opens slightly, its still stuck and a hand flashes in (ok now everyone’s almost freaked out) the hand keeps moving..pushes the door, holds the handle..then we see a man hanging on to the door…the wind blowing badly his face ghostly, he’s swinging from side to side.(the image is so vivid in my mind i wish i had clicked Now our Brave teacher got up to save her freaked out students. lol. Man manages to hop in,pushing the door.. bringing in another wave of cool breeze. Gives us a long hard stare (ok we know you’ve never seen freaked out girls) After that began the never ending session of horror stories (some of which people claimed were personal) Prayergirl was actually praying with fearย throught the ย night and we kept teasing her. Friends from next compartment joined us..and we kept scaring each other all night and joking around. About 8 of us sitting opposite each other..pulling the blankets..we barely slept that night and when we did sleep i ended up on a hard suitcase sleeping in the most awakward position ever, clutching my blanket..while the whispering gossips continued.

ok all of you who are curious about the man..well he crossed us..sat in his compartment..there were a couple of other men in the same compartment. Our teach who was in our bogie..didn’t sleep all night, few of the girls did give her company (and they are in her good books for life)..and morning was awesome..we saw peacocks and the weather was really good and everyone exchanged notes about the previous night!


45 thoughts on “Those were the best days of my life. My longest entry possibly..a tribute..a memory ok whatever.

  1. hi dost…usually i dont read big entries but this one u started with hot airhostess so i had to read cant help it…anyways… these day i am travelling alot …by air ofcor..i cant afford to waste time in travelling…but i miss trains now… i rememebr when i was a kid the main attraction for me in the train was to buy some junk to eat on every station… i just love that….u know my dad is in love wid tarin..he just hate travellin by air plane… whenever he visits me or he has to go anywhere if its not urgent he wont go by air…he thinks exactly like u….well i love kingfisher\’s airhostesses… man u have to look at there bare shines so well… lol … i am goint o visit delhi and i think i\’ll go by air deccan … i wish if i cud go by train…. thanks…saurabh…

  2. hi sups….atlast i made my way to ur space….tat was a pretty gud experience!! journey in train is jus wonderful than any other means of transport…yeah..i do love food..junk food on train..u studyin photography???Swetha.

  3. Sups,Very nice writing, but it ended abruptly, I was looking for more :(BTW, my sojourn with trains is as extensive as possible. While a child we used to go to Benaras (our ancestral home) and Faizabad on the annual visits. And during the initial period of my career, I used to be on tour 20 days in a month, to lots of freaking places all over east and north-east India. Have experience of all the classes (general to AC first class), and all speeds, Passengers to Shatabdi. And I have plans to pen those innumerable experiences someday. And u r 200% right, a plane trip can never-ever come close to a train journey experience.

  4. …and, isnt it our life that we are living? So shouldnt we trust our hearts first than listening to other people? To hell with what other people think of us! Its our life and we have the first right to decided what to do… at least I belive that way!

  5. …and, isnt it our life that we are living? So shouldnt we trust our hearts first than listening to other people? To hell with what other people think of us! Its our life and we have the first right to decided what to do… at least I belive that way!

  6. tats was long… but… it was left inconclusive… who was the man? i thgt i was trying my hand at masochism… ;)nothin cool abt it.. i know…

  7. Ye, at times, train journeys r better in a lot of aspects.. btw, who was tht man?? :-ssorry abt writing my nxt one is the same genre but i cudnt help.. :-pyup, my place is in SL itself.. im kinda liking it now ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Have taken two train journeys and yes they are really great. If you wanna know ur country or the sea of humanity surrounding u then trains are the best way to how\’s clicking going on?girl I m jealous of u on account of Nokia…hehe..Sup take care of it!LoveNidhi

  9. ahaaaan …. now i know why you travel by TRAIN ..BECOZ THere are men in the train … while stewardesses in the plane .. so why wuld you prefer plane !??.. obviusly you will go where you find men …??? am i wrong !!personally .. i never travel by plane .. becoz wherever we go .. it is a large grp of people ..( cousins – rmbr -15 ) .. and thier parents of course … so train is our medium of trasprt .. and ( calcutta the destination 9 out of 10 times ) ..still .. tht ghostly thing was a little bit too much .. you scared people !!!! ……. how about saying like .. his head was nt fized too his shoulder . he was walking upside down .. with ead attached to his feet …small kids ……… hahahah! !! ciao byee!!

