Mary,Marry, Merry.

Few questions, statements, thoughts…
Why is everyone writing letters to Santa?
I have no plans for x-mas eve. mostly I i wont have any or might be staring at the same thing you are currently staring at.
Some people have lost it.
My recent shopping experience was what one can call ‘crackling’. Sadly it was not for myself.
I have realised that (shit i promised myself i wouldn’t start a sentence with that phrase..) you have to be a friend to have one..(naah i have too many) but you have to genuinely show some interest instead of being a selfish- self centered-unaffectionate creature.
I used to love christmas trees. Felt like lifting one of those santa hats the mannequins where wearing at shoppers stop.
Sometimes life’s not fair…its just not fair and some of us have to suffer because of power play.
My brand new camera is probably cursed. (kisne nazar lagaya!!!!)
I would love to have a wish list, but can’t think of anything to make up a list.
I am not depressed. Infact i was in a better mood before i wrote this (ok is my own blog depressing me!! whats happening)
im probably onna be off booze for a long long time..(thanks to horrible examples outside spaces)
Ohh and all u spacers…have a blast- enjoy the Festive season..have plum cake, chocolate cake..cookies..turkeys whatever..booze, get sloshed but dont puke…and if u dont booze then cheers anyways i respect u ppl ur high on life. Its christmas and do try to bring a smile on somebody else’s face for once (tis the season to bring smiles n not get sloshed)
ohh and if you’re spending lots of money to go to some High end sophisticated black tie party, dont go instead donate the money.
Merry x-mas. 
PS: if you’re wondering what the title is all goes back to class 8 or 9 english class when a friend and i were arguing about the english language and its pronounciations.

19 thoughts on “Mary,Marry, Merry.

  1. hey …im not writin letters 2 santa, i dont have plans for christmas eve either, even i get a lil bummed wen u get done wid \’cracklin\’ shoppin n its not 4 urself, yep…life\’s NOT fair, im not depressed either, yea im high on life (& coffee…lolz)..n yep, i wont go to no bling bling party…so lotsa similarities eh…cheers to dat..!! so mary, marry, merry (hmmm..) Christmas to you to!lalalalalalalalalalalaaa….\\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  2. I solemnly swear I shall make ppl smile.. But thats alright if its at someone else\’s expense right?? Lol..& I\’m contemplating writing a letter to Santa too.."Dear Santa… Stick \’em up.. & give me the reindeer too.." :PAnyway, glad to meet a fellow non-boozer..My friends have fomed this pact to somehow get me sloshed during this festive season..I know they\’ll stoop to any cheap level & I shall be on guard.. :P& ur title reminds me of my school days when I had an arguement with a friend bout "Bear, Beer & Bare".. LolCiao.. & TC..P.S: If grandma\’s givin u a hard time.. Try entice her with a rich plum cake.. Hmmm.. Knowing you.. You might just finish it all off urself..Its cool.. I\’d do that too.. 😛

  3. err… I figure in the lsit of people irritatin you .. with lists and shoppin n santa caps… nd STUFF…. !! woopie daisies!!!anyways… have a quiet christmas and a happy new year… if thats the way u want it ho-ho-hokay!cheers!

  4. merry christmas. Apkey camera to kya ho gaya hai? Mine is coming tomorrow. Memory card , new batteries and all………then i will fill up my blog with stuff.

  5. U think i shud donate that cover charge? hmm…but ok lets rationalise here. If i donate that money to a charity, govt will give me a tax refund. So watever i give them, i will get back rite? If i take advance loan on my refund…i can go to party and at the same time earn good karma!! Works ok as long as i take an advance loan 😛 😀 Ok…im not making any sense to myself. You have a good Christmas mademoiselle. I will be busy climbing chimneys tonite to get some booze. NY – we got a week more dont we? 🙂

  6. Lol…Thats almost like asking "Y do people burst crackers on diwali"?? LOl!Anyways…Have a happy queit christmas…and have a blast in ur own way!Take careCiao! 🙂

  7. i think i should warn shoppers stop ..if they find any hats missing…yes is till pick the useless information from a psot..;panyways it is christmas so if its hands u want to steal hey..go for me too!!i like my new nick…add a humbug…to bah!!;)

  8. i meant hats..sheeesh got to chk my spelling..anyways heres your christmas carol dearie..sing it when your sitting at home doin nothing…;)Let It Snow :Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful,And since we\’ve no place to go,Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!It doesn\’t show signs of Pauseping,And I\’ve bought some corn for popping,The lights are turned way down low,Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!When we finally kiss goodnight,How I\’ll hate going out in the storm!But if you\’ll really hold me tight,All the way home I\’ll be warm.The fire is slowly dying,And, my dear, we\’re still good-bying,But as long as you love me so,Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow

  9. Er…. not a gud thing i say… hmmn y so grumpy??? the hangover still exists eh?? take a break n get back in gud form! and did u buy those new batteries??

  10. curiosity killed the cat…well one less and 9999999 million more to go….; will be posted on moday…;)yes i am enjoying this.!!!

  11. I have a long wish list too.But I don wana trouble santa. I guz he has a lot to take care of :)So no questions, no statements, jes my thought ;)Merry Christmas 🙂

  12. haha .. looks like the whole xmas stuff has gone over ur head .. its a time to happy 🙂 . so cheer up..arun ..shush: and ah!! i no longer use prepaid now .. took a 2 year contract… 🙂

  13. hey there….it\’s great that you have found something that keeps you happy…I totally loved the pics..there\’s something very "cool" about them. Photography totally intrigues me..I definitely would love to learn more about it someday! Anyways, wish you a merry christmas and a very happy new year!

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