  10. Sounds so much fun!! I used to grab everything eatable i can on the train journeys. That\’s the sole reason my dad never let us travel on day trains…the junk food we buy would usually amounts to the second a/c in those days. [These days its too much difference]I wanted to do Rajasthan on train…but may be next time in India. Of late, i find Air travel so much easier – i know the air hostess have plastic smile and the guy next to you always forget his deo, but im impatient to sit and wait for the destination on Train. I get on plane and in an hour im there already!! Used to love them!!

  11. Not losing it? So you are in aye??You know wat? I was so close to get hitched 5 yrs back but by fate and fortunate accident, i didnt. This is the one incident in my life that im so glad that it didnt happen!! I got my sense now ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hello?….who was this mysterious man…giving u girls long stares eh? If i were with I\’d have……kept quiet what else??!! lol….I dont like train journeys all that much…and evn flying comes secondary…its the road-trip that excites me :DHmm…Bikaner train eh? wil travel by that in case I evr go to Bikaner…But will definitely keep a bodyguard around :PPTake Care…Reminisence is always a welome treat ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. right,who can ever forget that trip? horrible food, endless forts and palaces, but still, amazin fun we all had.i remember that red light area episode but had no idea that weird people kept on peeping into ur compartment. all i remember is the chilly weather n the horrible top bunker which was smaller than the rest of the bunkers on the train, spent the night in a horribly cramped up position, and whos tomboy n whos prayer girl??prefer train journeys to airplanes anyday, absolutely love sleeping in the top bunker, thats the place always reserved for me when im with family, and what i love most of all, are the mornings after an all night train journey, i usually wake up early and from my top bunker position watch sleepy cousins poking their heads out from beneath the blankets, blinking, and disappearing again, only to come up hurriedly again in response to uncles and aunts frantic shoutings that we\’ve almost reached our

  14. yeh..i\’m not overjoyed exactly..i\’m surprised.. i was expectin somewhere bet\’n 60 or 70…coz dis time our papers were evaluated by two evaluators..haha..but neways i\’m happy..oh ya..i too hav to do dis project thingy… am given a project ..but it still had to be meanwhile i had to windup somethings…tats y am a bit cool right now..u r really gud at photography….i liked black n white pictures of \’god\’s village\’..very distinct… Swetha.

  15. WHO THE HELL WAS HE ? I demand to know… I was preparing for some brave act / some not so brave acts happening… ntg did ! He just vanished !!anyhow… I agree take a train anytime rather than the plane (ok… thats coz i get air-sick … *puke*) You know those tea in ..wassat called.. "kullad" … nd then those vendors going …chai, chai, chai, chai,… ! I remember my jaiselmer/jodhpur trip… Was fun.. awake all night…almost all crammed up under one blanket(besides the guy I had crush on )…singing songs..err.. Gossiping ! Memories…!! when are the new pics coming up ?

  16. Hi Supriya,Thankfully I still enjoy some nice train trips between Bangalore n Chennai with a nice window seat and the breeze serenading me as I slept or more precisely try sleeping off during the journey. Our country\’s rustic beauty keeps me up n awake and I do enjoy some light hearted banter with fellow travellers. I\’ve travelled all classes and still love the ones where there is no a/c and the wind keeps its appointment with the window seat occupant!Have a great day!Vijay

  17. Hey..U know what? That wasn\’t long at all..Or maybe I\’m just a fast reader… *SniggerAnyway.. Nostalgic memories huh? I\’m just seeing too many of them nowadays…Let me just point out the basic purpose of \’Airlines\’.. To go where you want to FAST!!..Well.. The \’hot\’ stewards & \’hotter\’ Air Hostesses (Excepting Air India & Indian Airlines.. Lol) are employed coz they\’re qualified to a certain extent..U can\’t expect a \’hot\’ guy to serve u parathas on the train now.. Could you?? Lol..Anyhow.. Trains get me nostalgic too.. I can recollect so many adventures I\’ve had on trains..That was a nice entry..Ciao.. & TC..

  18. hey nice blog..i will be back with more comments…buuutt fer now im royally …i dont know ..numb…it approximatley happened around 7 ish today…anyways u take care and leave some place fer me to cme back and say something nice..on second thoughts did i ever say anything nice???…;)cheers girl..

  19. hmm.. fun on the train!!! i think all train journeys have those stories of unexpected and freaky things. But your story sounds pretty amazing!! u take care supriya! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. <!-Missed your last entry about Sunscreen, have had the song for about a year…brilliant work!Trains are radical fun, infact just been thorugh 2 train journeys, Mumbai to Goa and back…and it was amazing! Keeping people awake till the wee hours of morning just because you have a big group and can boss your way around. Not to forget toothpaste (ref photo album)..Carry on the movement I say, make it our "national transport"!Write On!peregrinus–>

  21. Hi Supriya,I know why so many ppl like to see the snaps but I\’m considering it an invasion of my privacy ๐Ÿ™‚ so no snaps for anybody and I better make sure they are hidden well away from prying eyes. I bet your lil bro does have a similar opinion on his snaps :)Chal..have fun!Vijay

  22. I knoooowww!! Im gonna change it back soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to the digital camera – i dont have to worry bout wasting rolls and rolls for few good pics rite? I love taking photos…its like capturing the moment and life for eternity ;)Were you? What happened to the desperation then? Come on…its a nice place and nice ppl too. Like me. Well, kind of. ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Loved this post of urs!! took me back to my train it\’s been years since i travelled on train. we usually just drive down to wherever we\’re going these days.. but it\’s not as much fun!i remember buying comics and sweets and chocolates and god knows wat all..and i always used to climb onto the topmost berth..though i never had such a scary excitin

  24. i love travelling by train.. i could never undersatnd what travelling by air does for most people.. very well written and not long at all! ๐Ÿ˜‰ it\’s my sister\’s camera and she hasn\’t had any trouble with the battery yet so there you go.. and yes i guess his parents were crazy .. makes u wonder who deserves to be in an asylum don\’t it?Peace …

  25. tsk…tsk.. endless girly questions eh? It depends upon whetehr u like him or not? If he is looking good, then may be thts me; if he looks like a zombie from the 30\’s hindi cinema, then its my friend ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. hey wht happened??i was reading all your comments and i thgt well its time..i dont let others ruin my least my dear bloggers ok…and..damn whts wrong sups??

  27. Hi Supriya,Just came to wish you my season\’s greetings for a merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! May this new year see your dreams come true.Do I have special Christmas computer cartoons on my space? You bet! Come n check it out.Vijay

  28. Some how it really didnt suit you when you tried being formal!! ๐Ÿ™‚ yeah and lol are missing ๐Ÿ™‚ Like me trying to go grey and white :)Wats wrong with the new one? Im sure you can swap it for another new one!! After all its Christmas time. Hussh!!! Dont tell Santa…i hacked his nice and naught list. Im sure i will get my pressies.

  29. >>black label/ breezer/ Lebanese dinnerChoose one…but under one condition though. I will accompany you aka you have to be my date ๐Ÿ˜› Now i guess you will be happy with you camera aye? Please say no!! ๐Ÿ˜› :DAnd iPod is a no no. Neha hates them – so its only for her!! Hush Kids!!

  30. Oh my!! So Santa has to provide you with air tickets to collect your pressies aye? Its little too much for Santa. But since you have agreed to be my date…hmm :PBut how will i identify you? A beautiful lady with camera?? ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  31. sups im a verry scaredy cat.if i had witnessed tat then iw ud hav been sleepless 4 nites … last month or so i saw a scarrry movie (ghosts n\’ so n\’ so), tat foll. nite itself i saw a nitemare___ a ghost n\’ me…ughhhh.. n\’ da result fell off da bed… now stopped seein such movies… had enuf….


  33. No ticket = No pic rite? Suits me fine. See ya next yr ๐Ÿ˜› lol..its 2 but Santa is still sorting out gifts. Hope Santa wont fall asleep when he is climbing down the chimney!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. hmm… so you found out how to read em.. i found out a better way to communicate to the person who it was meant for!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ok take care supriya and Merry Christmas!!

  35. that was a great entry..sent me down memory lane…i totally love train journeys and have so many memories associated with train trips. Both me and my husband were missing the experience so much that we took Amtrak (American train company) from Dallas to Chicago….took us 22 hours as compared to a 2.5 hr flight and we spent more than we would have on air tickets, but it was totally worth it! Infact, I even blogged about it and have pictures from inside the train. Cheers!

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